Nov 27th, 2013


Earlier today I reported on the Media Create numbers for Japan this week, showcasing the top ten software titles and hardware sales for the week. Super Mario 3D World debuted at a respectable number 2, but a NeoGAF forum member has compiled data on all 3D Mario games in the past and the results are kind of shocking.

Even launch titles on the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo DS had better launch weeks than the current launch for Super Mario 3D World. It should be noted however that none of these systems with the exception of the GameCube have had such low sales month-to-month as the Wii U, and we are moving into a holiday season that will have a long tail for both the Wii U and Super Mario 3D World. Still, these Japanese sales numbers are disappointing, to say the least.

3D Mario Week One Sales:

1) Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 337,569 (1,032,853 total)
2) Super Mario 3D Land – 344,698 (1,861,023 total)
3) Super Mario Sunshine – 280,610 (789,989 total)
4) Super Mario Galaxy – 256,341 (1,025,664 total)
5) Super Mario 64* – 162,113 (1,639,914 total)
6) Super Mario 64 DS* – 120,062 (1,231,535 total)
7) Super Mario 3D World – 106,967

Edit: A few more interesting stats have been brought up in the NeoGAF thread, which help shed some light on console sales after major Mario releases. It seems the games just aren’t system sellers for the first week in Japan period and that’s been true over several console cycles. Here’s a look at hardware numbers in the week before and the week after a Mario game launches for previous consoles:

GCN before Sunshine: 8.242
GCN Sunshine Launch: 31.750

Wii before Galaxy: 34.766
Wii Galaxy Launch: 40.836

Wii before Galaxy 2: 17.870
Wii Galaxy 2 Launch: 21.304

Wii U before 3D World: 14.006
Wii U 3D World Launch: 20.177

Overall, it looks like Super Mario 3D World is on track to be a great long tail title for Nintendo, which is probably what the brass expects. What do you think?

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  • jjbredesen

    Ah that sucks, but i guess we can blame it on the low install base…

  • SamusPrime

    Now this is slightly misleading, it’s only 4 days on the market, and is being compared to games that could only be purchased via retail and not downloaded (I think). Do the other games numbers also only include 4 days or is it a full 7 days?

  • Ducked

    Not good news to hear, hopefully this will do much better in North America.

  • Lil J Moore

    Has it even been a full week since its release?

    • Eduardo


    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I believe 4 days.

  • Jack5221

    Well 2 things. The came has not been out for a full week yet. And what about digital sales? Were those accounted for?

  • The Clockwork Being

    What we should realize is that 3 Mario games are more popular in NA then in Japan. Plus it was going to be number one in terms of of sales but it got beaten by one of the series that are more crazy in Japan than Mario(Final Fantasy). Plus that game is on a system with a bigger install base. And for 3D World how many digital copies were sold? I’m sure lot of people bought it on the E-Shop

    Now alot of people are going to spell doom for Nitendo but people have to realize that this isn’t the games that Japan goes crazy for. Games that will have a much bigger success are RPGs like Shin megami Tensei X Fire Emblem since both series are crazy in Japan. X, since people really liked Xenoblades and it sold well in Japan. Super Smash which is always popular and is a fighting game which then again is popular in Japan. Mario Kart 8 will also be quite the success since it has always been in Japan. Want proof? Look at what is being bought on the 3DS RPG, RPG and more RPG. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy shows this.

    Edit: Like Ashley stated 3D Mario don’t do great a launch. Anyways i’ll be patient and see the long terms of things.

  • Vinicius

    Hey Ashley you forgot mentioning that on the Wii U still have to count the digital sales, and this count was done only till 11/24, three days of sales only.. And of course, the install base of the Wii U is still poor..Hope these numbers rise soon enough, though..

  • sharlo galmo

    This game is 1gig, so i think alot of peeps are buying it from the eshop, and the game is only 4 days out 3days to go then it is a week out.

  • I’ve made a few edits to the article based on other data posted in the NeoGAF thread. It looks like Mario titles really aren’t first week system sellers in Japan at all, rather Nintendo relies on the long tail appeal, which makes sense.

    • jjbredesen

      Yes it does, there are still people getting Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

    • SamusPrime

      See my props to you post below.

    • Ducked

      Nintendo needs to make a new Fire Emblem for Wii U next year

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Fire Emblem game on a console.

        • Ducked

          I know, Radiant Dawn back in 2007

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            It’s been too long. Surprisingly, that game got me into the strategy genre.

          • Ducked

            Yeah, I use to shy away from the RPG genre until I played Final Fantasy X

        • Squid

          It’s also been a while since Metroid, Starfox and F-Zero. But. Metroid seems like the closest possibility.

      • Jargy Dsorrow

        Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem will likely be out next year or early 2015 at the latest i’d say.

    • Alexander Kleinwechter


    • Nintedward

      This was what I was going to say!

      Also you have to take into consideration how long the console has been out for that each 3D mario game is released on…
      For example Wiiu has been out less than a year in Japan. When Super mario Galaxy 2 came out the Wii had been out for what, 5 years? Hence a much larger installed base and sales…
      Also, Wiiu has digital sales to take into account whereas some of the other 3D mario games didn’t.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Logic at its finest!

