Oct 10th, 2013


It was revealed today that the Wii U version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut will be $50, while the game will retail for $30 on all other platforms. Many people were upset by this news, considering the game was originally supposed to be a Wii U exclusive.

A Square Enix representative got into contact with Kotaku and gave official reasoning for why the Wii U version is more expensive.

“This is the first time Deus Ex is available on the Wii U. We have an extensive feature set which makes full use of the Wii U GamePad, plus we were able to add exclusive features to the Wii U version which we think Nintendo fans will appreciate and truly immerse them into the world of Deus Ex like never before.”

It’s as I speculated in the original article, that Square Enix feels this version should cost more because this is the first time the game has been made available on a Nintendo console. Does this affect your purchasing decision at all? Let us know in the comments below.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut will be released on Wii U on October 22nd in North America and October 25th in Europe.

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  • Ballzbeard

    The use of a touch screen shouldn’t require someone to pay an additional fee; what if I choose to play using the pro controller?

    • Yobrolo

      Dont buy a wiii u then

      • Marcus Navarro

        A moot point.

      • Untrentide

        There is more than one feature to the Wii U.

      • Mr. J

        You seem to be forgetting that without a Wii u you can’t play these titles
        New Super Mario Bros U
        Pikmin 3
        The Wonderful 101
        Zelda Wind Waker HD
        Super Smas Bros
        Super Mario 3D world
        Mariokart 8
        Lego City Undercover
        Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
        New Super Luigi U
        Game and Wario
        About 100 different indie games
        And a whole lot more

    • bizzy gie

      Forget that.

      Didn’t they port the “exclusive” features to other platorms?

      Square Enix


      • Saul Rivera

        Which is why it’s 20 bucks cheaper…the PS3 owners need to buy a Vita to be able to use those features and the 360 owners need to buy a tablet ha

        • bizzy gie

          Ha! Wii U version should be $30 too.

          Square has no excuse.

          • Guest

            Yes, they have.

        • nf_zeta

          My opinion is how long we had to wait when they delayed it to go multiplat should cancel out extra features, therefore no extra price 😀

          • Kaihaku

            Pretty much.

        • YogiGRB

          as replied on a other post, I already own a Vita and Play3. So what is my incentive (other then my love for the WiiU) to pay €20 more ????

          • Saul Rivera

            None…no one will hate you for buying the PS3 version ha…I myself have been wanting to play that game and was waiting for the Wii U release..and still am..I don’t mind the price

          • YogiGRB

            I’m still buying it for the WiiU though, just surprised at the price tag

    • John Andalora

      They still put in all the time and effort into the Wii U GamePad (and if it’s anything like Monster Hunter where the touchscreen stays on while using the Pro Controller, then it’s not like the pro controller is going to change much).
      Thats just their justification, not mine.

      Their call for a meh game.

      • Morits Lian

        >meh game
        Metacritic scores, roll in.

        • John Andalora

          “meh game” is my opinion. Good game is theirs. Just cause they like it doesn’t mean I do, and vice versa.

          • Morits Lian

            You said it like it was a common opinion. Sorry for the mistake.

          • John Andalora

            No worries. I did say it a bit improperly.

    • TCar

      It doesn’t matter how you specifically, play. It does matter about the amount of money spent to make everything work with everything the system has to offer. It would seem that you expect them to do those things for free. If anything, they could release the game with no additional content, like other versions, for download and at the $30 price.

  • Elitepwnsface

    Under stand that more expensive for something that you can’t assume someone hasn’t played already is totally cool in my book……………………………

  • Marcus Navarro

    The only thing that can justify the price increase is Square Enix spending more money porting Deus Ex: DX to the other platforms. Naturally, one would have to make the money back from such a frivolous venture SOME kind of way, so they choose to bump the price up, using the “first time we bothered to make this game for that damned Nintendo console *evil snort*” excuse as justification.

    Fuck you, SE. Fuck you with a cactus.

