Jul 14th, 2014

screen-6 Captain Falcon

We told you last week that Nintendo would be announcing a new character for Smash Bros today. Well Nintendo did not disappoint with not one, but three character reveals: one returning character and two new characters!

screen-8 Robin

To start with the new characters announced are Lucina and Robin (the player character) from Fire Emblem: Awakening! Lucina is very popular and saw a lot of requests, so it’s unsurprising she got in; Robin, on the other hand is a little more unexpected though. Lucina seems to control similarly to Marth, focusing primarily on quick swordplay. Robin on the other hand, who can be played as either gender, splits his/her focus between both close range swordplay and ranged magic, although it seems each type of magic can only be used a limited number of times per match.

screen-6 Robin

It seems that Chrom, also from Fire Emblem: Awakening, will play a part in the game as well. He doesn’t get to be his own character this time around, sadly, but simply appears as a part of Robin’s Final Smash. Which is better than nothing.

screen-3 Captain Falcon

The returning character is none other than the incomparable Captain Falcon! Not much was revealed about him, aside from the trailer showing him fighting pretty evenly with Lucina, but it’s probably safe to assume that he’s the same as he always was, which is to say badass. The images released on the official site suggest that he’s keeping all of his old moves, including his Final Smash. It also looks like, similar to King Dedede, he will be a bit more expressive in this game than he was in Brawl.

What do you all think of this? Have these new reveals got you excited? Do you think any of these three will end up being your main character?

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  • matt

    Wow these graphics get better and better….these screens look immense..

    • Epicstuf

      You care about graphics in a Smash Bros. game?

      • New graphics, characters and stages are all good but that’s about all that seems new and to care about.

        • Merry_Blind

          Well, Smash is the kind of game they can’t change too much, and fans don’t want it to change too much. Besides, we haven’t heard much about the Modes in the game, maybe there will some interesting new ones.

      • Merry_Blind

        Why not?

      • He’s just pointing it out. He never said that’s what makes Super Smash.

    • Merry_Blind

      Agreed. This new Smash looks pretty much perfect visually in my book. Exactly how Smash should look, and it looks super polished too.

  • The Clockwork Being


    • Merry_Blind

      Wow… can’t believe he actually said this. Such a troll, such a tease. Sakurai seems like quite the funny guy, the last Smash Direct had some funny moments in it, like when he made fun of Iwata with the “directly to you” and when he said Zero Suit Samus wouldn’t make it in this one.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Yeah I really like Sakurai. One of my favorite developers.

    • I think a new F-Zero game would be great on Wii U! It would introduce me and many others to the series. All I know is he is from a racing game called F-Zero.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Yeah introducing F-Zero to a new audience is something that could work to Nintendo’s advantage.

        • Peake

          Fingers crossed for a U F-Zero so hard they’re numb!!! Don’t think I ever played a racer as much as the Gamecube F-Zero GX!!!!!!!

        • Arthur Jarret

          They should use their new partnership with competitive gaming venues to introduce it as one of the competition games.

          Main USP: no rubber banding

          I’m in the minority, but I really prefer F-zero over Mario kart…. I just hope they build on GX with great tracks, bring back the track editor, add online, keep an amazing story mode and more unlockable racers than fighters in Smash, the great upbeat soundtrack and use a partnership of specialists in the genre like they did with Sega last time

      • If you have a chance, play F-Zero GX. It still looks quite nice and for me it is one of the greatest games ever crafted by mankind. Spent lots and lots of time on this one, so it’s like taking history class playing this. Or actually for history you should go back to F-Zero (SNES) and F-Zero 64. But for me personally, F-Zero GX offered the perfect experience for me although that game only really shines after dozens of hours of playing when you notice that you’re still improving.

        • Here I found an emulated version in HD that really shows off how crazy fast this game was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wu1KnAPD3E

          • The Clockwork Being

            Maybe it’s time I borrow F-Zero GX from my friend.

            This seems like a hardcore racer that could really find its crowd.

          • I didn’t really like it’s Storymode though, at least not as much as the rest of the game although it was some fun addition.

            but yeah, it’s really a hardcoregame, playing the harder difficulty levels and the last caps really felt superunique as every mistake can ruin everything and still this game was motivating as hell.

          • A – Kuma

            This game was a speed demons wet dream

        • F-Zero GX GameCube one right? If I’ve heard many people agreeing. I still have my GameCube so I’ll check it out.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Wasn’t F-zero on SNES one of the early adopter VC launch weeks $1 games? I picked it up back then in europe.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      F-Zero U, confirmed!!!!

      • Ack crap I’m two hours late wanted to say that exact sentence…

      • The Clockwork Being


    • Magnus Eriksson

      F-Zero are already in the making. Have been so for the last two years by Shin’En. It went under Fast Racing Neo first, but it got changed into a F-Zero game.

      • The Clockwork Being

        If that were to be true then damn Magnus that could actually be quite good. But really you never know, Shin’En could be working on F-Zero this instant.