      • sharlo galmo

        What i want to now is,Mario 3d world launch at 23 in Japan, the week where they talk about, is from 18 till 24, so that means that Mario was only one day out, are the other Mario games also one day out where they compare 3D world with?

        • darkcreap

          Actually it launched the 21st, not the 23rd.

          • sharlo galmo

            so that means this goes about three days, my god why don’t wait til it is a week out?

          • kevin

            Just like a nintendo fanboy, always a reason why it is not moving. The reason why Miiverse removed those numbers of community because after a week. I mean a week it was at 40k. That is very poor for a mario.

            The Wiiu is dead, if it doesn’t move consoles this holiday its over. and I don’t see mario moving consoles, with a week and it being at 40k.

            They removed those numbers because all the latest games are doing to poorly. wii sports 10k. Even nintendo is not moving and wii sports is only at 10k because of the free trial and they downloaded it to every console.

          • sharlo galmo

            Fanboy? I got a ps3 and xbox360, and I gonna buy the xboxone and the ps4 so try again, Nintendo hater.

            This is not because of Nintendo, but why do peeps compare games that’s a week on store against one that’s three days out?
            100k in three days, maybe it will sell the other four days also 100k, and what that means? That means is not the worst selling mario, and that’s what I mean, do you know how many games you can sell in four days.
            This not fair that is what I wanna explain, I don’t know who come with this bias, but it is bias.

          • kevin

            im not a nintendo hater. i only own a wii and wiiu. I hate seeing people always make excuses why the wiiu is not doiing good. Its not doing good because nintendo is not promoting it and promoting it correctly.

            Nintendo is going after the casual gamer. Casual gamer is not out buying new consoles all the time. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE CALLED Cassual gamers. Nintendo is not going to get the casual family to buy it. Most of the Wii for casual has been collecting dust for years now. They are not jumping at a WiiU.

            That is Nintendo’s fault. There has not been one commercial until this month that really talked about how its a different console. Ads all year showed that nintendo has failed to even get their message to the retailers selling their consoles. You see people mix and match a Wii and WiiU.

          • Jack5221

            Eh, try again. Check Nintendo’s Youtube / Facebook pages. They have multiple new commercials marketing Wii U and showing the difference. The Wii was 7 years ago. One console per 7 years is not buying a new console all the time. Also Super Mario 3D World has only been out 4 days, not a week. Plus its number 2 on the best selling games of the week. And the game itself is between 1 – 2gbs. Very small download size. The numbers mentioned are only physical sales, so its very possible there were A LOT more digital downloads.

            Final Fantasy didn’t even sell as much as it usually does and normally thats hugely popular over in Japan too. Also, its just ONE part of the world. Its not like the sales of the game have been horrible everywhere else. Obviously its no GTA 5, but it did sell a well above average amount of copies (Physical & Digital) all over the USA, and other parts of the world.

          • 3 days

          • kevin

            having commercial on their facebook is stupid, u really think casual gamers r checking nintendo facebook. keep dreaming…. only ppl watching their facebook is the ppl that would buy a console without. but mom nd dad is not surfing their facebook. wii dead more than a couple years ago. it crashed nd burn several years ago. almost all 3rd party left.

          • Jack5221

            First off, if you’re going to type a response to me, then don’t type like an idiot. Write full words, complete sentences. None of this “r like dis dat u nd” garbage. I don’t speak stupid.

            Advertising on Facebook is stupid? 1 out of every 8 people on this Earth has Facebook, and you’re saying that advertising on the worlds largest social media website ever is stupid? Okay kiddo, you keep telling yourself that.

            Umm… Okay Wii “Died” in its last 2-3 years it was kind of dead, sure. Crash and burned? Not even close. At that point pretty much everyone had a Wii because the hype to buy / own had passed. Even if they did “Crash and Burn” like you claim, then selling 100+ million units is a great way to go out.

            And one more thing. You and every other Nintendo hater needs to stop mentioning 3rd party support. People buy Nintendo consoles for their famous 1st party ips, and exclusive 3rd party games. NO ONE buys a Wii U for first person shooter games, GTA, Bioshock, etc etc. Games like Rayaman Legends and other platformers are nice for Wii U, but leave the other stuff out for the PS / Xbox.

          • NintendoMaster8234

            Actually posting more ads and commercials on sites like Facebook and YouTube is a smart thing to do. In case you haven’t noticed, Cable TV is on a decline, more and more people are on the internet now because of more and better content, so it’s more likely that people will see Wii U ads on Facebook than on TV. I barely watch TV anymore, there’s practically nothing on except a few shows here and there.

          • Dave May

            ya this article is spun to make the wiiu look bad, this is just another low for wii u daily, if i was nin. i would sue this web site

          • Chronic Gang

            lol wii sports sold over 40 million copies thats half the sales of the 360 console and ps3 so lol… also it sold the most copies ever in gaming history

          • Germany

            I think that is because it came with the Wii for free.