    • Ony

      I liked the cactus part.

      • readypembroke

        same here!

  • Luca Invernizzi

    If they start appling the same principle when they sell us dumbed down porting, I’ll be ok with it.

    Till then, fuck you.

    • FoxMulder900

      Well put, I would love to see this point brought up to someone at Square-Enix.

    • Untrentide

      Xbox games should cost more for using kinect by their logic.

  • Untrentide

    I had originally bought this game on the PS3 and i was pretty excited to buy this for wii U. Its upsetting that this will nearly cost me double to experience it on the Wii U over the PS3 again. This factor is going to end up making me sideline this game until a later date so i can get newer titles instead.

    • Michael Jurado

      that’s square enix for ya, I never played this game and they know most nintendo fans didn’t so they implemented gamepad features and brought it over too nintendo and up the price since it’s the first time it’s released on a nintendo platform it sucks but that’s third party for ya always looking for a quick buck 😛

    • elbrody

      Correct,I’ll be busy playing Batman Origins

  • Yoshifan3

    well with the wii u, you get what you pay for. it may be the cheapest console, but its gonna have the least third party support, making people go with the xbox one or ps4.

    at this rate, the wii u will be another gamecube, making it great only for nintendo games like usual. pity really.

    • Michael Jurado

      I disagree both xbox one and ps4 are showing me nothing new (game wise) I don’t care that their consoles are closer and closer to computers without being an actual computer, That’s why I have a computer. Unless Microsoft and Sony really step up their game titles i’ll pass on their new consoles just how I passed on the 360 and ps3

      • Yoshifan3

        thats not the point, the point is the ps4 and xbox one are gonna have WAY WAY more 3rd party support (ps4 is gonna have really great first party support as well) and the wii u will be left in the dust support wise. nintendo screwed themselves thanks to yamamuchi giving third party support the middle finger. you may not like their consoles, but millions upon millions of other people do.

        • Untrentide

          Upon release, the PS4 and Xbone will have less total units then the Wii U. It would make sense for them to begin including the system at that point.

          • Yoshifan3

            im not sure what you are getting at? the wii u had a very small amount of units available at launch. ps4 and xbox will build up their userbase faster than the wii u did at the end of their launch window.

          • Untrentide

            That’s an assumption. Wii U sales could potential grow when ppl are forced off their PS3 and 360. We aren’t clairvoyant. Upon release of the next gen, The Wii U will have the highest units initially, and unless Wii U sales completely stop and PS4/Xbone grow quickly for a signficant amount of time then it would make sense for it to be treated as an equal. Not to mention the Xbone sales aren’t looking too favourable so far.

        • Michael Jurado

          3rd party support not on a nintendo console? hello where have you been it’s been like that for almost 20 years now fact of the matter is if you aren’t going to support a console that doesn’t need 3rd party support too stay in the game that’s your own damn fault especially if your goal is to make money why would you skip out on making a game for the top dog??? personally I find most 3rd party games half ass or always trying to make me buy content that should have been in the game in the first place … when 3rd party finally stops fucking around with the industry and makes amazing games then i’ll care until then fuck those shitty games keep them off my system

          • Yoshifan3

            nintendrones. you gotta love them.

            im not going to respond to this, because theres no point in arguing with a complete fanboy when i try to have a good debate with someone.

            oh and btw, ive been around way longer than you have been.

          • Untrentide

            ^ This is a response.

          • Yoshifan3

            you knew what i meant, dont try to be a smartass. i meant i wasnt gonna come up with a factual response.

          • Untrentide

            Well, the problem is that there has been no facts. Everyone is speculating on the future. We won’t know if the Wii U will fail or not Until it does. We won’t know if it will perform well against the next gen until it does. We can only speculate and not force it as a truth.

          • Yoshifan3

            why do i even try to talk to fanboys? theres so many on this site.

