Dec 19th, 2012

Square Enix just released some new Dragon Quest X Wii U screenshots. The game enters Beta for Japan in February. At the end of December, game update 1.2 will be live which adds in two new classes and increases the level cap. The level cap is increasing from 55 to 60 and the two new classes are the Magic Warrior and Superstar. The Dragon Quest X MMO is already out on the Wii, and last time we heard, the game was already profitable in Japan, which is a good sign for the upcoming Wii U version. Dragon Quest X on the Wii U will be released in Japan in March 2013.

[Update: the original version of this article mentioned that Dragon Quest X would be released worldwide. However, it has only been confirmed for release in Japan.]

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  • RyuNoHadouken

    not too shabby

  • World wide release even, wow square what up with that? Just now it was said whether or not it’ll be localized outside of Japan, and now they say worldwide release (or was the uncertainty of the localization outside Japan just for wii?) I’m still interested though, just the artstyle I really need to get used to, same artstyle (almost) was used in DQVIII(if I’m correct) and IX as well, tbh it didn’t really turn me on… But hey it’s DQ I’ll manage 🙂

    Back on topic the screenshots look pretty much okay to me.

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Who has confirmed the game is getting a world wide release ? That’s HUGE NEWS for wiiu if this game is coming to the west in 2013…

    • This game will be released in the US for sure. I will find a link for you later.

      • Much later, after it’s been confirmed.  Yes, I agree that it will be released for sure, but they haven’t said so for sure yet.

  • Then in the other post about DQ it was said DQVII will be re-released on 3ds (was originally on ps or ps2 I believe) then we only miss DQVIII and the first 3 games.

    Seems like Square is giving new love to Nintendo after the huge argument between N and Square just before the N64 was released, feels good to see DQ return to it’s original platform (Nintendo) So far DQIV and VI where my favorite DQ games though.

    Off topic, I wonder if Square-Enix has any plans for a new Illusion of Time (was from Enix back in the snes days) I loved IoT and IoT2: Terranigma, I always had a hope for a new Illusion of Time game, maybe it’ll come to the future of the 3DS/WiiU /pray

    • Jon Turner

      Yeah, it’s only a matter of time until Nintendo gets both FINAL FANTASY [i]and[/i] KINGDOM HEARTS.

  • clivemax

    I was pretty sure that Square Enix hadn’t announced a release for Dragon Quest X outside of Japan.

  • EmoryM

    Worldwide release?

  • DemonRoach

    also in that report, dq10 on wii will be offered at 50%  of wii u version.

  • Joseph Parsons

     KINGDOM HEARTS 3 wii u do it Nintendoi no ppl wood get a wii u just for that game