Sep 30th, 2015


After less than three weeks on the market, Super Mario Maker has officially passed the 1 million sales mark. According to a press release from Nintendo, this number includes Wii U bundles and downloads, so this is the total number of the game sold across the globe.

Nintendo also released a few other statistics about the game, including that 2.2 million levels have already been created and uploaded for the community to enjoy. More than 75 million attempts to complete those levels have been made, so the Wii U community is very engaged with Super Mario Maker.

Currently the best-selling Wii U game is Mario Kart 8 with around 5.5 million copies sold but if Super Mario Maker continues at this pace it seems likely that it could quickly become the best-selling title of the Wii U generation, cementing the fact that this game should have been a launch title instead of something released three years into the Wii U cycle.

Have you picked up Super Mario Maker yet, or are you waiting until the holidays?

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