      • Merry_Blind

        You’re probably talking out of your ass, but that would actually make a lot of sense and would be quite awesome too…. Fast Racing Neo is the same as F-Zero, but without the name and characters, so Nintendo might as welllend them the franchise, to please fans, and make more money to both companies. Win-Win really.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          They announced last year that they would bring details about the game in a few days, but they remained silent. When N. didnt show anything in the Direct few weeks later it was evident that something was going on. After that Shinen have been extremely secretive. I hardly think that the game wasnt good enough that they were to show. I think it was good enough to be an F-Zero title.

          • Merry_Blind

            Would make sense. The fact they haven’t showned anything of the game since they’ve announced it is quite weird indeed.

          • Arthur Jarret

            They would bring details about ‘a’ new game – and they did: it was Art of Balance for Wii U

  • palomino blue

    Couldn’t leave Falcon out.

  • The Clockwork Being

    So far out of all the new character artwork which one is your favorite. Mine is the one for Robin and the Fire Emblem characters.

    • Nookling

      Don’t forget these!

      • Mine is for the Greninja one and the Palutena one!

      • The Clockwork Being

        My bad. But yeah those are good!

    • therealruben1

      It would be cool if you could get them as posters on club nintendo

      • The Clockwork Being


        Yeah I would get all of them.

  • Ducked

    Why didn’t they add Chrom? He’s the best character in the game! It seems like they’re trying to put more females in there games, this and Hyrule Warriors. Well Smash fans, you can stop begging for Captain Falcon to return.

    • Cutcopy

      “it seems like they’re trying to put more females in their games”
      you say that like it’s a bad thing…

      • The Clockwork Being

        I didn’t see it that way. It does seem like they are trying to do that.

        • Gideon

          It is not a problem for me though at all… Because tits…

          • The Clockwork Being

            I’m not mad at all.

          • C4

            Super Smash Waifus πŸ™‚

          • The Clockwork Being

            Super Bash Sisters confirmed?

          • atl hawks

            Uh sheik is a guy persona

          • Arthur Jarret

            Just like Mulan!

      • Ducked

        I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying what I previously said. They’re adding more female characters in there games. lol

        • kevin nun—-

          Sorry for being a grammar Nazi, but you did it a second time. It’s “their” not there.

          • Ducked

            I realized that, I just don’t care.

      • DESTOROYAH!!!

        It is when there puting in characters people don’t really want over more major characters everyone is going crazy for.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Was there any doubt that he would return. It kinda made me mad that people wanted this announcement to be all about him. I mean it was obvious. He was part of the original 12 from 64 and up until now he was only revealed after the game’s release

      • Ducked

        I feel the same way. We all knew he was coming back, yet a lot of fans had so much doubt.

        • crocodileman94

          We’re talking about the fanbase that thinks the confirmation of a character means the disconfirmation of their wanted character…

    • Define “best,” because stat and ability wise Morgan had the potential to be the best character in the game. Likewise because Lucina inherited stats and abilities from her mother, she could almost always become better than Chrom.

      • Ducked

        Not in abilities, I just liked him more than the others.

        • Fair enough. At least he’s part of Robin’s Final Smash, right? That’s better than nothing.

    • Ok that’s pretty opinionated. No disrespect but don’t pass on opinion as fact.

      • Ducked

        Well I believe he’d be a fan favorite for many.

    • We didnt beg for him to return, we just wanted to SEE HIM. We all knew he was in the game. Next up is Ness and good old Jigglypuff.

      • abe

        I don’t see why jigglypuff should return she/it hasn’t been relavent in years and most players aren’t too fond of her/them
        I would prefer her slot go to someone else

        • Original 12 = character for life. There is no arguing it. JigglyPuff is far superior to alot of other characters that have been in Smash Bros, like Rob, and Snake.

          • abe

            Don’t know where this original12 absolutely must return idea came from? Characters can be dropped and replaced at will i.e mewtwo and lucario. fighting games are famous for dropping characters, hell originally street fighter 3 didn’t even have Ryu till fans revolted and they only brought 3 across. I just think that Nintendo fans just don’t care about jigglypuff, considering ‘puff was only in smash because of the TV show just isn’t relevent . only certain smash fans want the ‘puff back.
            Peronally I’ll be happy with any character set just as long as limit the clones to ones that make sense Mario/Luigi = Brothers, Marth/lucina (assuming) = same fighting style

          • MewTwo was dropped cause Sakurai felt he didnt belong, which he didn’t. His constant floating and movement wasn’t right. He was added in Melee at the last moment. Sakurai realized he didn’t work in the end and will never be back again. Which is fine. I agree he didn’t fit. And don’t bring up games like Street Fighter, they never add more then 1 new character. Every Street Fighter game is the same damn thing. Smash Bros is it’s own thing. Far superior to Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and so forth. You say Nintendo fans don’t care for Jigglypuff then you said certain smash fans want jiggly back? So those Smash fans aren’t Nintendo fans? I am a fan and I want Jiggly back, every person I know in real life wants her back. As for being relevant thats not a valid reason. Pit was in Brawl and Kid Icarus Uprising wasn’t out yet so Pit was 20 years old at that point lol. Then Rob….who was about the same time. Point is Sakurai said the veterans will always be a staple.

          • abe

            Well you missed the point Street fighter 3 (a fighting game like smash, unless the guys at EVO and Nintendo who sponsored EVO this year are wrong) literal scrapped 2’s ENTIRE cast until fans revolted and they added 3 from SF2. Its a valid comparison.

