Dec 19th, 2016


Super Mario Run debuted just last week on iOS, but already Nintendo has issued the first update for the game. Granted it doesn’t bring any new gameplay features, but Nintendo has brought Christmas to the Mushroom Kingdom with plenty of new holiday-themed decorations.


A Sparkly Christmas Tree complete with ornaments and presents underneath will set you back 1,500 coins, while each cluster of red poinsettias that you buy will set you back 500 coins each. Additionally, there’s a snow globe featuring Mario standing inside that will require you to collect a certain amount of blue, purple, and yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Nintendo hasn’t released any details about the content for future updates, but this holiday update is certainly a nice start. Hopefully, we’ll see new characters, levels, and more as Nintendo continues to support the mobile game. Not everyone has been enthusiastic about its release, with some people stating that $10 is simply too much for a mobile game no matter who makes it.

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