Mar 14th, 2016


Legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with Time Magazine to discuss his upcoming Wii U game, Star Fox Zero. The interview contained a lot of rehashed information we’ve already seen from the Nintendo Direct, but one interesting point stood out when the interviewer asked Miyamoto about the criticism surrounding Nintendo’s usual route of extended and elaborate tutorials.

Miyamoto stated during the interview that Star Fox Guard is designed as a co-op experience for people who want to play the game with friends, but may not be skilled enough to operate the controls themselves. He also mentions a possible way to get an invicible Arwing, so those players can just fly through the levels.

“And then beyond those modes, we have additional ones for people who like the game but find it too hard to get past certain levels. So for instance there’ll be a way for them to get an invincible Arwing, so that they can fly through and see the levels. But at the same time, we’re also preparing modes for Star Fox fans looking for an even harder challenge, such as a ship that does more damage, but which also takes more damage.”

Miyamoto didn’t go into much detail about these additional modes beyond that, but it looks as though the difficulty level of Star Fox Zero will be totally customizable based on your own skill.

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