May 22nd, 2014


According to a new interview from a French website, it’s possible that Super Smash Bros. will have some sort of NFC integration once it launches. While the details are pretty scarce, here’s a rough translation of what the interview says:

And on the output side of games produced by Nintendo, there will obviously be the fighting game Super Smash Bros.. E3 is also an opportunity to show the use of NFC technology [used in Skylanders and Disney Infinity, allowing the use of real objects – here, figurines – in video games] in Nintendo consoles . The NFC will be used in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. is mentioned in the same breath as Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Does this mean Nintendo plans on releasing action figures for Super Smash Bros. that can somehow be used in the game? One suggestion on the NeoGAF forums was that Nintendo could potentially sell assist trophy figurines that can be used in the game, giving players multiple choices when it comes to displaying their prowess.

What do you think of this news? Would you buy figures to use inside Super Smash Bros?

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  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernánde

    yes i would totally buy them but i feel there will be a disadvantage for the people that cant afford them :/

  • Jonathan R. Tryon

    Glad they are putting it to use!

  • ActivesiN

    I have no problem buying my favorite Smash characters figures

    • Vinnie Nicotra

      The only problem with them using it for characters, is that eliminates the fun of trying to unlock all the characters.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        What if you have to unlock the character in order to use the figurine? That would be more Nintendo-like, actually, since they always tend to mix innovation with tradition.

        • Vinnie Nicotra

          that would be a cool feature, but it would get annoying to have to go to the store every time you unlock a character, and pay a lot of money to be able to use all the characters.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            That’s why I said the process should be backwards: you first unlock the character, and only then you’re able to use your figurine.

          • Bobby P.

            It does ruin the surprise though, thats what makes unlockables cool.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Well, Nintendo did say they would use it all figures for various games, so just because you can get a figure doesn’t mean it’s gonna be on Smash. But I get what you mean, if they decide to use figures as a way to unlock characters, or start off by using only Smash characters – or both -, it’s gonna be a real bummer.

      • ActivesiN

        it’s not confirmed that you cant get characters from unlocking, these figures could just be a faster way of doing it while getting a cool figurine

        • Vinnie Nicotra

          True, but then the figures would be kinda pointless, because not many people would be willing to spend money on something that they can just get by putting a little work in for it. It would be cool if the figurines would unlock different move sets, just for local battles though. I just feel that the figures would have to do something more than what has been in the previous games, other wise they are just pointless.

          • ActivesiN

            would be awesome if the figures unlocked alternate costumes

          • CaptRodgers

            Considering they’ve made a big point on saying that you can save info on the characters, they’ll probably just be to save custom movesets. They might unlock the characters easier, but they won’t be the only way to unlock them, that would be just silly. It’s just so you can take a character with you customized the way you want. Considering most people use mains, especially at tournaments, they’ll be useful to a lot of people. I’ll probably buy them all, just cause of how hard it is to find non-Mario Nintendo memorabilia

    • Josiah Parsons

      I would do it if they were exclusive and not unlockable naturally, and if they were reasonably priced. $4-$7 seems reasonable maybe if you get a character with a unique moveset and maybe a stage.

      • J_Joestar

        I don’t know about the prices for Skylander/Disny Infinity figures, but if these NFC figures are the ones Nintendo talked about previously, they might fetch a higher price as they are supposed to work for multiple different titles and can be both read and written on by the NFC functions so you can sort of save some progress on to them as well.

        • Josiah Parsons

          Very true! a Waluigi figure (for example) that would work for both SSB4 and SM3DW would be pretty awesome.

    • Adrian Brown

      Let’s think about this. You can edit your controller options, color scheme and other details and then transfer the data to your figure. When you visit a friend or go to a tournment you just have to put the figure in the NFC reader and bam! Here’s your own customized character ready to kick some butts.

      • Josiah Parsons

        Ok. Awesome idea, made even better by the custom movesets from Super Smash Brothers! This is gonna be awesome.

        • Adrian Brown

          I’d love if the figures could store records of your victories or even replays. Man, this could be pure gold.

