Dec 17th, 2015

Nintendo has announced a new update for Super Mario Maker, adding to the massive collection of items that are already in the game. When we reviewed the game back in September, one of our primary complaints about the game is that it felt a bit empty as some of the iconic things like check-points for levels were missing. Those have since been added and Nintendo is adding more to the game on December 22.

The update will include the ability to see who completed a course first, as well as the world record time for said course. This could be a big boon to those players who love to do speed-runs.

On the item side of things, we have a bumper, a P Warp Door, and a Fire Koopa Clown Car, which you can see in the image above. The bumper was one of the crucial things missing that will change the way people create Super Mario Maker levels, so it’s nice to see Nintendo adding these slowly but surely.

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