Aug 18th, 2015



With the release of Super Mario Maker just around the corner, we’re starting to learn a few more details about how the sharing component of creating levels will work. Some reviewers are beginning to post their creations to Miiverse showing off some of the characters they’ve unlocked, as well as a few details about how the game works for uploading levels.

Here’s what we know about level sharing so far:

  • The more people rate your levels positively, the more you can create
  • Levels that aren’t popular with the community will be removed after a period of time
  • Any custom sound effects created in an uploaded level will be transformed to a parrot squawk

Obviously Nintendo can’t police all the custom sounds that it’ll be possible to make using the level editing tool so the parrot squawk was something that has to happen to keep the community kid-friendly. The amount of time that has to pass for a level to be removed also hasn’t been detailed, so we don’t know if it’s a period of a few weeks or months before your level will be removed.

We’ve also seen some interesting costumes popping up in the Miiverse community, including the Splatoon squid, Tingle, and more.

Super Mario Maker releases worldwide on September 11.

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