Jan 8th, 2017

At CES, which is currently underway in Las Vegas, one company has had the incredible courage to showcase a handheld, GameBoy-lookalike that plays all GameBoy games ever released — from the original GameBoy games, to the GameBoy color, GameBoy advance, and more.

The thing is quite impressive: it features a high res LCD screen, 10 hours battery life, and all the internal bits required to play all of those GameBoy cartridges. And the best part: the manufacturer claims it will be available later this year for just $79.

It’s also begging for a cease and desist letter from Nintendo, and a possible lawsuit from the company. Nintendo’s lawyers are by far the most aggressive in the industry — they’ll probably send you a cease and desist for having a Mario-themed birthday.

We originally didn’t report on this because it appeared to be vaporware. But it’s actually real, and the company is serious about releasing it this August. Check out a hands-on video below.

Now, if Nintendo themselves would release something like this…

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