            Pit was added to brawl because it was Sakurai’s next project, Rob and Game and Watch celebrated anniversaries hence their appearance. I’ve never seen Sakurai comfirm the original 12 was sacred, hell Ness nearly got scrapped for melee(or brawl I forget which)

            Mewtwo’s Data is in fact on the Brawl disc,he wasn’t scrapped till late in development

            The majority of Nintendo fans don’t care about jiggly its the Smash SUBSECT of Nintendo fans that desperately want puff back. You cite your real world friends wanting it back well my friends (and local smash group) don’t.. It meaningless. Its not we don’t think Jiggly shouldn’t be in smash, the weirder the better in fact. We just don’t want a slot to be used for jiggly over someone else just because its a “veteran” alone

          • 00EpicGamer00

            You do know that’s not always true, right? For example, during the development of Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sakurai originally planned to cut out Ness and replace him with Lucas. But later decided to include them both. Even though Ness DID make it into the game, he originally wasn’t going to even be in Brawl. That right there, is basically proof that Sakurai doesn’t always care about every single character from the “original 12.”

          • By that sense you could say Sakurai came to the conclusion at that point that they would always stay…

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Not exactly. The reason why Sakurai wanted Lucas in Melee instead Ness, was Because Mother 3 was in development at the time, and Lucas is the protagonist of Mother 3. So, Sakurai wanted to put Lucas in, since he’s be more important, with a recent game and all. But apparently got delayed

        • Arthur Jarret

          Japan is crazy about Jigglypuff.

    • David Noble

      They should have put Chrom in instead of Lucina and made her a color for Marth. As long as she’s in, though, I’ll definitely use her. Fire Emblem is the best!

      • abe

        Marth should of been lucina and ike be chrom.

        Looking at screens she’s close to Marth but there seems to be some differences

  • Squid


    • I find it kind of hilarious, actually. When I wrote the news post announcing the stream I hinted that this could be Captain Falcon’s reveal. Several people in the comments laughed and said that was stupid, OBVIOUSLY some leak is the real deal. Not a single character the leak said was coming came, and of course, now we have Captain Falcon. πŸ™‚

      • The Clockwork Being

        Ashley King, we shall never doubt your foresight ever again!!

    • disqus_sgtob6da3X

      Note that the leaker said that they will “appear”. Which does not mean that they will actually be in the character roster. Chrom did make an appearance.but Chrom assists Robin in his/her final smash, so Chrom is technically in the game also, meaning this list still holds merit. Plus, the guy’s 8 for 9 at this point. That’s still extremely impressive that he’s called a near flawless new character reveal, plus with a Rhythm Heaven enemy in Smash Run and Monolith Soft retweeting the character reveal announcement, Chorus Men and Shulk still have a chance of being in the game and his predictions would be 10 for 11, which is still 91% correct. The guy still has an A.

      • Chrom is Lucina’s final Smash. Since he is her father.

        • disqus_sgtob6da3X

          haven’t seen her final smash.

      • Squid

        Ahem, this would be the second mistake he’s made, the other being that it failed to mention Rosalina.

        • disqus_sgtob6da3X

          And soo… He didn’t menten Rosalina or Robin. He didn’t say they weren’t coming either. People only seem to confirm that cause he got wrong, and not what he got right. We still don’t know if Shulk isn’t or Chourus men is confirmed. The game isn’t out yet these characters can still come

  • ActivesiN


  • XelaFury

    Lucina will definitely become my 5th main! Seeing Robin as a playable character was completely unexpected, and his/her moveset looks interesting. After watching this, there’s no doubt that when it’s about Sakurai… anything is possible!

    • The Clockwork Being

      Sakurai is love. Sakurai is life

      • That’s disgusting

        • The Clockwork Being

          It’s just a joke

          • Same here – Its hard to clear when typing!

          • The Clockwork Being

            I don’t know why I even typed that it was a joke. I mean you clearly knew it was it’s just for some reason I felt the necessity of typing despite knowing you knew. Get what I’m saying? It’s fine if you dont.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Too bad Lucina is just a Marth clone, though – despite getting her own character slot. (Sakurai confirmed today on miiverse)

      I had so hoped they would do away with similar characters and give each one unique moves – but the existance of such a blatant clone basically confirms that Luigi will use his Poltergust exactly the same as Marios FLUDD and have similar other moves, Falco will be a quicker copy of Fox again and Ganondorf will still be doing slow falcon punches, instead of fighting with his trident and sword, blasting phantom balls and doing shockwave ground-punches like he should.

      Not that this will keep me from loving these two games – but I really hoped they would make every character completely unique this time.

      • XelaFury

        To be honest, I never had a problem with clone characters (well, not with most of them) but I agree with what you said about Ganondorf. He needs a complete change of his movesets, maybe he should fight by using his sword and his powers at the same time, that would be cool.

  • To everyone who asked for Lucina over Chrom…
    I will find you.
    I will put you in a box.
    I will ship you first class.
    I will send you to a nice luscious place, like Hawaii, or Jamaica, whichever you prefer. (It’s your choice really.)

    I will put you in a Five Star Hotel, the best money can buy.

    I will give you a good time, no alcohol required.

    And then I will kill you.


