Nov 7th, 2013

The folks over at Eurogamer have gotten their hands on Super Mario 3D World early and one of the unique features that’s being shown off is the Captain Toad levels. These levels feature as puzzles similarly to the Nintendo 3DS titles Pushmo and Crashmo and serve to break up the platforming you’ll experience in the main game. You can see a few of the levels in the video above and there are many more to be featured throughout the game.

What do you think of these news levels? Are you looking forward to playing them? Let us know in the comments!

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  • jjbredesen

    Sounds cool. I have not tried pushmo so i will give this a try. Cant wait for Mario 3D world and hope it boosts the wii u sales.

    • palomino blue

      Right on.

    • bizzy gie

      I have. Pushmo is the best game EVER!

      • jjbredesen

        Il give it a try 😀

        • bizzy gie

          It’s addicting.

    • Nathan Verbois

      It’ll boost sales. The real question is how much? If Nintendo can simply saturate the holidays with their marketing, they’ll do fine. Mario still sells. A few commercials showing Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze and Super Smash Wii U as coming in 2014 couldn’t hurt either!

      • DragonSilths

        Nintendo will make a lot of money this holiday season. Maybe not all of it from the Wii U side. But Zelda A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party along with 3D World should make Nintendo a huge chunk of change.

        • Nathan Verbois

          Definitely. Even if the Wii U still didn’t perform, the 3DS would continue to print money faster than Zimbabwe. Everyone is counting on Super Mario World 3D to be the big seller, and it probably will be, but let’s not forget Wii Party U or Wii Fit U. Despite some ho-hum reviews of Wii Party U (which is nothing new for the Party series of games), it will still generally sell well, as families tend to love it. Just look at the sales spike in Japan for the game. Couple that with the Wii Fit U Trial offer, and console shortages for the new consoles (less for the PS4) and Nintendo should do just fine. I do truly believe the Wii U will surprise a lot of naysayers this holiday. Time will tell though.

          • jjbredesen

            And then we have Mario Kart, witch is arguably the main reason the Wii sold a lot. (yes there was a lot of factors, but Mario kart wii boosted the sales a lot) so MK8 should create a massive sales spike!

          • DragonSilths

            I honestly don’t care about Wii Party U and Wii Fit U. Only “Party” game I want on Wii U is Mario Party 10.

      • jjbredesen

        It will boost sales more than we think. I don’t think we all thought that Wii Pary U would double Wii U sales did we? So if a game like that can double it, then how much do you think mario will sell?

        Answer: A whole fucking lot!

  • Christian Colby Porter

    He is so adorable, can he be a playable character in smash? Or an assist trophy?

    • Hahah nice! Hopefully we’ll know whether or not that’s true soon. 🙂

    • jjbredesen

      Lol that would be awesome 😀

    • Einar

      I’m not sure about not being able to jump tho 😉

  • Jack5221

    Looks like a lot of fun. Im predicting we’ll get some DLC level packs for this. 😀

    • jjbredesen


    • DragonSilths

      There was a story where it was said NO DLC for 3D World. So they aren’t planning on it.

      • jjbredesen

        True, but you never know.

  • Simon Stevens

    Anything has to be better than those god awful Murphy levels on Rayman Legends >.>

  • Mario

    Nice touch Nintendo. Niiiiiice touch.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Yep it is Mario

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m exited for this game!

  • Ace

    Just keeps getting better and better!

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • The Clockwork Being

    The first game I actually want lots of DLCs even though without them I’ll have over 150+ hours of gameplay. Not trying to push it to gfar but I think will enjoy this more than Galaxy 2 and 2 is my favorite Galaxy game.

    Edit: I think it mostly because of the multiplayer and levels which looks stunning.

  • bizzy gie

    Release the game now! It’s completely ready. What are we waiting for?

    • Hype.

    • DragonSilths

      It’ll be transported to stores sometime next week probably lol.

      • jjbredesen

        The truck transporting the games willl not make it very far if i see it 😛

        • DragonSilths

          lol good luck with that.

  • X3Charlie

    I just wish that it wasn’t an obscure blue toad, and that you could play as actual toad.

  • Connor Devlin

    I feel like ign is going to complain about this…

    • CaesarGood


    • jjbredesen

      Very true after Audrey left IGN has started to suck! All nintendo news is negative on that site! I have started to come here instead, because of the shitty fanboy comment section and editors!

  • CaesarGood

    why do we need to see everything in the game before it comes out? doesn’t this spoil it somewhat, I mean it seems like if they had every level boss they would post it…

  • Wiiluigi

    Very cool. This will break the game up a little. Can’t wait.

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    Looks really promising! I hope the puzzles are a lot more challenging than this one however!

  • WarioForever

    Possible level editor?