Jun 29th, 2015


With the reveal of Star Fox Zero at E3, we learned that Platinum Games was considering both competitive and co-op play for the game. While the competitive online play option has been abandoned since then, the team has focused on the couch co-op mode that allows two people to fly a single Arwing, with one person steering and the other targeting and shooting. According to Platinum, this form of co-op was designed with children and parents in mind.

We wanted to have a co-op mode where basically one person could handle flying the vehicle, while another person handles shooting. So, if you had a situation where a parent was playing with their child and the child was having a tough time with the game, the parent could handle flying the vehicle with a nunchuk and Wii remote and the child could just enjoy targeting and shooting things on the GamePad.

This mode is highly similar to the co-op that was available in SUper Mario Galaxy, where another player could come in and help collect Lumas on the screen with the Wii remote. While that was something that allowed children to participate, Platinum sounds as though they’re designing the game to be enjoyable for both parents and children to work together to complete the game.

What do you think? Obviously you don’t have to do the couch co-op option if you don’t want to, but it’s nice to see Nintendo still caters to a family experience even in titles that longtime fans have been asking for.

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