    • Mr Ninty

      it’s a deal

    • CydeFxt


    • CydeFxt

      Also, i’m really not up on anything Fire Emblem. Like, i know some things about the game, but only what the Smash games have shown me. Maybe that’s my fault for not educating myself, but can you or anyone tell me what the big deal is about Chrom?

      • I’m not up to date either. But from what I’ve examined in detail, Chrom’s the main character, or at least one of the most important, like Ike, Roy, and Marth. So it just seems like he belongs as a fighter. But the player character, is technically the player, so I’d imagine, he/she, is the protagonist, and is important. Lucina is nowhere near as important as Chrom. I know about as much as you do, so maybe we should ask someone else.

        • CydeFxt

          Oh ok, Hopefully someone notices this and shares some info.

          • Pebbicle

            What Shane said is pretty much it, Chrom is the “Lord” of the game, his starting class is that of a Lord which he shares with other heroes from other games such as Ike, Roy, Marth and a few other less famous ones, for example Ephraim and Sigurd.
            Lucina is also of the Lord class, which technically makes her as important as Chrom. People are most likely raging over the fact that:
            1. Lucina likes cosplaying as Marth and therefore people believe that she should’ve been an alternate skin to Marth instead of a new fighter, since they look similar.
            2. Robin (The avatar, or player character) should not belong because he is an individualistic representation of the player who plays the game, and therefore some of the uniqueness is removed. You basically customize him/her at the beginning of the game with different hair styles, hair colors, builds, eyes, voice and things like that, so having Robin in the game would remove the feel as the generic Robin is used.

            I would guess that it’s mostly fan girls who are raging over Chrom not being in though, personally I love Lucina and I can’t wait until I can master her and make her my new main πŸ™‚

            Not sure what this post cleared up or whether it cleared up anything at all, mostly it was just nonsense I came up with on top of my head. Cheers!

          • CydeFxt

            Haha, well anything is better than nothing. I really should play one of the FE games/

          • Pebbicle

            You definitely should! While Awakening in my opinion isn’t the best Fire Emblem, it is pretty darn good and is a good entry game in my opinion. If you have a 3DS you should get it.
            If you don’t mind older graphics, and if you have the chance you should try to get your hands on either Sacred Stones or Blazing Sword for the GBA, SS was my first FE game and I love it dearly.
            Other than that, Radiant Dawn for the Wii is an amazing game with branching storylines that I would recommend anytime!

          • CydeFxt

            Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions, i’ll look into one of these when i have the chance.

          • Pebbicle

            No problem really, feel free to write to me if you have any questions πŸ˜›

          • I can’t believe I was right about something! Finally. I did remember reading about Lucina also being a Lord class. I forgot that piece. Really, she isn’t unimportant, so much as, I prefer Chrom, but that’s me more than anything else. Besides, I wanted to be the guy that said something about the choice.

          • Pebbicle

            Heh, I know right? It’s always down to personal preference when it comes to things like these, personally I love Lucina which is the simple reason why I like her over Chrom. To think that something so simple as a matter of preference would be one of the major reasons for arguments all around the world…

            I don’t hate Chrom, but I think Lucina was the correct addition, not because I like her more, but because she is female. Ike, Marth and Chrom are all blue-haired male swordsmen, which makes Lucina the somewhat more elusive option when it comes down to either her or Chrom… That’s just my thoughts, however!

          • I don’t really have a horse in the race, but I just figured Chrom would be the more logical choice. But either way, I’m looking forward to playing as Lucina, and just this game in general. She isn’t really a clone either, as the customization and stats will allow for an entirely different character choice. Chrom is basically in Smash Bros 4 what Palutena was in Brawl: a final smash. And that’s kind of funny to me.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Unfortunately – today Sakurai confirmed that Lucina is a Marth clone, but has a different hit box (max damage is in the center of the blade, not the tip) – so she will have the same moves as Marth too.

            A complete clone which gets it’s own slot due to a small hitbox difference…

            People say she should be an alternate skin as they don’t want clone characters… they want Luigi to be completely unique from Mario instead of being a semi-clone and Ganondorf to have moves taken from the various bossfights in zelda, instead of being a slow Captain Falcon clone. Same with Fox/Falco/Wolf, Pikachu/Pichu, Link/Toon link, Marth/Roy/Ike, Ness/Lucas – which all had similar moves with only slight variations (or one/two unique moves) throughout the series.

            I don’t mind Robin – I’m glad finally another FE class than ‘swordfighting lord’ is representing the franchise.

            I’d have like one of the Beast-men, a Dragon girl or an axe-wielder better than a magician, but beggars can’t be choosers!

          • Pebbicle

            Yes, that was quite unfortunate, but we should’ve seen it coming. However, I do like the comment that Sakurai added, which states that whenever there is even a slight difference in abilities, that character will get their own roster slot. I mean, since I love Lucina, this is perfect.

            I honestly can’t wait until I get to play as her, she might be similar to Marth, but in my eyes she is a completely new character. She even has the Mark of Naga in her left eye, just like in the game! πŸ˜€

            I guess that if you don’t like the character that is a clone, it’s less exciting… But for example, while I don’t really care and use Falco and Fox, I don’t mind them being there for the people that do like them.