          • ICHI

            not in japan

          • Chronic Gang

            yeah but still its numbah 1

          • Nintenjoe82

            I doubt 3D World is why they got rid of the numbers. I think it was more to do with how bad the major 3rd party games were looking rather than SM3DW not doing well enough. If anything, the SM3DW numbers were a positive on an otherwise bleak looking Miiverse.

            This article should have said, SM3DW sells reasonably well for a game on a struggling console.

          • Jason

            it launched the 22nd, youre wrong

          • darkcreap

            The 22nd was the release date for North America. We are discussing Japan. If you do not believe me, see Amazon Japan’s page for SM3DW:


            It clearly states:

            発売日: 2013/11/21

            Which is translated as “Release date: 2013/11/21”. The article discusses Japan sales, not North American sales.

      • frontier001

        You got it all rong plus digital sales here you go Nintenddrone feast your eyes on this:


        Originally Posted by Bruno MB

        Second and previous week sales, 3D Mario Platformers:

        [N64] Super Mario 64 (Nintendo) {1996.06.23} – 121.921 / 284.032 (-25%)
        [WII] Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo) {2010.05.27} – 116.153 / 453.722 (-66%)
        [GCN] Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo) {2002.07.19} – 102.576 / 383.186 (-63%)
        [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo) {2011.11.03} – 87.886 / 432.584 (-75%)
        [WII] Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) {2007.11.01} – 78.349 / 334.690 (-69%)
        [NDS] Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo) {2004.12.02} – 52.591 / 172.653 (-56%)
        [WIU] Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo) {2013.11.21} – 39.306 / 146.273 (-63%)

        Plus digital sales only managed 146.273 sales……. BOMBED!!!!!!
        What the fuck is your excuse now NINTENDRONES WHAT NOW???? EXPOSED Famitsu retail plus digital sales for Super Mario 3D world in Japan. And now look only sold 39.306 copies second week. Mario is DEAD except it FOR TH LOVE OF GOD!!!!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Maybe change the title? It sounds worse than what you conclude with in the end.

      • Eh, the title is true. It’s just that Japan apparently doesn’t buy into Mario hype like the rest of the world.

        • SamusPrime

          The title is sort of true.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          It rather seems that way.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Yeah, the title is true. However you seems to have a different coclusion than the title implies. Its just a detail really.

        • darkcreap

          Yes. Actually, now that you posted the Mario Galaxy 2 numbers, I consulted how many copies were sold worldwide, which is 6.36 million vs around 1 million in Japan. It seems that Japan is not that big a market for Mario as I supposed, so it is not necessarily a bad omen for Mario.


          (Of course, Mario Galaxy 2 is just an example, but I suppose Mario games follow a simillar trend).

        • John Diamond

          where’s the neogaf thread link

          nvm, found it

        • Rinslowe

          Question is, have you bought into the Mario “hype”, Ashley?

          I know I have! And it’s phenomenal!

    • Laud

      Hey, that’s what I said in the last article.

    • Deezy

      I see a couple of asterisks for both versions of Super mario 64. “Even launch titles on the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo DS had better launch weeks than the current launch for Super Mario 3D World. It should be noted however that none of these systems… have had such low sales month-to-month.”

      I know they are both 5th and 6th highest week 1 sales, but 2nd and 3rd in total sales. However, If that is not the answer for the asterisks, then elaborate on that please?

      • kevin

        Yep, Wiiu is a GameCube, its dead. Now Wiiu has to compete against 4 other consoles. Its dead.

        • Mario

          But the Gamecube didn’t exactly failed.

          • kevin

            Oh yes it did. Only a fanboy would say it was successful just like N64 was successful. Both failed.

            Nintendo hasn’t had a successful console in 20 years other than the fluke of Wii. That was successful because of the Wiimote and drove sales for year for the casual gamers. But when it comes to the gamers, it dead quickly and fast and they all moved to getting a second console like PS3 or Xbox 360.

          • Mario

            What are talking about? If it wasn’t for the Nintendo 64, 3d platforming games wouldn’t even exist!

          • kevin

            Yes, just because they came out with a new gaming concept. doesn’t mean it was successful. Nintendo has great ideas but their consoles are dying. Other than the fluke Wii all their consoles have done worse than NES or SNES. They lost it after SNES and never got it back. Wiimote are awesome but the industry didn’t pick them up.

            Atari 2600 sold about as much N64 did. Come on, Sega Genesis out sold the N64.

            Coming up with an idea doesn’t make the console a success. Only a fanboy would sale that. I’ve read so many post how the gamecube was awesome and had great games. But it doesn’t matter when no one buys it.

            Only about 10% of Nintendo owners buy 3rd party games. No 3rd party will write software for a console with only 4mil. That means a market of 400k sold. That has been the history of Nintendo since N64. So 3rd party needs about 10mill to make it worth while. It will take WiiU 2 – 3 years to get to those numbers.

            Now there are 5 consoles on the market, WiiU will be a distant 5 place until Ps3//xbox 360 die and then a distant 3rd place.

          • Mario

            Yeah! An idea that changed everything!

