Jun 12th, 2013

We’re at E3 this year checking out all the great games just announced by Nintendo, including the new Super Mario 3D World that was revealed during the Nintendo Direct yesterday. The game is a spiritual successor to Super Mario 3D Land, which was released on the 3DS. The gameplay is very similar, in that the camera is fixed, though it takes elements from the New Super Mario Bros. series as Luigi, Peach, and Toad join Mario as playable characters.

New power ups include a glowing bell that gives you a cat suit that allows you to climb a wall for a short period of time. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below!

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  • greengecko007

    What do I think of the game so far? I’m thinking that this is a step down from Mario Galaxy. The level design of this game looks very uninspired. The hidden objects and coins is a cool concept though. I really hope they bring that out more, otherwise this is just a plain old Mario game…

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Truly looks incredible, and fun, and incredibly fun!


    Look great. Will have fun with it 🙂

    • Clel

      Uhh… all the actually positive comments are getting so many downvotes here. Do you really hate the game so much?

      • MTGSWE

        I don’t get it either. There is noting wrong with this game 😐

        • Noteak

          i just have one problem with it. It looks too cartoonish, like on the top left-hand side of the screen the stats look too childish or something. I feel like it wont be very good.

          • Jray

            I think the cartoonish portraits in the corner look great, it reminds me of the old mario art, and it kinda gives the game a different vibe… i like it

          • Elem187

            Galaxy looked far more cartoonish. bright vivid colors, barely any texture work on mario at all, etc.
            SM3DW the textures look amazing in person. Beautiful artstyle

      • RockGod

        People are being butthurt cuz it wasn’t “what they were expecting”. Irony in this is that the game will most likely end up being a candidate for game of the year… like all console Mario games have. I mean we barely know anything about this game… way too soon to write it off.

        • MTGSWE

          It will probably also sell a alot of Wii U consoles. Same with Mario Kart 8 🙂

        • Elem187

          Once people get a chance to play the final build in singleplayer at home, they will appreciate it (It can be switched to play in classic 3D Mario mode, the developer confirmed)

  • DemonRoach

    Looks very linear, a regression in the 3d franchise.

    • RammyZs T

      They are probably taking a step away from the deep 3D Mario titles because those take a lot more time, and the Wii U seriously needs games now. However, I wouldn’t be so surprised to see them make an open-world or Super Mario 64 style Mario game in the future.

    • thedeciderU

      i think i see a pattern. NSMB on ds, NSMBwii on wii, NSMB2 on 3ds, NSMBU on wiiU, super mario 3d land on 3ds, super mario 3d world on wiiU. (“land” games are handheld, “world” are console (super mario land on GB, super mario world on SNES). at least they’re consistent with the naming.

      i have to admit, i’m a little let down, but this looks so fun i don’t think i’ll care when i get it. they will definitely make an open world 3d mario game, and it will be incredible. they would never stop here. this is part of a subseries.

      • Baconfat23

        Well they did say “Super Mario 3D series” which is making me think this is a sub-series, other whys they would have said “Super Mario series”.

    • Elem187

      All Mario games are linear. Galaxy 1 and 2 was in fact the most linear mario games ever created…. Go play Mario galaxy tonight, there really is only 1 way to finish each level (few levels have a secret exit, but thats it)… not so with other mario games like 64, Sunshine, 3D Land, and now 3D World.

  • JB

    Watching it being played live, it looks extremely fun! The multiplayer aspect looks rad!

  • Petri

    I wanted Mario 64 kind of game… 🙁

    • aldo2410

      your picture matches perfectly whit your coment

    • Elem187

      It can be.. the camera is switchable to classic 3D Mario style instead of this zoomed out birds eye view (3D Land style)

  • Wayne Beck

    Really don’t know what to think about this game. 3D Multiplayer is awesome, but #-# style Levels really annoys me. I hope the Levels become more complex as you advance through the game.

    • Jamie Clabon

      according to some people on the show floor (journalists, people like that) the creativity is more galaxy than mario 3d land

      • Wayne Beck

        Glad to here that, hope they show some better trailers soon.

  • Paul

    What do you mean by the camera is fixed. I saw them move the camera with the gyroscope however they wanted.

    • kenny Johnson

      I believe the developer direct also showed the camera is moveable.

