May 11th, 2013

Fans of the classic Super Mario trilogy on the NES should be excited, as Super Mario Bros. 2 will be heading to the Wii U virtual console soon. No release date has been announced yet but it’s likely we’ll see it sometime in June after the current Capcom games and the Super Metroid promotion ends. This is the US version of Super Mario Bros. 2 and not the version released in Japan, which are called The Lost Levels here.

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments! I really enjoy this one, but Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite.

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  • david jarman

    My wife will love this!!!!!

    • Super Waluigi Bros. 2

      • david jarman

        Lol! That would be cool!

      • bizzy gie

        Super Wario Bros.

  • LopsidedPasta

    Can’t wait!

  • bizzy gie

    Get out you immature 5-year-old.

    • RonnieMexico

      I amz 32 years old puto…dont tellz mi 2 g3t out

      • bizzy gie

        Silly me. Your superb grammar has proven me wrong.

        • RonnieMexico

          sup3rb grammar..yeaz dis how I talk and typ3….youz hav3 an issu3?

          • bizzy gie

            No, but it appears you have several.

          • Tecpedz94

            K to be honest your making it worse…. Back to the Wii U news…..

          • david jarman

            You sure don’t act 32,……or 12

      • Off.Sh

        32 años, y te quedaste así?? sufres de retraso mental?

      • Agent721

        How low class. Keep it classy, Mexico!

      • 32?? Are you mentally challenged or something… Just curious if you have a learning disorder. There is nothing wrong with that either but just let us all know so we can have a reason for your immature and idiotic behavior.

    • The Clockwork Being

      I remember this guy. My friend played against him in Halo

  • david jarman

    Yup and then she changed your diapers and burped ya! My wife loves all children….even the handicap ones.

  • DragonSilths

    So we have Super Mario Bros 1 and 2 so far right? Just need 3 then.

    • That’s what I’m waiting for!

      • Fred

        Do none of you actually use your Wii U systems? Friday on the Wii U eShop in the coming soon section Super Mario Bros. 2 was listed for release on May 16. THIS THURSDAY NOT JUNE!!!

      • Fred

        Are you planning on updating this article? It’s coming out tomorrow NOT in June!

    • Perkoff

      1 isn’t on the Wii U VC yet. If it goes anything like the 3DS VC they’ll have 1 come first and then 2 years later still no 2 or 3, or world.

    • SMB 3 is my wife’s favorite of the NES 3… We have them on SMB All Stars disc for Wii so I am not sure we will pay for these on the VC.

      • Fred

        I would pay for SMB 3!!! I did pay for Super Mario World a few weeks ago, and I would probably pay for SMB 1, but I don’t plan to buy this one

  • Why not the gba version? o_o

    The gba version looks a lot better…

    • The_Last_Metroid

      Get super mario bros all stars for that!

      • Perkoff

        I hated the art style and crappy music of All Stars.

    • Squid


  • CaesarGood

    hardest mario game I ever played…

    • Byllant

      Play The Lost Levels and talk to me later.

      • CaesarGood

        all i know is that i have never gotten past the second or 3rd level, but the lost levels is probably about the same idk know if i ever beat it..I do think that i cant play those games because of the graphics, if they updated the nes and snes games with new mario wii graphics then maybe i could get past the 3rd level and bring alot more interest and fun to those games..dont know why, its just something that i wish they would do…they actually have all the time in the world…

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Yeah, that one is tough as hell.

  • Edward Dudley

    I won’t be getting this only because I have Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii.

  • Shreckle

    How does nintendo think this is of any interest? They rereleased all this stuff on the wii virtual console years ago! All this does is highlight how poorly integrated the nintendo online accounts are

  • Shreckle

    And also yes David your promiscuous wife does love a lot of things

  • Perkoff

    This game isn’t even on the 3DS eshop yet. I don’t understand why they take so long to release a nearly 25 year old game. I would buy SMB2 and 3 if they were available on the 3DS. Glad it’s coming to the Wii U but as the article stated we’ll probably have to wait until a bunch of other games are released because Nintendo seems to not want my money.

  • thedeciderU

    great game, but not important news 🙂 i know it takes time, but i’d rather have waited for a release of many games at a time. this does not create the wow effect. but at least a handful of great games are coming to VC… ya know, sometime in the next couple years.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Yes, I will get it. I have it on my Wii, but pf course it must be on the pad too. However, I woluld like Nintendo to launch the Super Mario Allstars pack too. But we will probably not see that until anther greed pack called 30th anniversary or something like that…

    Btw Joystick states SMB2 will be out next week.

    • Kirzan

      All Stars would be bad business. Why sell a game compilation when you can sell them separately and still have all the Nintendrones buy them all, again, for the (at least) 6th time? They’ll release All Stars AFTER all of them have been sold separately.

      Nintendo knows.

  • Hamza Siddiqui

    Call this loser 07931395802

  • Mochlum

    Approach that makes sense: Do games that haven’t been seen on a VC at all, or at least SNES or 64 games that haven’t been done on a smaller screen.

    Approach they do: Games already out on 3DS VC.

    Update: I thought this was on 3DS VC, but I am wrong.


    Why don’t they give us the GBA version of this game?

  • A SNES Day Off

    I’ll be very surprised if this indeed released before the original Super Mario Bros. It would be nice if Nintendo pushed them out in order.