            Oh, and another thing. It actually makes sense for Lucina to fight similarly to Marth, that’s one of the major points in Fire Emblem: Awakening. I won’t spoil what it is in case you haven’t played the game, but trust me when I say that technically, she should fight like Marth πŸ˜›

            I agree with what you wrote at the bottom, having a Laguz for example would be really cool. But honestly I like magic, though in my opinion they should’ve used Micaiah instead of Robin, who is a light magic user. That means that she only uses magic which would be something really cool!

          • Arthur Jarret

            Haven’t beaten fire emblem yet, for some reason it didn’t grab me in the way previous fire emblems did. They basically made grinding possible and the game easier which made the game a bit more boring to me. But I played it long enough for the Lucina reveal.

            Yeah, there are better choices than an average magic user – and by using Robin they got two characters from the same Fire emblem game… so a better choice could have been made.

            I don’t really mind the clone characters – but I would prefer if they were unique instead.

            Just spitballin’ here:

            Lucina, for example – could have had a variety of other moves learnt in the fire emblem games, yet still retain a similar style to Marth as well as her basic moves.

            Luigi could have more poltergust-based moves – shooting ghosts and using polterpup in his final smash.

            Falco could use a blaster to fight, while fox could fight with his staff from starfox adventures.

            Ganon should use his moves from the actual games instead of dark versions of Captain falcon.

            Pichu should just be left out, but if they use him – let him have different moves from pokemon than pikachu – they can learn dozens of moves, no need to limit both to only 4

            Toon link should use his grappling hook, magic leaf, gust jar and call storms with the windwaker. Maybe even his hat should attack (Elzo).

            Final smash: A train! (or Four sword!)

            While adult link would have series staples like gale boomerang, bow (able to charge for Fire, Ice and Light) and bombs with Deity link as his final smash.

          • Pebbicle

            Heh, I fully understand that. Awakening didn’t truly have the “Fire Emblem feel” and never captivated me either. And mind you, I have played every single Fire Emblem out there, including the Japanese releases.

            I see where you’re getting at with those descriptions and ideas, but that’s what clones are: clones. They are designed like that in order for the developers to have less work to do while still being able to add fan favorites. It’s a win/win situation for the developers as they make both parties happy… Well, most of us at least. I for one don’t really mind cloned characters as I said before, but it makes me frustrated when people just rant about them without any knowledge about how much work it would take for the developers to implement and adjust every fighter in his or her specific way.

            I’m totally fine with speculations and ideas for improvements like those you wrote above, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like people who hate on the cloned characters (in this case, Lucina) without an actual reason other than that they are just that, cloned.

          • Arthur Jarret

            True that – but with Sakurai’s 2013 interviews mentioning quality over quantity as well as, on character selection, asking ‘will this character be a worthwhile inclusion, will it add something to the game that no other character has?’ (I’m paraphrasing here) – such a clear clone character feels like something of a disappointment.

            Not complaining about Lucina, though – but as they did take the time to fully model her & animate her as a seperate character, I’d have preferred at least one or two unique special moves to set her apart from Marth.

            I’m sure I won’t mind in the final game, though!

          • Pebbicle

            I know what you mean, it’s incredibly easy for us to sit here and speculate about how the final game and characters will turn out to be, when in fact all we currently have of Lucina is a short trailer showcasing some of her moves that appear to be similar to Marth’s.

            Here’s hoping that she does indeed have something that sets her apart from Marth other than a difference in hitboxes and the like, and I’m sure that Sakurai has something up his sleeve!

            Speaking of Sakurai, didn’t he say himself that he really dislikes clones? I believe he did, and that asks the question, will Lucina be vastly different? Or is she just different enough for Sakurai to approve of her own roster slot?
            That also means other clones, will Falco and Lucas make a return at all?

            As you can see, speculation can get easily out of hand. But I can guarantee you that, in a few months time when we all have the game in our hands, we will see that the game has pleased at least the majority of the fanbase πŸ˜‰

          • Arthur Jarret

            I’ve read a lot of people saying they read that Sakurai hated & would not include any more clones (some mentioned newcomers, specifically) – but I’ve been unable to find any source apart from random forum comment.

            Regardless, even if I did fin a source, we ARE speaking about the man who said, in multiple interviews, that zero-suit Samus was cut from the roster – days before revealing her as a fighter with her own character slot.

            You cannot trust what he says – which is why I’m still hoping for a story mode.

          • Merry_Blind

            Thanks for this info!

          • Pebbicle

            No problem, glad to be of service! As I mentioned to CydeFxt, if you have any questions about Fire Emblem, feel free to write to me πŸ™‚

        • Chrom protects the “Fire Emblem”

    • Zanzama
      • Merry_Blind

        haha love this one!

  • Merry_Blind

    NICE! Like all 3. I love Fire Emblem characters even though I never played any FE game. I just hope Marth, Ike, and Lucina will play differently enough to justify all 3 being in the game…

  • Justin Carlson

    I wanted Rayman. πŸ™

    • Yeah cause since Ubisoft has quit supporting Nintendo that makes sense.

      • JCdude

        Nevertheless, Ubisoft STILL gave Nintendo a 3D model for the Rayman trophy.

