Feb 17th, 2013

Nintendo hasn’t done a good job differentiating the Wii U from the original Wii to the average consumer. So it’s not surprise that many casual gamers are confused about the Wii U, thinking it’s an accessory to the original Wii. Some store owners get confused as well, which was likely the case with this electronics store in Los Angeles.

They bundled a Wii U Deluxe set with two older Wii games, and to make things worse, they’re selling the “Family Bundle” for a whopping $534 bucks. However, the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with Wii games, so technically speaking, there isn’t anything wrong with the bundle.

Wii U bundle


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  • No, I’m pretty sure there’s still something wrong with the bundle considering that even if you took the 2 bundled Wii games at full price, that would only be an extra $100, not an extra $184…

    • Letha1Rage

      No I am pretty sure that included precision screen filter makes up for that extra 84 bucks. Lol seriously how drunk was this person??

      • Elem187

        There is a nunchuck and remote listed on the box as well, that’s another 60.

    • Letha1Rage

      Well my previous comment was wrong if you look closely at the green outlined box it says what else is included and it appears to say something about a case a charging stand and a wii remote and nunchuck.

  • john madsen

    nothing wrong except the kids are going to get the bundle and try to run the game and find out without internet they cannot run wii mode so they still lose out 

    • manowaffles

      What Wii games don’t work online in the Wii U?  I’ve personally used Smash Bros and Monster Hunter on my Wii U, and both work fine but lost all of my registered friends.

      • Stephen

         He means that without Internet you can’t get the update to get access to playing Wii games on the Wii U.

        • manowaffles

          I forgot that was even an issue.  I wonder if Nintendo has a work around for that yet.  Perhaps a disc containing the update or start sending the systems with the update already installed?
          For those people who don’t have wifi, that really can be a huge hassel.

  • Justin Shelton

    anyone who bought this is a fool it doesn’t add up 350+100 is 450 so they are overcharging by 84 bucks

    • Justin Shelton

      WAIT they’re are screen protectors so they are overcharging by 74 bucks

    • Mauricio Guaura

      It seems like it includes a lot of other things.
      I can see the Pro Controller being listed there…

  • Letha1Rage

    Well someone was drunk at this store.

  • Steven Decristofaro

    If you zoom in, it says it also comes with a “Wii wireless charging base black”, and “Wii nunchuck and remote combo kit”…. Hopefully it’s a Wii remote with Motion Plus, otherwise Skyward Sword can not be played…

  • what about they are just desperate because there are no wii u games?

    • Edward Rhoderick

      There’s more Wii U Games then there was PS3 or 360 games on their released. Wish people would quit saying there’s not Wii U games, I have 8 games for that I enjoy a lot for a system that’s only 2 1/2 months old.I also have 2 preorderd.There’s some where close to 30 games for it.

      • catsby

        People say there are no games cause the released Wii U games are either boring, non appealing or old games released in a new version with an added “armored edition” or “special edition” when the game itself is exactly the same as the PC one. 

        • manowaffles

          Pretty sure ZombiU is still awesome.  Mario is just as good as any other Mario game, Nintendo Land is… well it’s fun at a party.  Still waiting for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thought!

        • bizzy gie

          No it’s a special edition because of the GamePad. The GamePad can provide a gaming experience NO other platform can provide. The Wii U version of a multi plat will probably always be superior just because of the innovative tablet controller alone, but that’s not the only reason a game would be considered better on Wii U.

          Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is the much gorier Wii U version of that game than the softer version that came out on the other platforms. I assume you’re just one of those idiots that think PC gaming is gold while console gaming is dog crap which is far from the truth.

          • manowaffles

            In all fairness, Razor’s Edge was intended to fix the issues with the original version which was panned for being as horrible as a sing-along blog.

            I’m surprised that they are releasing it as a full retail game rather than just as an update or paid upgrade, but that may be due to Sony/Microsoft being more restrictive than Nintendo when it comes to those sorta things.

  • audie bowler


    nintendo cannot help people being totally retarded did sony have to take consumers to SPECIAL HANDICAPPED SCHOOL to explain ps2


    • wiiudaily

      Off the meds again, are we?

    • Gabe Hoffman


    • manowaffles

      Actually yes.  Sony has been dealing with that issue each generation.  It was the worst for the PS3 since it’s backward compatibility was taken relatively shortly after it’s launch.

      Mom’s are great for buying games for old systems.  At least when the systems are backward compatible it’s not as irritating when mom buys the wrong game.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    It looks to me like the store is just trying clear out their supply of Wii games that aren’t selling.  I’d even be willing to bet that the store knows next to nothing about video games, and is just a general electronics store. 

    Notice the copy of Skyward Sword bundled with the Wii U? Unless the buyer already has a WiiMote plus or the accessory, they will be disappointed when they find that they can’t play that game.

    The second bundle has a casual family game bundled with CoD. So obviously they are just throwing random games in the bundle that aren’t selling well.

  • SoulSilverZero

    lol, one of the family bundles come with Black Ops

    • Revolution5268

       Oh UK.

  • Edward Rhoderick

    Lol Nintendo’s fault that people are retards…..

  • Laud

    It’s not that they can’t decide if it’s new or not, It’s that they’re complete idiots to not notice the whole “U” thing. Do they just think like, “WEYLP, I AIN’T SEE NO U ON DIS DER BOX BUT I SPOSE ITLL WORK CUS WII U”

    At least it’s bundled with Skyward Sword and the console is backwards compatible. 😛

    • Kirzan

      Um… They package Remotes and Nunchucks with it… So yeah, I think they’re aware tyvm.

  • Henry Hotspur

    I like how right by “Family Bundle” it says “Better.”


  • Jake Lood

    OR more likely they just wanted to get rid of extra wii games that they didn’t need.

