Sep 10th, 2015


One of the biggest criticisms Super Mario Maker has gotten so far from both fans and the press is the system by which the game delivers usable items for you to make your levels. As we reported previously, the game delivers sets of items based on days, with new items unlocking each day you played the game.

The new 1.01 patch seems to remove this lengthy restriction, as users on the NeoGAF forums are reporting that their items are unlocking in fifteen-minute intervals, instead of a full 24 hours between each delivery. Here’s a quick look at the patch notes:

  • “Create a course” scene: a small element was added.
  • Condition(s) for increasing the amount of useable parts (in the level editor) were added.
  • Various changes meant to improve the gameplay experience.

It’s nice to see Nintendo relenting on a feature that no one found appealing. What do you think? Are you more interested in Super Mario Maker now that this artificial limitation has been lifted?

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