        • So? It took Ubisoft a week of their time to make it. It was like a guy giving a hobo a $1. Ubisoft gave Nintendo a meaningless Rayman trophy.

          • JCdude

            “It takes a lot of work creating each model, so it’s wonderful that the creators contributed their own efforts!!”
            It’s obvious that Ubisoft put lots of time into their 3D Rayman model.

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    With each reveal the graphics for the game look better and better. This is going to be one great game.

  • Jake

    Lucina is a very great character and I respect and love that Nintendo is adding females, but honestly, i would rather have Chrom over Lucina. I just like him over Lucina. Again, Not hating females (would want Kyrstal over Falco) but Chrom would be cooler and better.

    • gtosheex

      Krystal over Falco???!?!? You cray cray.

      • Superbax

        Am I the only one who liked Slippy more than Falco? While he sucked at being a pilot, he gave the boss meter in starfox 64 and was much less cocky than Falco.

      • MysteryT

        But Krystal is really unique. She has a staff.
        Falco is basically Fox.

    • abe

      Lucina should of replaced Marth but kept his moves and Chrom replaced ike with new moves

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Robin’s final smash with Chrom makes total sense πŸ™‚

    • Wrong, Chrom is Lucina’s Final Smash. Since he is her father.

      • Superbax

        No, it’s Robin’s. Look it up.

        • No, Robin is in the new Batman Arkham Knight game.

  • Justin Gray

    Shulk was rumored to be revealed today. I guess he would have been a better choice over Robin…

  • Qubonic

    This game is gonna be fukking EPIC!

  • Nookling

    Funny that the Gematsu guy slipped up on Chrom. The one who seemed most likely.

    • Who? Some random guy guessing characters lol?

      • Nookling

        Ya the one who guessed Wii Fit Trainer, Mega Man, Greninja, Little Mac, Palutena, Villager, Pacman, Miis. His last three were Chorus Men, Shulk and Chrom. Out of those last three Chrom was most likely haha πŸ™‚

        • MysteryT

          Technically, he only guessed a 6th Gen PokΓ©mon.
          Not Greninja specifically.

          • Nookling

            And technically Sakurai said at first they just knew they would use a 6th gen and later decided on Greninja

        • We all guessed Mega Man, Palutena, Pac-Man and Mii’s. Chorus Men…they don’t even look like a fighter, they are horrid ugly things. Maybe an assist trophy. If they were playable I wouldn’t get the game. In fact I would fly to Japan and throw a copy of the game at Sakurai’s face.

  • bistricky

    Excellent ….. which means Captain Falcon get an amiibo ….. sold !
    Cheers πŸ˜€

  • Jared Sorensen

    As awesome as this reveal was, maybe I’m ungrateful because I WANT CHROM DANG IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Jared Lytle

    YES! I know I’m late to the party but my favorite character ROBIN got in!

  • Me while watching the trailer

    • Merry_Blind


  • Einscengi

    Finally all the Falcon fans can stop crying so much about the ol’ Cap’n. It’s official, the ol’ badass is back. I just wish he came with a new final smash.

  • MetroidZero

    Inb4 Fire Emblem characters take over Online.

  • Sdudyoy

    Although I have no clue who those two new characters are, I’m glad Captain falcon is back! Ganondorf is my favorite Smash character, so I can’t wait for him to be announced.

    • abe

      I wand the ‘dorf to return but they need to revamp his moves a bit. I’d like any returning clones to be less cloney

      • Sdudyoy

        Agreed, although Ganon is my favorite character, I would like him to be revamped, or maybe we could get Ganon instead of Ganondorf, that would be pretty cool.

        • abe

          Ganon should be his final smash (due to size), I never felt ganondorf in smash matched his Zelda combat style. Whilst he’s not super fast in Zelda he certainly not a slow character

        • J_Joestar

          Isn’t Ganon his final smash?

          • Sdudyoy

            His Twilight princess version, I was talking about the older, more humanoid version, from the original/later 2D Zelda games.

          • JCdude

            Maybe we can get Ghirahim, too?

  • LevenThumps

    So, is Chrom playable? The end of the trailer seems to suggest he is playable, or at least an assist trophy, but he doesn’t have a logo on the Smash website.

    • uPadWatcher

      Read the article above you.

      • LevenThumps

        Didn’t see that. Thanks for the notice.

        • uPadWatcher

          No problem. Glad to be of service. I’m planning on getting Smash on the U during Christmas season.

    • He is Lucina’s final smash…

  • Kinda drives me crazy that we have Marth again, Lucina, stupid Ike, and Robin yet Roy gets no love? Don’t get me wrong, Marth, Lucina and Robin are great. But Roy is better then Ike and more known then Chrom and Robin lol.

    • Superbax

      Roy was a slower marth clone. Ike at least has different moves and playstyle.

      • Roy was no clone, he had the charge up attack. Roy is more badass. Marth is a meh character to me. Marth and Roy were like rivals in Melee, its like taking out Starwolf, Starfox rival.

