Oct 28th, 2015

Yesterday we told you about a free update coming to Super Mario Maker on November 4, bringing the much-needed checkpoint feature that was first introduced in Super Mario World. The checkpoint will be an alternative to the arrow sign and Famitsu has released a few more details on how these checkpoints will work.

These new details include several looks at how the checkpoints can be placed, including diagonally or placing them in the air so they’ll stay there. Additionally, according to the translation, you should be able to place two checkpoints within a level, with one being in the main world, while another is within a sub-world accessed through a pipe.

The other big question about them is how they’ll look in Mario themes that didn’t feature checkpoints, such as Super Mario 3. Right now the checkpoint is just a small flag item, but it could change appearance to more closely resemble the gated checkpoint from Super Mario World.

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