          • Deezy

            Actually, stepping out of fanboy mentality, I say that the N64 was very successful. Remember, this was 1996-2001. It did not last as long as the SNES but these were breakthrough graphics back in the day, something SEGA attempted to achieve when they were against the NES-SNES. Also, It was now the N64, PS1, and dreamcast (around 1999?) Sony was fresh meat in those days and me as a N64 owner in my kid days, I thought the PS1 was wack. the only games from Sony that made me like the playstation were tekken 2-3, and final fantasy 7.

            But back to N64, In my non-fanboy opinion, I think the N64 did great in its years. I think the three key aspects that made the N64 great were:

            the control stick
            the Z button in the back
            the first console where you can have 4 controllers hooked to it

          • Psytrix

            Unfortunately, that comment did.

          • Mario

            What does that mean?

        • Squid

          Funny, GameCube was better than their competition at the time.

          • kevin

            better but crashed nd burn. so do you remember tuck. he made cars in the 30-40. had a better car but crashed nd burn. just because it was better doesnt make it successful.

          • Squid

            It’s different because cars are COMPLETELY different from game consoles. Nintendo seems to have a lot of failures to you. If that’s what makes you sleep at night. Go with it.

    • CMB

      At least you worded it better than mynitnendonews

    • val berger

      Still, it’s just not what we’ve been waiting for. It’s understood that Mariogames (like all huge AAA Nintendo titles) are long time sellers, but I guess we really hoped it would kick everyone curious in WiiU out of their bed and get them to buy one. If this ain’t a system seller, then what should be? Sure, in any case it’s great to have this title available so with any future gamerelease people may think like ‘ok, what else is there available for the system? ah, right, the mario game’ instead of ‘mh, nothing for me’ so of course it will add some major influence on sales-behavior. STILL; I’m not even one of those super-fanboys, predicting some ‘skyrocketing’ after every games launch but after this amazing press and this glorious cover on the EDGE, there was quite some hope. But ok, hope has’t died yet, the western markets are yet to be conquered, so let’s wait and see what the next 2 weeks are bringing. My Mariogame should meet my WiiU today or tomorrow =)

      • val berger

        By the way, even if I expected it to turn out far better, looking at those systemfigures makes me think it’s not that bad at all. Sure, the WiiU is far from successful, but it’s not like totally behind those other sales numbers. There are still chances it might turn out at least as successful as the Gamecube was, which may not be such a big deal to mainstream masses, but as this was one of the greatest systems for me, I could totally live with it.

        Then again, you may have to consider that there are more people playing videogames than they used to 10 years ago. hm.

    • e_rocket

      Hope this is the case, because it really looks like the anti Wii U campaign that took place in many gaming related media, has done much damage to the system…

    • Hinaru
  • SamusPrime

    Ashley, very well done showing the console jumps from generation to generation. Looks like this is in line with the previous releases.

  • Mj78

    And there it is against . Another system seller that has not helped at all. It really is time for Nintendo to go bye bye.

    • SamusPrime

      Did you read the entire article or just the headline? I’m guessing just the headline.

    • Deadpool U

      No not at all try harder troll.

  • SamusPrime

    In terms of % increase it actually had the second highest jump in console sales – 44.06%, behind the Sunshine launch 285.2%, and ahead of both galaxy releases, 19.22% for Galaxy 2 and 17.50% for Galaxy.

  • SamusPrime

    I am sometimes astonished at people’s lack of logic. At first glance people read that it is the lowest selling 3D Mario game ever. However, they fail to look at the following, (a) It has been 4 days and not a full week. (b) Are the games that is being compared to also 4 days or is it 7 days, the numbers don’t state which one; (c) How many people purchased digitally? However, people are so anxious to start ripping on something, they don’t take a step back to analyze the numbers. Quite sad actually. Having said that the game probably falls between galaxy and 64 on the all-time first week sales.

    • sharlo galmo

      The week chart is from 18 til 24, so that means Mario was only one day out….i don’t understand this, or was Mario world 20 november out in Japan? I though it is 23 out in Japan.

  • kirbydonuts

    I was downloading the game from eshop at midnight of the launch date because its a 1gig download.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    100,000 in opening weekend is not all that bad a start. I do agree its too early to say Mario 3D World wn’t help. 3D Mario games tend to be more long term sellers. And as some people have said that only accounts for 4 days and not the entire week. Then there is the same problem as with all charts like this which is that digital sales are not accounted for. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people went digital considering the file size is relatively small

  • Deadpool U

    We have to be ready.

  • Eduardo

    Japan and who ever doesn’t have the game is missing out of the best game of the year.
    yup I said it.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Well, every region is different. Not everyone will love Mario.

    • Master Gamer

      Mario is popular in Japan, but have always selled over time. I believe it’s more popular in the Japanese region, than anywhere else. But the Japanese are very different on how they do things and don’t think like americans. So give it time, it will continue to sale. Xbox don’t sell well in Japan, nor do Call Of Duty, Mortal Kombat, hell, most western developed games don’t sell well over there. The 3DS is the hottest thing in Japan period right now and the PS3 is the hottest console. Unless the PS4 & Xbox One come out with at least 2 or 3 killer titles that appeal to the Japanese. You can guarantee that they will sell poorly there. Anybody who think other wise are fools.