          • Untrentide

            The same can be said about there being too many anti-fanboys here. Just a whole lot here trying to stir up trouble.

          • Michael Jurado

            just like the previous gen I don’t see why people would buy a new console when these factors are still in play
            A. my old console is still strong the company even knows this whence why you keep making games for it.
            B. why would I buy a more expensive console when it’s hardly better than my old one
            C. 300~500$ in this economy what are you crazy XD

            fact of the matter is nintendo needed an upgrade from the wii to an hd console and just so sony and microsoft wouldn’t get crushed they had to release a new console in other words nintendo forced the hand of the competition because I recall back when they released ps3 and xbox 360 where suppose too last 10 years and well they lasted 7 years which is a great run 🙂 but now you are in this hole where your company is making 2 versions of a game for 2 different systems almost forcing your own people to upgrade where as nintendo accepts the upgrade gracefully XD

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Nintendo didn’t really force their hand. Both Sony and Microsoft were going to release a new console one way or another. PS3 is still selling well even despite the GTA V craze. Wii U is geting slightly better, but it’s too early to tell if that’ll increase into a big margin.

          • Michael Jurado

            pshh dude i’m hardly a fan boy i’m a gamer I play games for what I consider fun dominating skilled players at tournaments, ranking up leader boards to the point where people say what the fuck?!?!?, crushing your time at mario kart is what gets me off so don’t call me a fan boy because nintendo seems to be the only gaming company that cares about the gamers while everyone else just cares about quick bucks.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            They do care about their gamers, true. However, it’s quite a bold statement to say that Microsoft and Sony don’t care, I would say you’re wrong. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Lol. Also, there are a lot of third parties that do care for their fans, and not only Nintendo. That’s what it sounds like you meant to me, and if that is, then that is kinda becoming fanboyish up to a degree. No offense.

          • NkoSekirei

            how about stfu retard ur becoming quite a troll

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Even if he was, do you think telling him to stfu is going to help matters? Use your head instead of acting out of rage. Be witty.

          • Yoshifan3

            i wasnt trolling, i actually believe the wii u will have the least third party support but great first party titles, i wasnt saying it was a bad thing, i just wish there was more third party support. if i wanted to troll, i would been saying how bad the wii u sucks and i wouldve gone hardcore like truthteller does.

          • Yoshifan3

            and you just exactly proved my point about fanboys on this site. thank you 🙂

            for the record, i plan on buying a wii u at some point but not right now as i dont have the money.

          • Untrentide

            I very much agree to this. Nintendo has maintained it own foothold in the gaming community. I also have been very impressed with the exclusive on the system that weren’t developed by nintendo. (Xenoblade, Last Story, Any Atlus game, Monster Hunter) I just get lost between the idea of interactive movie and ‘game’ with a handful of titles on the other systems.

          • Michael Jurado

            I hate the idea of interactive movie/game it’s so bloody boring that’s like playing a game form way back when, where you pick a path red/blue depending on whats going on. and depending on your answer you win or lose. These games where SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad that they flopped it even slayed the system it was on. So I just find it funny that people are amazed by these “new games” just because the graphics are awesome and the story is great and it’s more “realistic” see personally I like video games to test my gaming skills and be at the top of leaderboards and win tournaments …. not to watch a movie … but too each his own <— is why I love video games there is a genre for everyone ^__^

          • Untrentide

            Most recently i watched gameplay on Beyond Two Souls. Beautiful story but the gameplay wasn’t anything i desired. Same thing happened with Last of Us. The story was so heart warming but i felt the gameplay was just a filler so they could call it a game.

      • Untrentide

        Yea, i’m going to have my PS3 as long as they keep making games for it. I haven’t been presented with anything to buy either new system.

  • Michael Jurado

    1st time play through for me + I get features not found on other consoles and it’s 10$ cheaper than a new video game I consider this a WIN therefore I shall purchase it 🙂

  • mark kaser

    That’s fine and dandy, but when they release a game that costs $60 and they use “Wii U exclusive material – oh wow it uses the gamepad” does it mean that we have to pay $80 for that title? Square-Enix needs to get their heads out of their asses.

