Dec 21st, 2015


This past week we learned that two new costumes from Earthbound are incoming for Super Mario Maker, but that’s not all, according to data miners on reddit. Nintendo has had a big problem with data miners in Super Smash Bros. revealing upcoming content before announcements and it looks like Super Mario Maker may get that way as well.

These costume reveals are definitely spoilers, so if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like having new update content spoiled before it’s announced, you probably shouldn’t continue reading this thread. According to the post, one of the new costumes that will be making its way into the game is the black and white Mario in a plane sprite from Super Mario Land. The sprite also comes complete with sound effects from the original game.


If you want to try out the level for yourself in order to see it, you can do so by entering the following CourseID:


According to the reddit post, some people are getting crashes when they try to load the level, so be aware of that if you’re one of the brave souls who wants to see the content before it’s released.

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