  • bobacdigital

    People also need to realize the install base of the Wii U is very low in Japan roughly 1M…. For most games A 10% attachment rate is a very good… 1 in 10 people bought the game … and taking into consideration Nintendos marketing in general is poor… this should increase over time when people know this game is out.

  • SamusPrime

    This also goes back to what I’ve been saying on negative Nintendo news. This story is on all of the big video game sites. I have still yet to see the Microsoft/Rare story on other sites. Curious indeed.

  • TheKingJoseph

    So now the new spin is that mario has a long shelf life? lol ok I’ll play along but yet weren’t you ninty fanboys saying that this game was going to sell systems and put the ps4/x1 in trouble? lmao that didn’t happen, won’t happen and it’s time to look for another excuse. Oh you ninty fanboys and your delusional world; please come back to reality where the wii u is a dead system to real gamers. lmao RIP wii u

      • Guest


        • capitalism1023

          I will put money down that this is another one of Daniel Gonzaga’s accounts.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I put money down that you’re ScienceEthusiast. Your attack patterns are far too similar and commenting style is clearly noticable. The fact that you got upset that I accused you of it just tells me I’m probably right.

            “We know you love Dorito’s and Taco Bell, it shows bro. I find it hilarious though that every time I make a comment you say your’re done and you’re not going to respond back, but you do……every damn time.”

            Isn’t that what you do when I have new posts? Did I strike a nerve in you? I think so. Apparently questioning your grammar must have really pissed you off eh? You entertain me.

            “Now you’re accusing me of having multiple accounts because a lot of people disagree with you. How original. And don’t act like you like fruit you fat tard, you look like you eat Doritos and taco bell all day.”

            First of all, you accused me over it to begin with. Second, if you’re going to accuse me of it, then you opened up an invitation for me to accuse you of the very same thing. Besides, how do I know that those who disagreed aren’t your own accounts? That’s how life works my friend. Can’t handle the accusations thrown back at you? Well perhaps you shouldn’t make accusations in the first place. It’s very logical.

            More importantly, whether I get positive reception or negative in the WiiUDaily community, doesn’t phase me, as I’ve stuck to my guns all this time. Sure, I’ve had a few comments that have gotten huge amounts of upvotes and even a few hit 100. Even with that fact, I could care less, because I am who I am and I don’t follow trends of everyone else on here. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not here to follow the crowd. If that’s your thing, then by all means, go on ahead.

            As for for buying a Wii U, no I’ll do that on my own accord thank you very much, I appreciate your deep concern. Only difference between you and me dude, is that I don’t go out of my way to troll and stalk commentators, like you do very often.

            At the end of the day, you bring a smile to my face, just knowing that I pissed off your type. That’s a reward in itself. Look forward to your next exaggerated response. Take care.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      LMAO, ROFLMAO, LOL, Yeah, that was fun.

    • SamusPrime

      Did you see Ashley’s generation comparisons? This game is right in line with other Mario releases. I doubt you read that since you couldn’t wait to type “lmao, RIP”. Please show some evidence of people saying it was going to put PS4/X1 in trouble. Please define “real gamer”. I’m curious to what type of person that is.

    • Mario

      It’s not dead yet.

    • Guest

      true master race

  • starwars360

    It’s just first week but we have wait and see how well during weeks to Christmas and after it and through New Year time.

    Can’t wait for this game so much and will have this game for Christmas Day and will play it first and playthrough it before play other games. 🙂

    But the fact we all not worry about Wii U sales since Nintendo have plenty money prints for games and 3DS for moment. Wii U could be be up in 2014 when Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros hits the retail stores and online shops. 🙂

    We have be patience with Wii U sales. Nintendo done good jobs for advs moment and that will take time for more people interests into Wii u and realize it is new console not upgraded to Wii. 🙂

    Interested this game look doing well but it is 1st week so we have wait and see. I do hope it is sold better sooner then we expect. 🙂

    Actually Wii U is perform better than GameCube which is relieved. 🙂

  • Al_G_Funguy

    I think the numbers may only be for 4 days (21st – 24th), not a full week.

    Maybe this matters in a universe somewhere where 4 days = 1 week?

  • Al_G_Funguy

    So where is the source of the data?
    Find it and you will see it’s for the “week” ending on the 24th, i.e. only 4 days of sales.

  • Al_G_Funguy

    So, how many additional units were sold as digital downloads? Only Nintendo knows those numbers.

    Is a random person posting on a forum a legitimate source of data?

    Lots of questions here.

  • Al_G_Funguy

    I think this is the original source for the week 11/18-11/24 data

    But Super Mario 3D World was only released on 11/21, i.e. in the middle of the week

  • LevenThumps

    Does anyone know if there are sales figures for this game in NA yet?

  • Guest

    Remember when Nintendo had to make info-graphic to explain differences Wii and Wii-U? Because of their crappy naming? They may need another one to explain differences between Mario 3D World and Mario 3D Land.

