Jan 15th, 2014


WarioWare fans rejoice, as Super Smash Bros. developer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed today that Ashley is joining the game in the form of an assist trophy. Only the above screenshot was released on Miiverse along with the following:

Pic of the day. Who’s the girl next door, living in the haunted mansion? You’d better learn my name because it’s…

What other assist trophies would you like to see added to the game?

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  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Very cool.

  • MetroidZero

    I approve.

  • Sam

    *in melody*It’s Ashley!

  • SmashFinale

    Ashley huh? I think i asked for her as an assist trophy two years ago. i just forgot
    where i made this statement…

  • Shota

    ♪ Who’s the girl next door, living in the haunted mansion? You’d better learn my name because it’s Ashley!♪ like her song!

    • Josiah Parsons

      great. Now it’s stuck in my head.

      • Shota

        it’s a great music that’s why 😉

  • mar laguna

    That means wario is back

    • Shota
      • Johnny Be Me

        OMG I can’t wait to see Mr. Game and Watch in HD! His 3D effects will be probably equally amazing.

      • Kirbyomega

        Except for four characters (and the items) it’s pretty accurate. But I think the artist was just drawing up anything for fun/hype. I hope MK, Wario, Zero Suit, and Game & Watch are confirmed though 😀

        • rp17

          This was the first concept art for the game tweeted by Sakurai himself. So they aren’t “confirmed” but they almost are…

          • Kirbyomega

            Concept art! Thats the term I was trying to remember lol. I love how its on a white board in marker.

      • Random12multi

        Are my eye’s deceiving me or do I not see Capitan Falcon

    • Spookoyo

      Yes, Wario will return as a new pokeball exclusive character.

      Due to the roster being so large, Mr. Sakurai had to choose between either adding Wario or the Wii Fit Trainer as an assist trophy. So he added Wii Fit Trainer as a new character, added Ashley as an Assist trophy, and degraded Wario to a pokemon character since no one expects Wario to be playable once again.

    • Mario

      There’s no denying it.

    • Yes, he’s back!!!

  • greengecko007

    Dear Nintendo,

    Please appoint Sakurai as the head of your marketing department, assuming that you have one. He obviously knows how to promote games and keep up hype.

    • Flawless Victory

      This. 🙂

    • Shota


    • Old School

      This ^ 100%!!!

      I have been pretty excited for Smash Bros and it’s because he knows how to keep the hype going!

      I am a big Mario Kart fan and highly disappointed in whoever is in charge of Mario Kart 8’s marketing. These two games are the reason I bought my Wii and Wii U.

      I can’t believe MK8 doesn’t get these kind of updates or even a website, pathetic Nontendo

    • Shota

      best comment of the month.

  • Sdudyoy

    Never heard of Her.

  • Flawless Victory

    Sakurai is doing an effective job of marketing this game….he really should be become head of the marketing department for Nintendo like greengecko007 mentioned below.

    P.S. – ASHLEY FTW!!

  • Virus6

    Who’s the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
    You’d better learn my name, ’cause I am–
    ASH-LEY! She knows the darkest spells and she brews the meanest potions
    You might be the ingredient I seek

    Don’t let yourself be fooled by her innocent demeanor
    You better be afraid of the great–
    ASH-LEY! She doesn’t play with dolls and she never combs her hair
    Who has time for girly things like that?

    Eye of newt, I cast a hex on you
    Grandma’s wig, this will make you big
    Kitten spit, soon, your pants won’t fit
    Pantalones giganticus! Oh, no, not again…

    She can rule the world and still finish all her homework
    Everyone knows that I’m the greatest–
    ASH-LEY! You better watch your step, or she’ll cast a spell on you
    I turned my teacher into a spoon

    I’m a slave to my spell book, and yes, it’s true:
    I don’t have as many friends as you
    But I think you’re nice, and maybe we could be friends
    And if you say “no”, you’re toast

    Who’s the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
    You’d better learn my name ’cause I am–
    ASH-LEY! Just remember this when you see her on the street
    I’m the cruelest girl you’ll ever meet.

    • Zizo47


      • Lusunup

        It her themesong….. ever played brawl’s wario ware stage?

        • Johnny Be Me

          Yes, I have. But the only thing left in my brain from that stage music wise is
          Mike Mike Go Go Mike

    • Shota

      yeah yeah we know ,better listen on youtube than read that lyrics

  • Mario

    Mario: Oh no! This means Wario’s back! (I’m just joking. I think it’s great that he may return. I’m just writing what Mario would say if Wario was back on SSB4).

    • Mario

      Hey seriously guys! I’m just kidding! That’s all!

  • PS4/WiiU

    The post on the nintendo direct was deleted
    Does this mean that there won’t be a nintendo direct on friday the 17th 2014????

    • CMB

      They got it from some random person claiming to be miyomoto or some nintendo rep on miiverse, it was obviously false so they delete it.

      • PS4/WiiU

        lol, fail

    • UltimateKai453

      Apparently, there will be one, ONLY IN SOUTH KOREA. But; That’s all we know as of now. Maybe tomorrow (january 16th), we’ll find out. Here’s a link to the next one (in south korea). http://www.nintendo.co.kr/nintendo_direct/index.html#140117_m4

      • PS4/WiiU

        lol, my hopes were so high 🙁

  • link2nintendo

    @Ashley King, can you check your Google+ please. I’ve sent you a message.

  • uPadWatcher

    Ashley reports on Ashley, eh? Nice.

  • Ace

    Ashley, baby! You make me feel so alive! I’ve got purpose once again yeah! Yeah!

  • Mario 1983

    How about Snoopy from Snoopy Tennis GAME & WATCH as a character.

  • ETeach

    Augh, I saw the image and thought she was a character. I got so excited! Still, glad to have her as an assist.

  • TheWichi

    Her eyes should be red :/