Oct 20th, 2015

In my Super Mario Maker review, one of the things I mentioned as a negative aspect of the game is that some iconic Mario features are missing from the game. The primary one for me was the checkpoint system introduced in Super Mario World, as it could allow for longer levels and a much-needed mushroom power-up in the middle of a difficult level.

While we’ve speculated that these additional features may be added to Super Mario Maker in the form of DLC, players have taken it into their own hands to create checkpoint systems using clever programming techniques. Check out the video above to see it in action, though the checkpoint system doesn’t get showcased until around the 7 minute mark in the video.

Essentially, players use springs to bounce bombs around to unlock pipes that lead to specific areas. The kicker here is that the note system within the game is used to give you the correct order to hit the various springs, so you can get the bomb to unlock the pipe you need.

Player creativity knows no bounds. Have you found any levels in Super Mario Maker that make it possible to do things that are absent from Super Mario Maker?

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