    • Elem187

      The camera can also be switched to classic 3D Mario mode in singleplayer, ala Mario 64/Sunshine…. There is no videos of it yet, only briefly on the e-shop they showed this in the directors interview

  • RammyZs T

    I can’t wait to play this with a bunch of my friends, but I don’t think that there is a deep enough experience for it be a good single-player game. Of course I don’t know the story, but I’m assuming it is simple and completely linear. Not that it is bad, but Super Mario Sunshine gave each mission a purpose with its story elements, and Super Mario Galaxy had enveloping environments (including music). Both of those are beneficial to giving a great single-player experience. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited, but this is does not represent that surprising level of innovation I have always seen from Nintendo.

    • Nintedward

      Yeah , the NSMB series is great , but it’s just missing that Nintendo flair. This looks the same but 3D… Mario 3D land was great and very creative , if 3D land never existed , i’m sure I would be creaming my pants over this game , but it’s just hard to get excited for. Mario Kart looks JAW DROPPING but the 3D mario game does not ? the fuck ?

      Anyway , day 1… prove me wrong Nintendo.

      • Wayne Beck

        Agreed. Honestly, i think this is a Holdover while they Build the Next Big Thing in Mario. But, ya never know, y’know?

        • Nintedward

          Don’t get me wrong , 3D land is a 9.5/10 handheld mega ton imo… but this doesn’t look like it will have the same WOW factor that , that game did on its native platform.

          I hope I’m wrong… It needs Much much much larger levels and more difficult than 3D land and it will be amazing.

          edit – more difficult all the way through. 3D land was ridiculously easy at the start and then ridiculously hard for the last few levels.. pace it better.

          @Magnus , yeah I NEVER want to see NSMB ever again. NSLU is the last one I will play unless they change it radically. I’ve played all 4 of them and got all the star coins lol…

          I’ll play it again if they change the art style and bosses and music and ….. basically everything.

          • AJ Chioino

            biggest gripe i had with 3d land for 3ds was small levels…. i might pass on this installment. would buy a mario game more along the lines of SM64 or Sunshine in a heartbeat though.

        • JB

          That’s what I’ve been saying! Though honestly, I never played 3D Land, so this Mario will be a fresh, jumping in point for me.

        • greengecko007

          Pre E3: People that don’t like the Wii U are just trolls. A brand new epic 3D Mario game is coming out! That will show everybody! Haters gonna hate!

          Post E3: So what if the game doesn’t look as good as we thought it would? This is just a game to tie us over until the next Mario comes out! Still don’t like the Wii U? Hater gonna hate!

          Really? I’m glad Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. look epic enough to get hyped up for, but this Mario game is very underwhelming compared to all past 3D console Mario games. Why would Nintendo intentionally hold back on making a great Mario game? They know they need to have big games coming out.

          I want to like this game, I really do. In fact, I’m trying to force myself to. Cat Mario is neat, and the hidden objects you can activate by touching is cool too. But the levels look bland and boring. It’s just not working for me…

          • Wayne Beck

            You must not play a lot of local Multiplayer. That’s to bad, but a Multiplayer 3D Mario is something I never considered as an option. That alone makes this an awesome game. That said, not being a Massive Open World Mario64 Style experience is of course a let down. But that was a Pipe Dream to begin with.

          • greengecko007

            That’s fine. And I do sincerely hope that you and your friends you plan to play this with enjoy the game. However, in my opinion, multiplayer alone doesn’t make a game good. Several people playing a boring game at the same time still makes the game boring.

          • atl hawks

            It’s not that we’re being defensive, it’s that we see that Nintendo is using this an hold-over for the real mario game. I was disappointed too because I wanted a sequel to 64, you know for them to do unfinish business when it was supposed to be on the 64DD. Until then I’ll play rayman (i know ubi screwed us, but we still got the definite version) and i’ll probably pick this december. I waited years for galaxy and two more for the second one. So i’ll be patient.

          • Guest

            There is no such thing like a “real mario game” for God’s sake! :S

          • Leo

            There is no such thing like a “real mario game” for God’s sake!