  • RoyCar69


    • Kirzan

      What’s a “Free Android Phone”? My phone’s worth around 500$ and I pay 75$ a month. If you have a link to that free smartphone plan let me know.


    Black Ops is not a “Family Game” It’s a one player game and is rated M, they must have not of thought about this lol, it is fun though and yes someone may have been drunk hahaha!

  • Mickey Mouse

    LOL, I have Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space and Skyward Sword and I wouldn’t consider either ‘family games’. They’re just trying to dump old Wii stock on the first clueless shopper that comes in and falls for it.

  • That is too funny

  • Joey Perez

    nothing wrong with it if its backwards compatible what a waist of an article…thanks for nothing

    • Geoffrey Tasker


      • Joey Perez

        typo yep >>>> ha ha thanks..

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    That’s one misinformed store owner. It helps for these retailers to actually do research before they buy something. However, by first glance, if I was looking at the box, I would think it’s an accessory too. It shows the controller tablet more than the console. Nintendo should really step in and fix that problem. I know the controller is what makes the Wii U different than the other two consoles in the market, but they really need to stop shoving it on every ad. Though…..have to say that the Wii U’s exterior looks similar to the Wii’s.


    I did see a new add-on at the Nintendo and Gamestop websites the other day. They have a list of what of what the differences/comparisons are between the Wii and the WiiU, finally. It doesn’t do that much though and most of the newer features like the 1080p HD is listed at the bottom (which I thought was really funny). 

    Here is the link to them;   http://www.gamestop.com/wii-u   (MORE THAN HALF WAY DOWN TO BOOT, you’ll find it) 

    and here;   http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu/features/compare/ 

    I’m glad something has finally been listed ALMOST 4 MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH!!! But, I do think Nintendo has dropped the ball here for the most part because they still see the Wii selling well in South America and other new new market areas. I have said before and feel now the “Wii Mini” took resources and cash-flow away from the WiiU. THERE IS NO NEED FOR MAKING IT and Nintendo wasted the money making it, and they have to get something out of it now. They should have the Wii sell in the new markets, and push the WiiU everywhere hard right now, along with the 3DS which is a great seller for them too. Let the last console slowly die off like all others consoles have before. Sure make games for it but don’t keep promoting it, focus on the U and 3DS.

  • Kirzan

    I wouldn’t call the retailer an idiot. If so, then I’m an idiot myself. Well, an idiot, OR Nintendo just isn’t clear enough on a lot of things.

    For instance:

    – I want to chat in games that won’t use the Gamepad’s mic. Oh, look! There are, like, 6 headsets out already! Sweet! Now which one of them fixes that ONLY PROBLEM ON THE GAMEPAD (low volume)? None… What? Nintendo had to be hipsters and release the Wii Mini instead of working on amazing first party peripherals like what Sony did with their Stereo headset? Come on!

    – Man! If there’s one thing completely awesome about the Wii is the amount of classics on that shop! And I can access it on the Wii U too? Sweet! I mean, I’m sure I can do that out of the box, right? All I really need is Up, Down, Left, Right on the D-pad, and A, B, Select, Start. It’s so simple, I’m sure Nintendo thought of implementing gamepad compatibility with the Wii Menu. I don’t really need the screen, I just want to play amazing games already available to the platform. Nope… Sorry!

    Things like that, y’know? Nintendo should stop assuming every household had a Wii and start making everything that’s available to the platform, also available to the user right out of the box. The VC is SO IMPRESSIVE! Why do I need to dump another 50$ on a Wii Remote on top of the console? I swear Nintendo doesn’t comprehend the industry even after almost 3 decades.

    • Elem187

      Wait, so you think Nintendo should go back and reprogram all of their Wii games so they work on the gamepad???

      Good grief. Why does everyone hold Nintendo, this tiny little company up to a higher standard than the multibillion dollar conglomerates of Sony and Microsoft?

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Couldn’t be because Nintendo has been at it longer.  No, couldn’t be…

  • Apart from the price I don’t see nothing wrong with this. Since there are still few WiiIU games it’s natural to bundle them with cool games from Wii. In fact I got Resident Evil Remake and Zelda Skyward Sword on the same day I got the WiiU

    • Arthur Jarret

      I got ZombiU, Assasins creed 3, Tekken tag 2, Sonic Racing, New Super Mario Bros, Nintendoland and 30 bucks worth of eshop cards for Wii U at launch…

      but i got Pokemon Black, Okamiden and Solatorobo for 3DS, so i do understand how cool it is to pick up some games you missed for your BC system!

  • This is bad, it’s trying to shift WiiU units that it is having trouble selling…

  • andrewjcole

    Wii Remote, Nunchuk and 2 stylus’.

  • Well SOMEONE’s store is gonna get a lot of returns and complaints…

  • Not to be a troll, but Nintendo was doing better when the last president was in charge -_-

    • Arthur Jarret

       Yes, Nintendo did much better when Bush was still president. I also blame Obama.

      • Revolution5268

        this is UK not U.S fool.

        • Elem187

          I see wiiudaily.com in the address bar, not wiiudaily.co.uk

    • Revolution5268

       ok…what does this has to do with UK?

    • true….

  • nothing really wrong here  just a store putting together a stupid bundle rly they included many other things tho 

  • Aaron kpotchi

    All I want is the wii U

  • Edward Ramos


  • Cold Heat

    Wii U Console Black Deluxe Set
    Wii U Double Stylus Pen and Filter
    Wii U Precision Screen Filter
    Wii U Silicone Protector (Black)
    Wii Wireless Charging Base (Black)
    Wii Nunchuck & Remote Combo Kit
    Wii Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
    Wii Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
    Reg: $588.33