    Super Mario 3D World is awesome. But does any of us know that from the E3? It wasn’t until the second trailer. Why doomed this game with the name of being a sequel to a pretty old handheld game, no matter how good it was?
    And people just experienced New Super Mario Bro U, which was so very similar to Super Mario Bro Wii it was criminal. Why would they think this Super Mario 3D World would be so different than Super Mario 3D Land, so much so that it’s probably the best mario game ever made?

    I’m not saying that if the game was named Super Mario Universe, Super Mario Bro 4, Ultra Mario World, even Super Mario CATS, it would have sold better, but I don’t think it would have hurt.

  • Al

    I honestly feel that Nintendo is in a different world of thinking right now. Not that it is a bad thing ..not at all. I think anyone that is looking at the current situation in an effort to watch the gaming landscape change will remember that many changes have brought us to today.

    Back when the NES came out it was a one console race. When Sega came out, it was a blessing for Nintendo, the competition allowed Nintendo to focus on their value and Sega gave the “core” gamers the “Adult” games they wanted. Throughout time Nintendo developed a following “family games, Party games, Games to babysit etc…” While the other consoles focused on online play and single player adventures, Nintendo captured the “let’s get together” crowd.

    Now that they have the above mentioned market in their court , they can now focus on the “core” Gamer.

    I think I understand their approach and tactics this time around.

    Release their console first with little advertising as the other two will over take them in the hype train.

    Word of mouth discussions from those that own the system will explain the system to others.

    Let the others release and show more of the same only with better graphics.
    The Wii U provides alternative methods of game play.. history of party games, family games and games to”babysit” .
    Currently I see a lot of post by “Core” gamers that indicate that they are going to purchase a Wii U to go next to their next Gen console of choice.

    If you do the math with the Wii sales , you should see that many owners of the other consoles also bought a Wii as well as “casual” gamers.
    I think that Nintendo is marketing themselves to be a secondary console for the “core ” gamer which will then give them a chance to create a marketable “Mature” game as well as giving 3rd party devs a market to work with.
    I would venture to guess that two every ten Xbox one/Ps4 owner will get a Wii U after they get their other console.
    Now that the other consoles are out , we see a lot more advert presence in the world of Nintendo.. Timing is everything.
    Just my observations.

  • Dez

    Not too surprised then again it is Japan where the handhelds rule. Numbers aren’t great yet, they might pick up elsewhere but at least the game is helping pick up steam in other regions. It is always too early to say in these situations, but the initial sales aren’t impressive, but lets stay optimistic for a while and see how it goes through the holiday season.

  • vatto

    When I read something this misinformed in gamefaqs, I forgave them, because they are kids. But a news site? Come on! Wii U sold 2k per week in japan until a month ago. Wii Party U, Wii Fit U and Wii Sports club brought it to nearly 15k. Now It’s at it’s peak with 20k.
    By the way, this is the first digital mario game.

  • Gabe Hoffman
    • Daniel Gonzalez

      That’s a lot of fluctuations.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        If you look at it though, you can spot a recurring trend. Game does not sell much at first but it sells steadily over time. As Reggie said Mario 3D World is a long term seller

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          I know what you mean. I still find it odd that a popular franchise like Mario, wouldn’t sell right out the door, but that’s just me. By the pattern, it would be expected for it to continue that same trend.

  • Eh. It takes more than one game

  • The difference between games like this and other games that may sell millions right away is that they remain popular and do not get sold or traded in as often as others. I know some like to brag about games like GTA V and CoD selling like mad out of the gate but those games are also filling up the used game shelves just as fast as they were sold. And once the online becomes boring (which is already happening to some) the game will die.

    • oontz

      you have to give credit where credit is due… GTAV broke all kinds of media related records, including box office ones.

      • Zuxs13

        Yes GTAV wins in a sprint, but Mario Kart Wii still kills it in a marathon and that’s what Bob was getting at. They are just different business models, both are still successful.

        • oontz

          Both are successful, yes. But overall GTA sells more units than Mario kart. The four MarioKart console games sold a combined 57.58 million units. The four GTA games (From GTAIII to GTA IV) sold a combined 92.5+ million units… and that doesn’t even include GTAV which adds another 35+ million. So from a success standpoint GTA is a more successful franchise than Mario kart and definitely doesn’t get killed as you put it.

          • Zuxs13

            So a game that sells more copies by being on 5x more systems then Mario Kart means its more successful? I still say Mario Kart killed GTA, does that with less systems, less advertisement, higher profit margins and no need for hookers (unless you count Rosilin) . So its still not more successful.

          • oontz

            “Yes GTAV wins in a sprint, but Mario Kart Wii still kills it in a marathon”

            That’s what you said which is not correct.

            “a game that sells more copies by being on 5x more systems”

            GTA was on 2 systems (at a time)… sony’s ps2/ps3 and microsoft’s xbox/360. I only included home console versions of GTA in the comparison just as I only used home console versions of Mario Kart… and as a game franchise GTA is more successful than mario kart.

            “I still say Mario Kart killed GTA”

            That’s great I am happy for you… but just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.

          • Zuxs13

            Depends on your definition of winning?