          • Luffy

            I just came back from best buy and trust me, this game is simply amazing! I had a blast playing Super Mario 3D World, even more then I had playing Mario Kart 8 (that feels just perfect by the way, much better then Mario Kart 7 or Wii) and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Breeze (also an amazing game, I think it’s going to be better than return)

            But the game that stand out today for me was Super Mario 3D World. It’s great, could even be one of the best Mario game ever made if everything is as imaginative and fun as it was in the demo.

            You really need to try this one before judging it.

          • Mr. J

            Don’t taunt me with your best buy mine was canceled

          • Luffy

            I’m sorry about that. Hopefully they do release these demo on the e-shop at a latter time so that everyone can try them 🙂

          • AJ Chioino

            ill wait for the reviews :). if enough of you all say its amazing then ill hop on board. i always check multiple sources before buying a game im unsure about.

        • thedeciderU

          i agree, and i’m still excited for this game

      • Magnus Eriksson

        This is good I think. Nintendo will probably release something in the spirit of Mario64/Galaxy eventually. Good with another turn on the franchise. I hope this series can release NSMB series for a while now.

      • Andrew W Garttmeyer

        Completely agree. Obviously I am buying and playing this, but I was HOPING to get super excited for what they had to show. I am NOT super excited. Just…waiting I suppose.

      • Elem187

        The developer interview with the games director already proved you wrong… We only have seen the birds eye view of the game ala 3D Land style cameras…
        The director confirmed you can switch it up to classic 3D Mario camera style, which instead of this zoomed up static camera, it zooms into the action on singleplayer mode.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Ill buy it for my kids this Christmas.

      • Clel

        I don’t think I will, they’re not mature enough for it. They’ll have to stick with ZombiU until they’re at LEAST two digits old.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Hahaha! Thats how you raise children that will face the Zombie apocalypse 😀

      • Fred

        And you’ll love playing it with them!!! As will I!

    • Clel

      Who knows, maybe they’ll do that later in the console’s life (big 3D Mario game). I think that one of the reasons they’re making THIS game is that they need a Mario game FAST and for it to be good and fun. I think that once they start selling the Wii U better, we’ll start hearing rumors about Sunshine 2 😀

      • thedeciderU

        yes, they need a 3d mario fast and they will make another galaxy/sunshine/64 open world game, but first, they have to sell systems. mario kart 8 looks amazing, and many of the games releasing this fall look like a ton of fun.

        • Clel

          I know, it’s too bad :/ But I think it’ll still be a good game, and we’re going to have plenty of fun with our Wii Us!

        • Guest No. 3

          My thoughts exactly. They need games. If they made an awesome game, it would be another 2014 release, and people would be raging.

    • realist

      ma fanculizzati tu e nintendo

  • bizzy gie

    Looks good.

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    Level design not looking to well, Sonic Lost World for me.

    • Starfoxguy

      There is more to a game than just level design.

    • Elem187

      How many levels did you see to base that on?

      LOL.. It takes at least a view of minimum of 10 FULL levels or so to get a real judge of how good the level design is… BTW, this EAD Tokyo’s game. Every last game they have made has been outstandingly brilliant in level design (Mario 64, Galaxy 1/2, 3D Land)

  • I’m not sure if this will be my kind of game tbh, I’m not to fond on 3D Mario games. Got Super Mario 3D land on my 3DS only because it was one of 4 free downoads when buying the 3DS XL system late last year, and Super Mario 3D land was the game which at least I would mildly enjoy, playing it very casual still.

    I fear this Mario game will be the same case for me, would only play it very casual. Looks really good though, love the transparent pipes, it seems they will furfill a major role in the game. Probably won’t be on my to obtain list but it actually does look like fun to me, especially for my disliking taste towards 3D Mario titles.

    • Elem187

      Need to play it 4 player style… also you need to see it in person to appreciate it. The videos and screenshots don’t do it justice at all… alot of the texture work is lost in the compression of the videos.

      • That for me sadly is the problem, unless it supports online multiplayer 🙂 My irl friends are no fans of Nintendo anymore since Sony interfered with the Playstation One in the 90’s with exception of the handhelds, we all have a DS, 3DS and pretty much every other handheld from Nintendo 😛

        Such a shame Nintendo puts a lot of focus on multiplayer games, they are playable solo but much more fun with multiplayer, and with little online support (except for local online support) that is a very tough nut to crack for me :'(

        As for seeing the game with your own eyes I agree 100% with you, and therefor I really hope we too will get a promotion deal like the US and Canada have with Best Buy. But then here in Europe with some big warehouse, maybe media Market or something, so I can see it real time, else I have to wait until the game is really released and ask at my local games store if I can play the game to see what it’s like with my own eyes.

