Nov 7th, 2013

We’re only a few weeks from getting our hands on Super Mario 3D World, but IGN writer Jose Ostero has posted an image of what the disc will look like when you get it. This is one of my favorite disc arts yet, as it’s simple and gets the idea of the game across well. Some disc art can be very busy, but I love the simplicity of this one. What do you think?

Super Mario 3D World releases on November 22nd here in North America and November 29th in Europe.

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  • triforcehunter

    Looks awesome!

  • jjbredesen

    Haha nice cant wait to get the game!

  • Einar

    I love it!

  • Jack5221

    The fur looks kinda real. Like, If I were to touch it on the CDs flat surface, it would feel furry.

  • Lord Tywin

    I love it. The detail is amazing, just like the graphics in the game.

  • RoytheRobot


  • Baum 「ツリー」

    He’s catching the title :3

  • Huraiz Algaoud

    I’ll be getting it after 2 days

  • Mario

    I do look good with fur all over my body.

    • Mason742

      Looks itchy.

    • Clel

      Sounds kinky 😉


    If you look closely, you can see Zelda U 9-14-14

    • Rugmouse

      I have to admit, I did lean forward for further investigation, then proceeded to laugh at myself. Well done, sir.

    • A week after my birthday? Okay 😀

    • Crocket

      I’d rather it come out in 2015 (which is my prediction). Longer wait will suck but will make it a better game.

      • Link

        Well you don’t know how long they’ve been working on the game. -_-

        • Crocket

          For a long time for sure, my guess is a year or so before the WiiU launched. They always spend a long time developing Zelda games, and I don’t want it any other way.

    • Gotallofthem

      Ok what?

    • slade6alpha

      I don’t get it 🙁

      • Ducked

        He’s being sarcastic to get everyone to look as a joke. It’s not actually on there.

    • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn


    • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

      Oh I get it…

  • palomino blue

    They had better deliver on an adequate supply of these because they are going to sell Wii U’s.

    • Shazaib Raja

      does it really matter because people can just download it from the eshop so it doesn’t really matter?

      • pbd2

        The eshop games are really expensive though.
        I think this will struggle to shift consoles the same month as Xbox One and PS4.

      • palomino blue

        I think it really does matter. If the game is on shelves in stores people will see it when they aren’t necessarily looking for it, and they don’t need to already own a Wii U. I think it’s important to anticipate that the game will trigger Wii U sales.

  • Fred

    Thanks for the picture as I wouldn’t have seen it any other way. Not that I won’t buy this game; jjust that I’m going to download it at midnight (actually 10pm where I live here in Utah) so hopefully I’ll be playing on Nov 21 as I hope it’ll finish downloading before midnight.

  • GameBoy1979

    E3 & all of the previous information we’ve gotten for this game has done it NO justice as far as conveying what we are seeing now does. The more I see, the more excited I get!!!

    • jjbredesen

      Same here, i also got to admit that i was not that excited for A link between worlds, but as you said:

      ” The more i see, the more excited i get!!!”

      PS: i am [ADMIN], but changed my name

      • GameBoy1979

        Haha, gotcha…I was wondering!

  • Sdudyoy

    Man I wish I could afford this game this month!

  • bizzy gie

    So beautiful

  • Justagamer

    Awesome but im downloading this game

  • Agent721

    And just when I was planning to get the download…Will there be a price difference between retail and the download?

  • outstanding

  • pbd2

    Ah its too close to the xbox launch, Ill pick it up later

  • Shazaib Raja


  • TCar


    I like the simplistic disc art!

  • MewThree28

    Easily best game this year! 😀

  • starwars360

    Yes!!! Cannot wait for this. Yah will be one of best games this year and maybe best game this year. Can’t wait. 🙂

  • Rinslowe


  • LopsidedPasta


  • ZeldaFanzzzz

    Getting this game day one, the last time I bought a mario game was super mario galaxy. Can’t wait to play as the awesome italian plumber again!

  • Nintyfan

    It’s purrfect!

  • CaesarGood

    Why couldn’t we buy it first before we seen it, I’m just sayin…

  • Michael Pullar

    Guys don’t you think we’re overdoing the cat thing a little? Anyone?

  • TULFich


  • Wiiluigi

    2 more weeks!

  • Arthur Jarret

    US gets it earlier than Europe???
    Well, that hasn’t happened in a while…

    • Eduardo

      I believe it will be released in Nov 22nd as Nov 28th is Thanksgiving and Nov 29th is Black Friday, Nintendo wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to have one of its biggest games of the season out on such a major sales weekend!

      • Arthur Jarret

        Sure, but doesn’t this mean it should have released in europe on Nov 7th (yesterday) already?

        I mean, following the trend of the last wii years & most wii u releases.
        Not that I mind, my paycheck won’t come until the 20th anyway…

        • Eduardo

          Maybe the game wasn’t ready in time for production and release on the first half of November and this time they decided to release it first in the US (remember that last year the same happened with the console and the launch games!)

          • Arthur Jarret

            I don’t like the US to come before europe… it makes playing the game feel so dirty…

            I’ll push for a europe-only release for the next title (Another Code 3, anyone?)

            j/k though – I’ll avoid this site for that one week to avoid being spoiled too much, tho’.

  • 29th? Well, I’ll be delaying this for a week or so. Would like to get accustom to my PS4

  • Ducked

    Why did you have to spoil it 🙁

    • Leo

      Yeah… sometimes Internet is such a b****… 🙁

      • Ducked

        I always enjoyed being surprised what the art of the disc looks like when I open the game. This really ruined it

        • Adrian

          Interesting…that thought has never crossed my mind. Didn’t know people cared about disc art to extent of it being “spoilable”.

          • Ducked

            Well, you never know everyone..

  • fireheartis1

    This disk art makes me want the game even more. I still have to pick up Sonic Lost World and Assassin’s creed 4 but this really looks fun even just by looking at the disk art.

  • Kevin Malone

    Damn, wish I could borrow that glorious mustache for the #ShowUsYourMo mustache contest.

  • justin476

    Is it me or is Nintendo making the absolute most beautiful disc cover art on the wii u. I mean look at the disc art for nsmbu wind waker and especially pikmin 3.
    Now this just adds to the lot im really digging it.

  • Merrfn

    Some of the best looking disc art I have seen in a while.

  • Steve

    A different website that showed this image called it “Illegally adorable”.