Jun 12th, 2017

During Ubisoft E3 2017 press conference, the company announced Starlink: Battle For Atlas, a brand new IP coming to Switch.

In Starlink, you’ll control a team of pilots in a “living star system,” exploring platnets, and adapting to various challenges and obstacles you’ll come across while searching for ancient secrets.

Starlink’s “thing” seems to be that there’s a physical aspect to the game. Much like Disney Infinity and Skylanders before it, Starlink will allow you to purchase physical starships and augment them with extra weapons and other gear to tackle whatever challenge lays ahead. However, unlike previous toys-to-life games, Ubisoft is also letting you purchase digital versions of these items, so you don’t have to have something sitting on a shelf to play…but those ships do look pretty nice.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas launches Fall 2018 on the Nintendo Switch.

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