May 3rd, 2016


After nearly six years of waiting, Nintendo fans will finally be able to experience the hard-as-nails platformer Super Meat Boy. The release date is May 12 according to the Super Meat Boy Twitter account, which revealed that Blitworks, the studio behind the PS Vita, Nvidia Shield, and PS4 versions of the game will be handling the Wii U port as well.

Super Meat Boy has been slated for release on Nintendo consoles for some time now, back in 2010 creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes stated they were looking into ways to bring the game to WiiWare on the original Wii, but the game ended up being too hefty for the platform. Now Wii U owners will get to experience the game, albeit without the original soundtrack composed by Danny Baranowsky for the original version.

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