    • Michael Jurado

      I know right Nintendo keeps kingdom hearts alive with handhelds and then Kingdom Hearts III releases and no love for nintendo … cmon square enix get your heads out of your asses lol

      • John Andalora

        Kingdom Hearts has never made a release on a home console for Nintendo. Not the GameCube, not the Wii, and not the Wii U.

        Also, Nintendo doesn’t really keep KH alive on handhelds. It’s just more of an addition. For example, why did KH: Chain of Memories come out for GBA? Because GBA was the only handheld at the time. I’m sure that if there was another equally popular handheld, Square Enix would’ve released it to that as well.

        • Marcus Navarro

          But KH3D and KH 357/2 Days were on the 3DS and DS, respectively, which were competing DIRECTLY with the Vita and PSP, respectively. Granted Birth by Sleep came to the PSP and not DS, but still.

          • John Andalora

            Didn’t think about that one.
            good point.

        • Ed

          Psp is around (japan it is crazy popular) and they knew about the vita, but kh 365/2 days for the ds came out and kh ddd for the 3ds(and 3ds was not super popular, last year)

          • John Andalora

            Didn’t think about that.
            Good point.

  • JBeauregard

    Notice how none of the “exclusive features” other than use of the game pad were mentioned? I think that’s because there isn’t much weight in the statement to justify the price go for the Wii U.

    • Ballzbeard

      It’s going to have a NPC dressed as Mario or some shit. Totally worth the extra $20.

  • Levi Johansen

    I’ll still buy it, I was expecting $60 anyway…

  • Jump’nShootMan

    “We have an extensive feature set which makes full use of the Wii U
    GamePad, plus we were able to add exclusive features to the Wii U
    version” If this means there are exclusive features besides the GamePad integration, fine with me. If not, they’re basically counting it as a new game for WiiU and a re-release for the others, and I kind of have a problem with that.

  • Morits Lian

    Wow guys, stop that damn hate. There’s much logic to this and you’re just going on with it like it was EA making DLC deals with Capcom.
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a great game, it IS worth that $60 price tag.
    About the logic;
    It’s a port, they put money into porting this game.
    It got exclusive additional features, it’s nice and not so nice because I won’t be able to play this version Q_Q
    IT IS A WII U, DAMNIT! It’s surperior to the PS360 and this game is as well.
    Think of this as a damn premium edition, not some defect port. Thanks!

    • Michael Jurado

      exactly! personally I’ve never played this game but I can see they put time into revamping the wii u version and someone is actually using the gamepad to do stuff 🙂 so this is a must buy for me and I don’t care if it’s 50$ that’s still 10$ cheaper than a new game

    • Orange Lada

      The price discrepancy is too much. I could just put in on the PS3 instead. Nicer if I could put in on the Wii U, but not $20 nicer. Too many legacy consoles around for Square Enix to price that far apart.

      My $0.02 worth.

      • Morits Lian

        Have you even played the game? It’s an amazing experience and it should be worth every cent of the $60 price tag, even the $0.02.
        I can look at it from the high Wii U perspective and the lower PS360 perspective and I can find every reason why this is a fair pricing.

        • Orange Lada

          No, but have you? The Wii U version, I mean.

          My point was that I can buy the PS3 version and play it. No need to get the Wii U version for a $20 difference, and I’m hardly the only person with a legacy console.

      • david jarman

        It wouldn’t be the same on the ps3. You’d need the vita to play some of the features and the graphics on the wii u version has been amped up. Plus, there are still wii u exclusive features on it.

        • So if that player has a PS3 and a Vita and can get the comparable features for $30?? The features are there whether the player can use them or not. So Square Enix put the work in on all consoles but charges a whole lot more for Nintendo because they can use the features by default?? Makes no sense.

