Nov 9th, 2017

During a recent Q&A session with investors, Square Enix commented on Nintendo’s Switch console and clarified their position on the new platform.

And they’re very optimistic. The company told investors that “Nintendo doing well is something we’re very grateful for (as one avenue we can output for).”

They added that the Switch is in a unique position compared to its competitors, due to its home console / mobile hybrid design.

“Switch is in a different, unique position compared to PS4 and Xbox.” they said, adding “we have high expectations for the Switch. We will put in the investment and develop for the platform.”

And when it comes to which games Square Enix will bring to the Switch, all is on the table.

“We will have all options on the table for what IP to use in titles we develop for Switch, including new, existing, and revival properties.”

So far Square Enix has officially committed to one Switch game: the JRPG Lost Sphear, scheduled for release early next year.

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