Oct 31st, 2013


For fans of the music soundtrack of Mario Galaxy, you’re in for another treat. In a recent interview with Destructoid, lead composer Mahito Yokota has revealed that the music in Super Mario 3D World will have several of the tracks performed live in order to have a big band feel. Mario Galaxy’s soundtrack was orchestrated by a live symphony and it looks like something similar may be happening with Super Mario 3D World.

“There are naturally a lot of tracks performed live. We’re arranging the music with a big-band feel, taking advantage of a full horn section with trumpets and saxophones.”

This is great news for fans of Nintendo’s previous efforts with live music, as we all know that Nintendo games often have some of the best soundtracks in the business. Does this affect whether or not you want the game? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Ony

    I got the Platine disk of the OST of Mario Galaxy, I used to listen to it everyday.

    Orchestral Super Mario musics are the best <3

  • dubYA


  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernánde

    This is great! i cant wait!

  • Cubical_M

    I like!!! Day 1 buy for me!

  • RoytheRobot

    Hopefully, it will be as good if not better than the Galaxy sountrack

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Best of luck Mario! I tried…

    • RoytheRobot

      and succeded

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        Thanks, dude! You’re way past cool!

        • Mario

          You’ll succeed. Trust me.

          • Sonic the Hedgehog

            Thanks for having my back, plumber! See ya at Sochi!

          • Mario

            Yeah! You too hedgehog!

          • DarkLegacy

            Speaking of Sochi, good luck. I even said the same thing to Tails, and go for gold

          • Sonic the Hedgehog

            Well, I don’t need to worry about gold in athletics, but I hope I survive in the swimming games, let alone winning them, if ya know what I mean…

          • DarkLegacy

            You mean you have fear of water? Tails didn’t tell me about that

        • Everyone remembers Adventure’s soundtrack.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Not to worry sells for your game will increase over time. People like IGN that gave you low scores for dumb things are pricks. And hey I don’t even have a Wii U yet and so are alot of my friends that are huge Sonic fans. We will all pick up your game as soon as possible.

      • Rinslowe

        Very true comment. Regardless of the plethora of bad reviews, I’m going to pick up a copy when it’s in the bargain bin, no way I’m missing out on a potential Rembrandt in the making.

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        Well, most of my fans are on Nintendo, aren’t they?

        • Mario

          You betcha!

    • Iceman404

      What the fuck? Sonic soundtracks are the best. If anything that’s the one thing they always manage to do right.

    • Deadpool U

      If you’re talking about Lost World’s review from check out the community score and then you’ll IGN don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Elitepwnsface

    As long as its not the same track in every level. Just saying. smbu

    • Seth S. Scott

      indeed, the music in that game was a disappointment

  • Nintedward

    For me, the music of the galaxy games is probably the best aspect of those games! The music really immerses you into the game.
    I think Mario galaxy is the best example of how the score can make the game better.

    Skyward sword and Xenoblade did it for me also. Mario galaxy 1 and 2, Skyward sword and Xenoblade have the best music in a game of last gen 😉

    • bakedapplepie

      Skyward Sword’s soundtrack was exceptional.

    • Michael Hancock


    • Josiah Parsons

      Well, the soundtrack helped the Galaxy games, but the game was also helped by the controls, level design, power-ups, graphics… well, come to think of it, those games were just awesome all around.

    • Gauru Shiro

      For me, one of the best musci was is smash bros brawl, what do u think?

    • The Clockwork Being

      Kid Icarus’ soundtrack was also really good. Magnus’ theme, Dark Pit theme, Hades’ Inferno theme. Nintendo never disappoint with soundtracks.

  • farrellbr

    That should be nice installment

  • So,they are having music made from real life,instead of synthesised music?Nintendo,you are also a musical company!Lol 😛

  • Makakilo_Man

    I decided long ago to get this game. This is just extra reason to do so.

  • Seth S. Scott

    notgonnahappen but I wish they would release collectors edish of this with a music cd like they did with skyward!

  • Madmagican

    I’m not surprised at all; fully orchestrated OSTs have always been amazing

  • SpocksNutSack

    i like the sound

  • lonewolf88

    live music is usally always a good thing as long as they have a lot of differen’t music lost world plays the same theme a lot love the game but, the music gets stale at some point.

  • Wiiluigi

    I hope the worlds are as big as the music. I wanna be fully immersed in this game.

  • Rinslowe

    This was noticed a while back on GAF. There are a few trailers on IGN where this is really apparent.
    Apart from being awesome, there is one very likely sideways shift in even greater outcome to be had here IMO…
    Zelda U has the largest team now working on the game with the biggest budget Nintendo has thrown at a game before, apparently. A full live score is very possible me thinks…

    Or am I just exercising some wishful thinking?

    In any case, this is just another point towards SM3DW’s gravitational appeal…

    • Th3PANO

      ehm, Skyward Sword already had Orchestral Music as far as I know, of course Zelda U will have it again.

      • Rinslowe

        Of course….

  • readypembroke

    I will preorder this game ASAP when I get that $50 Walmart gift card from my school for doing the MAP test (Missouri Assessment Program). Then I will give the gift card to my dad for $50 and then throw in $10 of my dollars then it’s paid off!!

  • Suraj Alexander
  • Nintenjoe82

    I want to hear classic Mario tunes in the style of other composers like John Williams and Glenn Miller

  • Nate

    That saxophone theme they keep using in all of the trailers is instantly memorable and hummable. Hopefully the rest of the music is as good.

  • The True Gamer

    This will make the game seem more professional, like halo, as opposed to more mobile gaming

  • he

    This is just really poor from Nintendo.

    The first Mario game for the wii u should not be a sequel to an already released 3ds game, with cats and multiplayer tacked on. It should be something revolutionary like mario bros, mario world, mario 64, mario galaxy. Whats more is that they seem to be drawing heavy inspiration from super mario bros 2. Probably the least liked game in the series. I also think the focus on multiplayer will hurt the single player game, in terms of level design.

    The galaxy games left really big shoes to fill, but it looks like they are not even trying with this. Im not saying I wanted galaxy 3 but i moreso never wanted 3d land 2. When I saw this at e3 I was crestfallen. I honestly expected more.

    This will fall desperately short of the quality and impact of previous first console maio games.

    Sad to say but fail.

    Im predicting another mario sunhine. 8.0 at best

  • like2nap

    Huh. I don’t know if I care about this or not. Maybe I’ll pay more attention to the music because of this knowledge.

  • like2nap

    On a side note, the graphics look great.