      • This is exactly why I wish skylanders was balanced enough for tournaments

    • companyoflosers

      except you would have already bought the game. thats like paying full price for a demo then paying extra to unlock everything that should have already been there, unless its just a way to unlock everything fast and upfront without spending any of the time to unlock things in which case you are entering microtransaction pay to win territorry there. a place id hate to see nintendo go.

      • ActivesiN

        well its not confirmed how they are going to implement it, Nintendo is generally fair to their fans, I dont think they will force you to buy the figures to get all the characters, probably just a way to get them faster without having to unlock in game

    • NintendoNoob

      you could have like NFC for like new skins for your characters or be having the same character with a different final smash move

      • ActivesiN

        having new skins for the characters would make a lot of sense

  • Roll V

    MONEY SINK ALERT.Just give us the full game for a fixed price jesus …

    • cthreep

      I don’t think Jesus is the one setting prices here…

    • wiiu4life

      Think of it it as going too a restaurant and buying a full meal. You can pay and leave or you can buy dessert.

      • Vinnie Nicotra

        Sì. I just hope that the desert tastes good.

  • Ghasfarost

    Last year Sakurai mentioned that the WiiU and 3DS version were going to interact each other some way, and he talked about “directionality” or “cardinality” of the characters… Then at the Smash Direct last month he showed the custom moveset feature. Now NFC will be an important strategy for Nintendo. In conclusion: Smash Bros NFC figurines for storing custom movesets to cross-save between 3DS and WiiU versions and among friend’s systems on game parties!

    • J_Joestar

      Ofcourse that would mainly be for smash though, the figures are supposed to also work for multiple games so owning at least 1 should be worthwhile.

  • Vinnie Nicotra

    I kinda would like the idea of the assist trophy, but it would depend on how it is used.

  • LordiMcKill

    I’d like to see Assist Trophies and Weapons as NFC items but this also gives the potential to, dare I say it, bring new characters in…?

  • Cyrus Malachi

    Makes sense as to why the 3ds version is coming out first. You will be able to build up your character in the side scrolling portion of the game and enhance the character and the transfer the character over to the wii u. That might be the intergration of the two Nintendo was talking about. Makes sense to me.

    • Ethan Corey Cathcart

      The NFC figurines wont be coming to the 3DS until next year. So no, you wont be able to do that (Wii U will be getting it this year though).

      • Cyrus Malachi

        where did you hear that from?

        • Ethan Corey Cathcart

          Official Nintendo shareholder thingy.

          • Cyrus Malachi

            if that is true it than that is retarded.. if both systems use the same nfc characters then logic would dictate that they would release the nfc portal for the 3ds at the same time. and considering smash bros. will likely be the first game to use such nfc it would be reasonable to release such device before the 3ds game arrived. might be wrong, guess we will have to wait until e3 to find out what they have planned.

          • military man

            like i was saying before i was interrupted; it would not make sense for them to do that. if both systems use the same nfc characters then logic would dictate that they would release the nfc portal for the 3ds at the same time. and since smash bros. will likely be the first game to use the nfc it would be reasonable for them to release said device before the 3ds game arrived. and in the article it says nintendo consoles. might be wrong guess we will see at e3 what they are planning.

    • Usaamah

      The ‘building up’ of characters only occurs in Smash Run. It won’t affect the other parts of the game, and that is exclusive to 3DS. Wii U will presumably have it’s own unique mode to be revealed at E3. The most sensible thing is that the NFC is used to store data for player profiles, custom controls, and custom movesets. So you create a name, configure your controllers, configure all the characters you like as you want, and then you simply use the figurine with that data stored to easily transfer your settings over to another persons system, or at a tournament.

      • military man

        thats cool, dont care what i do find odd is how people on this site can cuss, post links to x rated stuff, and dog on other peoples comments while all i do is have a conversation with ethan corey and get my comment deleted. i go and ask ashley why it got deleted, who can delete it and if it was her, and instead of just answering my quetion my comments i post get deleted. if you going to ban someones at least have the balls to explain your actions. i stood and defended all of you, dodged bullets for you people so you can sit and post on this site, for what? just to be censored because i claimed something was retarded? ban this profile too i dont care i will just make another one tomorrow. do you not see the hypocrisy? p.s. dont use the word retarded. hahahaha

        • Usaamah

          I would find it annoying if you posted irrelevant incoherent tirades like this on random posts that are engaging in discussion. It’s disruptive and a waste of space.