            Mario Kart Wii cost around $10 million to make, sold 34 million copies.

            GTAV cost ~$200 million to make ( and sold 20-25 million.

            Now which one do you think has made a Higher profit margin? That’s what i mean by Mario Kart Kills GTAV. GTAV still is a huge money maker and has sold a ton but it has cost far more to develop and make, it there has been far more money spent on marketing it which im sure there will be no figures on.

  • BGhp

    Nintendo needs to try harder!

    • kevin

      Nintendo needs to advertise. Their ads are far and few between. They are hitting it on kids channels but that is it. Oh, youtube. but you know how many Xbox1 commercials I’ve seen in the last 2 weeks. Too many. I’ve seen one wiiU commercial.

      • BGhp

        They need to make there ads a bit darker like the game cube

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    I was going to comment on this, Reggie in his interview with G4tv noted that Mario games outsell many of the other big AAA titles but only in the long run and almost never on launch days. It is important to remember that Mario games aren’t commonly bought by the day one crowd as well. Not to many ‘casual’ gamers are waiting on their iphones to pick up Angry Birds Star Wars II the DAY it comes out, but instead at their pace and leisure.

    • AceRuby

      gametrailers not G4 lol G4’s been dead for a while now…

      • Jacob D. Taylor

        Ahh, thanks for the edit. I had the game right! Ha

  • Squid

    It’ll get better.
    I just wish those stereotypical school gamers would understand wii u.
    …I’m referring to something you don’t even know.. >-<

  • Cahone

    People are marioed out.

  • SkyStormXD

    Nintendo better make Super Mario Galaxy 3, perhaps

    • Zuxs13

      they basically did. watch the comparison videos of the two games

  • mar laguna

    U know what wii u needs is a second gamepad that why some people dont buy it they want more than 1 gamepad

    • Shigeru Miyamoto

      you know what the wii u needs?… a Gamepad that last more than 2hrs battery life sucks beyond belief …

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Isn’t there third party battery packs or something that has a longer battery life?

      • mar laguna

        the battery dosent matters its not that your going to play with no electrec connection for the gamepad and u could buy a battery pack fot it

      • Zuxs13

        mine last for 5-6 hrs. more than enough time.

  • devmiles

    eventhough i’m gonna buy this game it’s not gonna shock the world.
    my gut feeling also says it’s not gonna end so well for the wii-u in the end.
    a good mario title is not gonna help, we’ve had shitty titles, no metroid, no new zelda…it’s all very so.

  • Psytrix

    I don’t think Mario will save the day this time. Nintendo are sitting on heaps of great IP’s – Wheres Starfox? Metro? People are sick of Mario.

    • Perico Palotes

      The question is WERE IS WARIO?

  • Funkee Dynamite

    its early, people should just relax and let things ride for a bit. crunching numbers after a couple days on a video game is too much like calling a movie a failure or success after the first weekend.

  • walt cart

    Nintendo has always be a fan of the slow burning long term profit ideal.

  • I am Error.

    Man, that’s a shame. I picked up this title today and I LOVE it. This is what needs to be on Wii U store kiosks. I was at a TARGET last night where a little boy was playing the display model while his mom looked on. He was playing ‘Sonic Lost World’ and she said, “The graphics are terrible.” She was kinda right. Super Mario 3D World is everything that title wishes it could be and needs to be THE demo at department stores.

    • Valentino Orgams

      it’s currently a demo a best buy.

  • MarioCop

    Troll news at his best! Because it’s Nintendo! ^^

  • linxz

    I think the WiiU is DOOMED because of BAD management

    • Nintendoro

      It’s either that or they simply can’t be bothered with Wii U anymore. 3DS family members are selling like hot cakes, so there’s plenty of income there. Wii U on the other hand seems to be a sinking boat

  • Martijn Plasmans

    This is non-news. 🙂 Doesnt say anything at all.

  • elton john


  • Yen

    How many people out there actually buys a game the week it launches? I sometimes wait a few weeks because I don’t have time to play it during launch week. I’m sure other people are the same. Plus, considering how close the launch is to the holidays some might just be waiting for a good deal. Doesn’t say anything concrete about the future of the software or system.

    • Zuxs13

      millions, for the right games.

  • HypocritesRROD
  • Gameonfool

    Nintendo have failed to bring anything major to the wii u. Although this looks fun it doesn’t have that wow factor that other mario games did for previous consoles

    • Zuxs13

      Tell that to all the reviewers it has ‘wowed’.

  • Dave May

    why does a nin. site have it in for nintendo? the article below this one has the actual sales numbers mario is number 2 and guess what console has the highest sales? why the wii u. i dont get why this site has to spin this into a negitive? even the article that has the sales figures has it spun to make the wiiu look bad. i really need to stop comming to this site and i advise everyone to do the same. has to be getting paid out by sony or micro

  • Germany

    that’s too bad, but I am kind of interested to see what the world wide numbers are. The Wii U seems to be at like 60-80k per week right now which is better than the 20-30k it was at.

  • Andre R

    super mario 3d world has the same rise as mario galaxy, så its not bad.
    mario 3d world had better that galaxy 2. 6000 more people bying a console when mario 3d world released, the same when mario galaxy released. so inte not bad ..

