Apr 11th, 2017

Last night’s Dragon Quest XI presentation from Square Enix was very informative. Not only did we get a new look at the game on PS4 and the 3DS, but we also learned that 3DS users can choose between two graphical styles: retro, 16-bit or 3D cell-shaded. What left everyone puzzled, though, was the absence of the Nintendo Switch.

As we already know, Dragon Quest XI is supposed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, as that version was a no-show last night, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought maybe it was quietly cancelled. Well, according to Square Enix, it’s still in development. When asked about that version, here’s what the company had to say:

“It is still planned but no announcements today. Whether it launches together on the same day as PS4 and 3DS or not we cannot say today”.

So, nothing about a release date, despite the Japanese 3DS and PS4 versions coming later this summer. Maybe they started development on the Switch version later than they did the other two? Another possibility is that Nintendo is making them hold back information so they can dedicate a future Nintendo Direct to it.

There’s a Splatoon 2 and ARMS focused Nintendo Direct scheduled for tomorrow evening, although we wouldn’t expect any surprise Dragon Quest XI news out of it.

[via NeoGAF, Twitter]

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