      • Shota

        Wii u with adventure mode!

  • Rinslowe

    What do I think of this news?
    I think I’m interested in finding out… Sounds pretty intriguing.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    If they do then it it is great for Nintendo. They will make money out of it more than Activision did in Skylanders. Can’t wait to pick up MK8. I loved it, while trying it last week on Gamestop. Just 8 days left until the game release.

    • Vinnie Nicotra

      Agreed that it would be good for Nintendo. I just hope that if that is what the plan is I hope it is not over powered.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Like EA for example everything goes Micro-Transactions. Lol EA is when dumb company.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    If this is true then I hope you’ll be able to load these characters into mario kart and SM3DW – will make these figurines more worthwhile

  • Sam

    This sounds pretty cool actually. But I’d rather unlock them by playing instead of spending money. The only way I’d accept it is if the characters that are released in figure-form are not included in any way in the actual game.

  • Saul Rivera

    As assist trophies characters…unlocking them in-game is much better..though they could do both…and those without patience can unlock them faster by just buying the character

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Maybe they’ll sell characters you can’t get in the game? Like Ridley, lol. Or Birdo…I wish Birdo was a playable character. 🙁

  • Gabe Chorley

    Physical Micro-transactions… R.I.P. my love for my favorite series of all time..gaming has been killed by the greed of terrible men..

    • Mr Ninty

      a mirco-transaction is more like paying $0,99 for one enery bar. this would be more like physical DLC content

  • Sam

    It’s not a rumor anymore; Nintendo has confirmed it:

    • Zuxs13

      That’s just Nintendo of France saying it, so its likely but until Iwata says it or there is a specific press release on it, its not confirmed. (at least not in my book)

  • Ducked

    Absolutely. Of course I seem to be one of the few people who think the NFC characters is a good addition.

  • Sam

    Okay for some reason I can’t comment on Sakurai’s post on Miiverse. ._.

  • steveb944

    I’ll take two Links. Please and thank you.

  • Zuxs13

    Nintendo of France is quoted in saying NFC is a part of Smash Wii U. Though not confirmed by Iwata or anyone else.

  • This thought had actually crossed my mind once before, back when none of this ever even happened. Now that it actually is, I’d say it’s worthwhile. Sure, cross compatibility, sure, DLC and unlock able characters, sure assist trophies, it’s all fine.
    On a different note, Zelda obviously likes her Links young.

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  • J_Joestar

    If this is true, rather than the typical Skylander-type figure, wouldn’t it be more like the new NFP figures they talked about previously? the ones that they mentioned as being planned to have compatibility with multiple games and have read and write functions?

    Custom Move sets will probably be transferable using the figures, I can’t see Sakurai being willing to have unlockables through figures only unless they really twist his arm on the issue, though i wouldn’t be surprised if they can act as a quick-release for those who want to skip traditional unlocking methods.

  • CaptRodgers

    Like I’ve said many times before and like others have said, it’s almost certainly going to be to save your custom movesets so when you go to a friends house or a tournament you just place your figure and all your preferences pop up. It makes the most sense. Sure they could add DLC characters this way, but I doubt that would happen for awhile. I’m not completely against DLC for smash bros only because we won’t get another until next generation, but I just hope they wait at least half a year before making DLC for it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo came out with a Skylanders type game to also use these figures for too, maybe it would come out the holiday season and feature the same characters as Smash Bros. The starter pack would include like Mario, Link, and Samus or Pikachu and would be cheaper than the Skylanders starter pack because of the lack of the NFC scanner. It would give the incentive to where if you buy a character to play as in the one game, you also have the figure to save as the character in Smash Bros and vice versa. Idk, just an idea, I’m actually looking forward to the figures so long as they’re used in many cool ways.

    • TehEngineer

      I think we are going to see a Nintendo NFP/NFC (whatever you want to call it) that takes what works from Skylanders and what works from Disney Infinity and adds some quality Nintendo magic. It’ll be unveiled at E3. I’d buy it.