  • Christopher Westcott

    Does this include digital purchases? Because I don’t know that those are tracked. And it’s a misleading article given that we are seeing a huge uptick in people buying digitally – including this guy.

    This is why journalists need to be better more thorough thinkers before racing to write a dumb article.

  • Nigga

    damn ashley king is beautiful (qimme dat)

  • Nintendoro

    What’s up with japs these days? They aren’t getting PS4 this year. Instead, they are getting lower price Wii U with such awesome game and they aren’t much bothered. Nintendo is in their blood for cry out loud. What else do they need damn it?!!!

    • Perico Palotes

      Probably because there is only 4 good nintendo games on it, 3d world, super mario u, pikmin 3 and the wonderful 101, everything else are crappy ports of blockbuster triple A shit for consoles everybody have already.

  • StigtriX

    What could move some more consoles would be a total re-design. It should have matte plastic instead of shiny, be more compact and have a slot where users can add a HDD/ SSHD/ SSD themselves – without breaking the warranty. Adding an external HDD to the current Wii U makes it feel like an incomplete console.

    I would even go as far saying excluding the Wii U GamePad to shave off some cost and include a Wii U Pro Controller instead could lead to a positive outcome. If one really wants a Wii U GamePad, one can buy it separately. The parts used to communicate with the GamePad could also be excluded, lowering the price even more and making a re-designed version have a different focus.

  • Alex Chaudhari

    @overlordror:disqus BlackB0nd trashed the score saying that Nintendo shoved Mario down people’s throats but the guy loves to trash talk everything on the Wii U.

  • fatdog21

    U have to understand this is the third mario game in 12 months . Nintendo really need to make new ip’s or revisit older one. I like mario and i know its going to be an awesome game but it still another mario game. It gettin to the point that this is turn to be like how CoD puts out the same game ever year. Give mario a rest and try sometime totally mew and different nintendo……

    • Perico Palotes

      What is the wonderful 101? it’s a plane? A sparrow? An UFO? ….NO!!! IT IS A NEW IP!!!!!! that got completely ignored while you all were asking for a new ip anyway.

      • fatdog21

        I remenber wonderful 101. I brought it and it was ok at best. I guess i had jump over backward because nintendo finally made a game that doesnt have a “super” or a “mario” in the title. I love nintendo. I brought the wii u day one but i hardly use it. Is it wrong for me to be displease with how nintendo does stuff. Is it a sin to ask for better from the company that i spend $350 on their product that i use once every few months? Nintendo have great first party studios. Have them make something new….

  • John Madsen

    logic at it finest indeed what nintendo doesn’t notice is gamers in japan if it can’t be modded play pirated games or home-brew there not interested when they can purchase a tablet or even a android phone and game on that for the same price as wii u

    • Perico Palotes

      You can play nintendo games with a tablet? JESUS ALMIGHTY, TELL ME MORE!!!!!

  • Jason

    leave it to the lazy to jump on the bashing bandwagon.. passing off sales numbers for an ENTIRE WEEK when it was only a few days.. guess everyone knew they couldnt bash the game after black friday sales so jumped the gun and passed off a few days total as an entire week

  • Jason

    and for the record,, sales numbers dont come out “every day”.. they come out at the end of a week.. theyre released sunday or monday for the previous week.. since 3d world was released Nov 22nd.. the sales numbers are for nov 22nd to nov 23rd… 106,967 units in ONE day.. and this is ONLY JAPAN. and this is only STORE BOUGHT.. it doesnt count American sales or eshop sales… so one day, 106,967, sold to just japan, in stores… wait till you know what youre talking about before writing a story that bashes something

  • iamserious

    Please check VGchartz for an update on Mario 3D World and Wii U sales… things are looking up for Nintendo!

  • William Cole

    It isn’t Christmas yet, Mario isn’t a first week system seller, I could go on and on. This game will sell very. Just let time take its course. 4 million Wii Us on the market right now I’d say at least 2.5 million with current hardware sales. It just looks too fun for people to pass it up. 3D Land did extremely well so let’s just hope.

  • Guest

    All the gaming media is saying that 100k SM3DW physical units sold in the first week is super bad and is the worst ever and all, right? There are like 1 million Wii U owners in Japan. That’s 10% of the install base on the first week (and we are not counting the eShop numbers). That is really good in my book.

    What bothers me is that the same gaming sites covered the sales of The Last of Us in Japan in the first week saying it was selling well, and how awesome the sales were. TLoU sold 117k units in Japan in the first week, with the Ps3 install base being 9million+ that’s around 1.3% of the owners buying it. So what are we talking about here?

  • josh

    Dang.. there is no helping this console.

  • Nicolas Eddowes

    None of those consoles had the chance to buy and play digital games, just the 3DS but I’m not sure if 3D Land was on eShop at launch. I hope that eShop sales were great, but 106k is a great number for a Wii U game and only in Japan

  • Nintengoth

    Sorry but I gotta know!… why is Mario is a yellow/gold catsuit? he should be in red yeah? lol