Jun 24th, 2015


Nintendo finally gave us a release date for Super Mario Maker during their E3 Digital Event, but some people have questioned why Nintendo chose September 11 as the release date for the game, considering the history of the date in the United States. Nintendo has explained why the September 11 release date was chosen and reiterates that they’re respectful of the significance of the date for Americans.

Nintendo is really respectful of this date, but the thing is that when we launched Super Mario Bros back in 1985, it was September 13th. And, as we have worked with retailers on Friday as a launch day, the date worked out as Friday, September 11th for this year.

Given that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Mario Bros., Nintendo wanted to get the release date as close to the original release date as possible while still honoring their Friday release date for retailers. It’s a shame it fell on September 11, but it’s obvious Nintendo hasn’t meant any direspect by choosing the date.

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