  • Joey Perez

    after seeing this demo i stand corrected about my whole barbie mario statements! why didnt they show this! ????

  • A SNES Day Off

    What we need is a ‘spiritual successor’ to SM-64. Not an average 3DS game.

    • everyone

      3D Land is one of the best platform games out there and this game was no diffferent. Instead of projecting negative comments about great games why not give them try.

    • Elem187

      Its not a 3DS game.. The camera angle is only locked statically in the birds eye view like that for Multiplayer… if you are playing a singleplayer game, you can have it zoomed in on the action and follow Mario, like classic 3D Mario style.

  • Mario

    This is better then 3d land and NSMB U combined!

  • dergreg

    I’m pretty amped up for it, honestly. I played it tonight at Best Buy and had a load of fun. Going through the level with a group of people will be fun for speed and score, but it looked like we were missing an awful lot of stuff by being stuck in the group.

    I really wanted to explore more, and the level looked willing to oblige if it weren’t for the other three butts that were playing with me. It looks spectacular and I’m getting it.

    The Wind Waker looks spectacular and I’m getting it. Mario Kart 8 looks spectacular and I’m getting it. Donkey Kong Country looks spectacular and I’m getting it.

    • firstinflight

      Were there a lot of people at your Best Buy? I am planning on Saturday, but a little concerned about the crowds.

      • dergreg

        I went to the Toledo, OH store. They had the in-store Wii U unit set up for the demos, with a Nintendo rep “showing it off.” (She was terrible)

        There was a crowd, but not a huge one. We got there around 4:30-4:45 and the sign up sheet was full by the time we arrived. I was able to squeeze in a Super Mario 3D World because it’s a 4 player game and I shoehorned myself in. We could have gotten in some more play time, but I wasn’t about to hang around and watch a bunch of people play 4 games for 4 hours for a maybe.

        I would recommend going in a little early or calling ahead to see when they’re going to start taking sign-ins.

        • Zeldatrek

          and your state had how many stores participating? I went to the Milwaukee (only 1 in WI) and the crowd was huge. Ends 8pm yeah right, while I was leaving @8:15pm the N reps were negotiating with the store managers on how long they could keep the place open so everyone there could play. They even had to turn people away! As you can tell my play time was late and I got there @ 4:30 as well. So get there early and choose your game wisely.

        • firstinflight

          So do they only have one Wii U unit per store, still? Do they cycle through the various games?

          • Elem187

            Yes 1 unit per store… and they give people way too much time.. 7 minutes a pop is a bit absurd when you have several hundred people wanting to play and only going to demo the games for 4 hours. Does not compute.
            I think they should just force everyone to play 4 player Mario 3D World to get the line to move as fast as possible so as many people as possible get a chance to play it.

      • Elem187

        The bestbuy rep here in Orlando recommended coming in 2 hours early on Saturday to get your name put on the list, and then they will call your name at 1pm.

        • Mochlum

          I went to that location and I couldn’t even play it. I at least got to WATCH them live, and they were cool looking.

  • Leo

    This game looks amazing!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Kirbyomega

    Is it just me or did they share lives?

    • Guest

      Yes they shared lives..Which I think its a good feature… On NSMBU, i spent a lot of time farming lives to have to maximum, and then when I played it with 3 other friends, I was the only one with 99 lives and my friends were knocked out of rounds much faster… I wish there was a way I could share those 99 so we could keep playing nonstop.

      • Kirbyomega

        I usually play Mario with people who sick at Nintendo games to get them into them… And because they suck I don’t want them to use my lives XD

  • Michael Jurado

    I can’t wait too play as a pussy cat, hmmm does Mario fire hair balls instead of fire balls with this new power up? xD

  • JWHO

    The more and more i watch it the more i get excited

  • Nintendo4life

    I played this today at best buy it was awesome

  • Blaise Ventura

    They really better have nunchuck support for multi player. Wiimote dpad won’t cut it and buying multiple pro controllers is not an attractive option. This game really should support 3d televisions as well. An article I saw said a rep said that neither feature was planned. We need some fan outcry to change this.

