Mar 24th, 2017

While Super Mario Run has been downloaded tens of millions of times, it hasn’t been a runaway financial hit like Pokemon Go. Even Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima now acknowledges that.

Speaking to Japanese business publication Nikkei, Kimishima said that Super Mario Run did not meet the company’s revenue expectations.

Despite that, Kimishima stood by the business model of selling the whole game and not relying on micro-transactions for its titles.

The biggest criticism of Super Mario Run has always been its price: $10 for a mobile game is a tough pill to swallow in a market where most games are around 5 bucks or free (with micro-transactions).

While the game didn’t meet the company’s expectations, it’s still a success — Super Mario Run has generated at least $30 million for Nintendo so far, bringing in far more than it cost to develop.

The game launched on Android a few days ago, and will no doubt bring more millions in revenue to Nintendo.

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