      • CaptRodgers

        I feel like they’d be stupid not to do it, and have it released by the holidays. I don’t think it’s too hard to believe they’ll have the game completed since they need more than just custom movesets to sell the figures. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have 3 games supporting them when they come out, just so they make people well aware that these figures have many uses. I’ve been somewhat interested in the concept, but what it seems like Nintendo is doing is something I could definitely get behind, although Infinity 2.0 is gonna be hard to pass up with my love of Marvel

  • wiimenonowiiu

    I would like to see what are all the options if i get the figurine what it worth

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I’m open to this as long as it’s not abused but I need to know more.

  • companyoflosers

    as long as i can still unlock characters the normal way, i have no problem with this. if the only way to unlock a character is by buying these plastic figures, then i have a BIG problem with it. now it might be interesting if nintendo were to release more charcaters later on as dlc and thats how you bought them. idk, i feel like the whole nfc thing is a bit too much for stuff like this. seems like the functionality was kinda just put in as an after thought and they are just now trying to pull ways to use it out of their asses. they need an ip that is meant to use thins functionality, kinda like skylanders but more widely appealing i think. maybe like an mmo type deal? just spitballing at this point. i dont really see a need to put it in their best selling stuff. why risk ruining a good thing right?

  • Magnus Gonzalez

    I’ve never played Smash Brothers so I apologize if I am way off. Is it possible that the game will be sold with a Mario figurine and that gives you the ability to play as Mario? And they will have others available for you to purchase as well. Maybe releasing new figurines every quarter. Maybe the game will be cheaper because of it? Seems like the way I would go. You sell the game for $49 and it comes with Mario. You get to use Mario and do all the things you’d want. You can take him over to a friends house as well. Get bored? Go buy Mega Man for $4.99. I can see this being very popular with people trying to collect these things. Again, I am not too familiar with Smash so could be WAY off

    • C4

      I don’t think so. Almost every fighting games offers 20+ characters so you can find one that suits you. By doing so they would remove a vital feature for a fighting game in my opinion.

      Of course special characters could work like that like a customized Mario, shiny Pokemon, characters special skins and of course DLC they would add at a later date anyway.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Unless there’d be a new mode that involves these figurines, I don’t think that Super Smash Bros. and NFC figurines are a good mix.

  • First of all, cartoony Link you never seen an adult woman? Your eyes falling out of their sockets, and you’re drooling too… 😛

    As for the figures, I would probably buy a few of these figures, Zelda/Metroid related figures very likely.

  • FutureFox

    Not for this game.

  • Kobe

    I love the idea of the NFC’s in some of Nintendo’s games. I just hope they aren’t a huge money spender (because I want ALL of them), but I’m not too worried because Nintendo seems to do everything the right way.

  • therealruben1

    Sure,just dont charge 10 bucks for one figure

  • Logan Wayman

    So, I could just buy the Mega Man, Sonic and Pac-Man(?) figurines and they’re unlocked just like that?!

  • keithmaxx

    This seems plausible. You ‘level up’ your character, sync your stats and bonuses, if any, with the figurine, bring it over or pass it on to your or a friend’s 3DS or Wii I and there goes your ‘character’ along with you.

  • Commander Jim

    “Would you buy figures to use inside Super Smash Bros?”

    Yeah, that’s a “Nooooooooo” on that.

  • Cyntheta Luis

    I think this serves as extra DLC characters will be nice. Plus, Nintendo figures is always pretty well made (The Ones I bought) Best is the Pokemon Rumble U figures.
    That will be a yes.
    If this is, as alot of people predicted, where everyone is unlockable by buying figures. That will be a no.

  • Kevin James McAllister

    Ashley, you know that Skylanders and Disney Infinity were not actually mentioned in the same breath as Smash Bros right? That part of the quotation in brackets is something the original person who wrote up the interview added for clarification. Parts of a quote in brackets are added later and not part of the original quote.

  • Mitchell Mckinnon

    What if there are bonus character / outfit figures you can buy (e.g dlc) but the main characters can be unlocked through gameplay and aren’t bought ?

  • Arthur Sataine

    Why not finally utilize DLC for Smash in the way of these NFC figures? Each figure would come with update data to add it to the game and voila, new characters that weren’t released initially.

  • Pokémon Fan

    I don’t know… It would depend on if they released new ones. But I would rather they be in game unlock only.