        • Pebbicle

          No offense, but do you have any knowledge of the Fire Emblem universe? Marth is the central protagonist of the first and third game, as well as in both of their remakes and is simply put the mascot of Fire Emblem. You can’t really make that Starfox comparison as Marth and Roy has never appeared in any game together at all, so saying that they are rivals makes no sense at all. I don’t really see what Roy has to offer over the other four Fire Emblem representatives. Marth cannot be removed, Ike is the “new” Roy and a fan favorite, it was between Lucina and Chrom to be added and Robin has magic + sword.
          Sorry if this was a bit cluttered, I’m in a bit of a rush right now.
          Once again no offense, I’m simply trying to clear up things πŸ™‚

          • I don’t base my character wants off the games they come from. I don’t care if Roy and Marth were not in the same game, which I could have sworn Marth was in the game Roy was in. And Ike a fan favorite? Most people bitch about him being OP and so many people say “Roy’s our boy!” More love for Roy then Ike. Ike is a meat head, no elegance which Roy has. Roy looks cooler, has a better voice and is just better.

        • Nookling

          I feel like you’re kidding because Wolf is the second most likely to be cut from Brawl

          • I don’t kid when it comes to Starfox. I am a Starfox FANBOY. I have been one of the ones who have been bitching and SCREAMING for a new Starfox game for years and years now. Wolf O’Donnel is my favorite Starfox character. Wolf is no clone. Falco is a clone of Fox. Falco can go, and it should be Fox and Wolf. Plus since there is a new Starfox Wii U game coming why would they cut Starfox characters? That makes no sense. It would make more sense to show Starfox more love.

  • GoGlo 13

    They need to realese this game already

  • Kmac

    Yay Cap is back

    • Andrew St. Clair

      No way. You mean that guy that’s been there since the first game is coming back? WOAH!!! WASN’T EXPECTING THAT!!!!

      • majora :D

        Psst… Jigglypuff

        • Arthur Jarret

          Psst… Ness


    Damn it it should have been Lucina and Chrom not Robin! Why would they do that Everyone was going crazy wanting Chrom, I havnt seen one person say anything about wanting robin. What the hell was Sakurai thinking?

    • abe

      I saw at least 3 others (in this thread) saying their glad robin is in it, and I really like how he/she plays making “them” somewhat different to the rest of the roster. I wish Chrom replaced Ike but with Marth, Chrom and Lucina using the same fighting style could venture into brawls clone crazy

      Also I am totally repainting the RobinAmiibo to match my in game character

    • Arthur Jarret

      I’m actually glad that the series filled with magicians, axe-wielders, archers, pegasus riders, dragon women, beast men, bird musicians, dancers and spear-wielding knights is finally represented by something other than a sword-wielding lord.

  • Finally some interesting and good news, I am getting so tired of the screenshot of the day. But now 3 new characters announced, well 2 new and one existing which finally got annouced, very nice to see Capt. Falcon return and the tease Sakurai gives, maybe we’ll finally hear of a new F-Zero game soon πŸ˜€

  • Superbax

    Remember the Smash Direct from a while back? Sakurai showed Tiki from Fire Emblem, Pseudo Palutena from Kid Icarus, and King Kihunter from Metroid. Since we got these new Fire Emblem characters and Palutena at e3, I think the next new character will be from the Metroid series.

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      RIDLEY !

  • PrincessKairi

    I wish this game were released already, so tired of the constant updates and whatnot. Just release the damn thing already!

  • Pebbicle

    I’m jizzing myself. Lucina, hands down, will be my main, no question asked.

  • J_Joestar

    it seems to imply that Capt. Falcon managed to beat Chrom to the point where he is unable to participate a a playable character.

    I really wonder how Robin’s spells “Running out of uses” will work in game though, as well as how the s/he carries around a normal sword half the time and then switches to a Levin.

  • Dark Lord Sauron

    all im gonna say is FALCON PUNCH!!!!!! on the side note still waiting for ganondorf to be confirmed

    • Merry_Blind

      to be able to say aaaaaarrrRRRGGGGHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! instead?

  • Jakob

    Not a fan of the new characters, but just because I haven’t played the games so i’m unfamiliar with them πŸ™‚ As long as Ness is in the game i’ll be happy πŸ™‚

  • Vorpal Blade

    Lucina is a clone of Marth, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?

    • Merry_Blind

      Yeah I’m suprised to see another clone. I thought Sakurai said he wanted to have as few clones as possible in this one. I was already surprised to see Ike come back (I was expecting only Marth to make it), but now there’s even Lucina???

      Personally, I’m happy with that, Marth/Roy/Ike are my favourtie characters in the game (alongside Link/Young Link/Toon Link, I just love swords I guess haha). So the more the better!

      Also, should be interesting to see how she handles, because she seems even swifter and more technical than Marth, and Marth was already combo-heavy and fast. I’m expecting to see her make it into the competitive scene quite quickly… maybe become even more popular than Marth since people seemed to greatly favour speed and combos in the others.

      • Vorpal Blade

        Trolled again by Sakurai…

        Marth/Roy were clones along side All the Link’s, you’re embracing Sakurai to make more clones!

        Sakurai made a post about her, Where Marths power is at the tip of his blade, Lucina’s power is throughout the blade…..OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, let’s make Marth obsolete, but keep him in the game, good choice…

        • Merry_Blind

          I’m sure they’ll play quite differently. Just that example of the sword shows this. Marth is all about keeping your distance and controlling the arena. Lucina will probably be more up-close and personal with more aggressive combos.