    • Elem187

      I read that it does use the nunchuk optionally.

      • Blaise Ventura

        I would like to know where you read that. Some one was told at a bestbuy demo it was still a possibility. In my view it is an essential feature.

  • Baconfat23

    What makes me most disappointed is that this is one of the biggest games on Nintendo consoles yet they don’t know how too use the GamePad innovatively instead of just someone showing hidden things. It frustrates me that the GamePad can innovate games yet Nintendo aren’t showing that with this.

  • Adam Porter

    will there be online co-op, I must admit the group play does seem to add a lot to it.

    • Elem187

      I’ve seen conflicting reports on this.. Polygon says no, but guardian newspaper says yes.
      Hopefully Nintendo gets it implemented before it ships.

  • Jecko

    LOL Nintendo are a JOKE!!!
    The Wii launched with a free game and Zelda then a year later Super Mario Galaxy arrived and was amazing!!
    The Wii U launched with no free game, no new Wii Sports game, No Zelda, and the big AAA title was a lame rehash of Mario Bros Wii but in just HD?LOL
    And again the big new Mario game is just ANOTHER lame rehash of Mario Bros on the 3DS!!WTF!!!
    Seriously Nintendo you have made 2 Mario rehashes in a year with Smash Bros and Mario Kart not out till 2014!!!
    You have become the laughing stock of the gaming world!!

    • Starfoxguy

      The black Wii U came with Nintendo Land. A Zombi U bundle was also released months later that came with Zombi U and Nintendo Land.

    • Elem187

      If you are going to troll you should at least do your homework first. You are just embarrassing yourself.

  • palomino blue

    This game looks really fun as a party game. But I remember Nintendo saying that the Wii U was going to bring the focus back to the individual gamer (U) vs. the party mentality that the Wii perpetuated. When I heard 3d Mario I was hoping for something in the vein of Mario 64. This looks a lot more like New Super Mario Bros with a 3D Engine. Being a much bigger Mario fan than Zelda fan, it bums me out to think that Zelda is the last hope for that sort of immersion with a Nintendo IP.

    • Jamal Brown

      ye i remember them saying that 2 its like they lied 2 us

    • Leo


    • Elem187

      You can play the game classic 3D mario style in singleplayer…. Why doesn’t everyone just go watch the developer interview on the eshop? He’s pretty explicit about having it play just like a classic 3D Mario game as well as the new multiplayer mode.

  • Elem187

    It doesn’t look like a spiritual successor to 3D Land. it looks like a spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros 2.

  • Chris Aita

    This game is so much damn fun. I played it at Best Buy. I honestly don’t mind this new direction of 3D Mario games. The reason is because the Star collecting concept has overstayed it’s welcome. I’m not saying I disliked Super Mario 64-Super Mario Galaxy 2, those games were awesome. However, Super Mario 3D Land felt like a 3D Mario game in the sense of pacing and health system.

  • Kaihaku

    After waiting in line for two hours, this is the demo that I got to play at one of the Nintendo Experience Best Buys.

    In my opinion, this has much smoother multiplayer than the ‘New Super Mario Brothers’ series while, surprisingly, proving significantly more competitive. One bright point is that we did not accidentally land on each others’ heads all the time and knock each others into pits. The level design was clever as well, with lots of subtle score boosting nooks and crannies that individual players could grab. That said, there was also lots of sections where everyone benefited immensely by cooperating. So all in all it resulted in a smooth, fun multiplayer experience with a brilliant balance of co-op and competition.

    I also love that Peach is back as a playable character and that each character brings something unique to the table.

  • AJ Chioino

    i feel stupid for asking this but.. its local MP only right? im sure it is lol. would be nice if it was online. bring the nintendo community together imo.

  • Eric Egavian

    It’s a small thing but one thing I think the developers need to change in this game is the character icons in the top left corner. They just look horrendous with the rest of the game and out of place.

  • ZakoHero

    Please sign this petition for Mojang to bring Minecraft to Wii U : https://www.change.org/petitions/mojang-minecraft-for-the-nintendo-wii-u