Mar 3rd, 2016

A big update is on the way for Super Mario Maker that will bring several new features, including some long-awaited features fans have been asking for since the game’s release in September. Since then, more than 6.2 million courses have been made.

The latest update for Super Mario Maker will drop on March 9, bringing a new mode, new costumes, and new features for creating your own levels. First up is the SUper Expert Mode, which gives six extremely tough courses to complete. 12 new mystery mushroom costumes have been added as well.

Course creators will also enjoy the update with several new toggles for items already in the game. Shaking a P-Switch will turn it into a key. Shaking a door makes a key door and you can embed keys inside of enemies, so that create must be defeated before the player can progress.

Additionally, pink coins have been added to coins and collecting all six of them will make a key appear in the level.

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