          • Vorpal Blade

            ….What Marth are you playing?

          • Merry_Blind

            What? Isn’t it true that it’s great to take advantage of the range of his sword and his movement speed and swift attacks?

          • Vorpal Blade

            Well yeah, but it’s Marth more combo heavy then most other characters, especially since he is fast and has swift attacks?

          • Vorpal Blade

            Don’t know what happen to my post, cause I replied to this, but oh well.
            I assumed Marth took advantage of his fast movement and swift attacks to get in close to his enemies.

          • Merry_Blind

            ok… but why did you ask “What Marth are you playing?”?? It sounded as if what I said didn’t fit with Marth at all and that I didn’t understand the character. Isn’t that what you meant?

          • Vorpal Blade

            What I meant by that is I was assuming you kept people at bay with Marth, doing hit-and-run tactics and made Lucina seem like the dominating combo-fiend…which is Marth, IMO.

          • Merry_Blind

            Well, I assume since Lucina is the female equivalent to Marth, she will be even faster than him, hit for even less damage, and since her damage output isn’t at the tip of her sword, she won’t be as effective as Marth at “keeping people at bay”, so she’ll have to be played more aggressively and more clos-and-personal.

          • Vorpal Blade

            Uhh….so she’s going to be faster because she’s a female?….The only fast female I know of is Sheik and Zero Suit Samus…and there it is again! Does Marth do more damage when he’s further away from people or something?

          • Merry_Blind

            I’m just assuming she’s gonna be faster. I doubt they’ll make her slower and hit harder than Marth.

            and… you said yourself “Sakurai made a post about her, Where Marths power is at the tip of his blade, Lucina’s power is throughout the blade”, so you should know that Marth does more damage further away from people….

          • Vorpal Blade

            Awww….read the new post on here about Sakurai…she’s gonna be, virtually, the same…

          • Merry_Blind

            I know I just did read it…. it’s so stupid…. Like I said in my comment on that article, they should have made her more different from Marth, otherwise she’s nothing more than a glorified alternative costume.

          • Vorpal Blade

            And that’s why I’m saddened that she isn’t a costume for Marth since she’s gonna be a clone of him anyway. Regardless of any changes she may have with power, Roy was stronger then Marth, but at least had the blaze effect on all his moves, which at the moment, sounds way better then a female Marth that’s slightly stronger/faster.

          • Merry_Blind

            Totally agree. Roy was awesome.

          • Vorpal Blade

            Ehhhh, I guess. I wouldn’t want him back, but if was between him or Lucina, then I would prefer Roy.

          • Merry_Blind

            As it is, yeah Roy all the way. However, I would have really loved it if Lucina was as different from Marth as Ike is. A swordwoman is sweet, but the fact she’s a complete clone is just retarded. I like ‘clones’ actually, but when they’re done right. I love having Link and Young/Toon Link, having Marth and Ike, Fox and Falco, etc. but Lucina, from the sound of it, seems like a waste of character slot….

          • Vorpal Blade

            Kind of weird how I hate clones yet I didn’t mind Falco, in melee. BUT this is how Toon Link should play, cause I hate how he’s still the same! (ever since I saw the trailer.)


          • Merry_Blind

            lol the wind waker as a weapon! that’s pretty sick!

          • Vorpal Blade

            That’s what I’m saying! Make Toon Link, the main guy who uses the damn thing, have the wind waker as a weapon so we doesn’t have to be a clone.

          • Merry_Blind

            I guess they could do it, not sure Sakurai would want to change the mythos that much though. Actually, what I had in mind personally for Young Link was having Link from Majora’s Mask, with the 3 main masks (Deku, Goron, Zora if you haven’t played the game) and the ability to switch from one transformation to the other, much like Pokemon Trainer behaved in Brawl, and have Deity Link (the final transformation mask) as his Final Smash.

          • Vorpal Blade

            DUDE! That would have been f#@king epic.
            I don’t think Sakurai is totally focusing on combat for this game like he said he was…

  • ben

    The fire Emblem characters need more games. They need their own action games. I want a Fire Emblem game by Platinum games.. just imagine it…. ..

    Or… I’m calling it now.
    Next year. Fire Emblem Warriors.. YOu know it is going to happen…

  • Steve

    Yay! I love Swordsmen/women. My planned mains are Marth (since Melee) and, now, Luciana.

  • steveb944

    More FE characters? I want this game right NOW.

  • Dark Link

    Okay, now just give me Wario, Ganondorf(new moveset), Meta-Knight and Ness back. Throw in Sylux as the final new character and I am just blessed!

  • Adrian

    Is it just me or does it feel like there are like 50 playable characters in this game? As an N64 Smash master (or very good player, whatev), it’s starting to feel a bit stupid.

    • Merry_Blind

      Why? I’m a ‘very good player’ in Smash 64 too, and what think I’ve always wanted in this game is more characters. I loved the gameplay of the original, so much fun, but the low amount of characters mean you quickly run out of variety.

  • keithmaxx

    I’m just overwhelmed… They put in a lot of FE characters this time.

  • FutureFox

    Warning: Character overflow.

  • Epicstuf

    Captain Falcon looks like he is going to hump someone.