          • YogiGRB

            I know what you mean cause i have a Vita and Play3 next to my WiiU. (love my U a lot though)

          • david jarman

            Yeah, but that person still had to buy a ps3 and a vita to play the full features where as wii u owners only have to purchase the game. Plus, it was a game already on ps3. So if you already have the game and a vita you still have to purchase this version again. So the question is will a ps3 owner be willing to double dip if the price was $50? More likely no. Is unfair? No! That person chunked out $300 for the ps3 and another $300 for the vita while you and I only paid $350 for wii u’s. The vita is selling worse then the wii u and not everybody who owns a ps3 has a vita, but everyone who owns a wii u has a gamepad.
            Not to mention we have wii u only content on ours.

    • Stuart Thomas

      It’s the same logic, like when people say I’m not paying that much for a game missing online, it should be less. Well this has more so it costs more.

  • Orange Lada

    Square Enix – you forgot …. I (as well as many others) have/had a PS3 or Xbox previously. We’d love to buy your product on our new Wii U … but ….. we still have our Xbox or PS3 and don’t feel we are getting value for money.

  • NintenFan2013

    so se is trolling becuz they can make an over-priced port but when the fans ask for FF and KH3 they back out. Bicthes these days.

  • NyallJodhan

    Makes sense to me. First time coming to Wii U. People who only own the Wii U console will buy it. It’s an enhanced remake for PS3 and Xbox, so they can’t charge full price for it on those consoles, else, nobody’d buy it.

    • nexxus6

      Finally, someone gets it. So many people on this board sound like entitled cry babies. This game is essentially a brand new title on WiiU, so why can’t Square charge a new title price. They could have stuck it to Nintendo owners and charged the typical $59.99 price.

      • catsby

        yeah but it must hurt to see that price tag compared to say, Steam on PC? 18,99 euro. And in sweden you can get it for 5 Euro retail ps3 and Xbox 360, even cheaper for PC.
        I doubt the new content will be Worth paying that much, Even if you only have a Wii U, Common who would own ONLY a Wii U??

  • Gasheaduk545

    Its only £21.85 in the UK which is about $35 on Shopto.net.

    • therealmackay

      Damn, I went with Amazon at £23.99 (lol !!)
      Sounds like our American cousins are really getting shafted this time round with this particular game, too bad Nintendo still region lock otherwise I’d recommend importing from the UK. Heck, even Argos (not normally known for cheap game prices) still have this listed today at £23.99, although they still have an end of November release date so they obviously haven’t updated this game’s listing since the official date was announced a week or so ago.

      • Gasheaduk545

        Yeah feel sorry for our friends across the pound! it would be great if they got rid of region locking as there are some great games in Japan.

  • smashbrolink

    What exclusive features?
    Didn’t they already confirm that the 360 and PS3 versions would use the Vita and Smart Glass to emulate many of the same things?[albeit not as smoothly]
    Or is that Watch Dogs I’m thinking of?

    • Jared Garcia

      Well maybe the Wii U version has the graphics boost and the others don’t. Nintendo does have a more powerful system.

      • smashbrolink

        That may be true, but I’m of the opinion that graphics do not mean very much at all, especially now when nearly everything is using some form of HD, regardless of the system.
        I’ve always been about gameplay first.

        I’m not like the hoards of sheeple out there; it takes more than someone telling me “hey, these specs make explosions have more sparkles and realism!” to get me to consider a version of any game, let alone the purchase of a console.[keep in mind that I already have a PS2, PS3, Wii and Wii U. Multiplatforming is the best way to game]

        Thus, I still want to know; what does the Wii U version have over the others that justifies a higher price for an older game?
        Because, to me, it just sounds like Wii U owners are getting stiffed again…

  • goatringo

    The reason for this silliness is simple. How else are they going to sell to ps3/xbox owners. This is a game that has been out for over two years on those systems. It can probably be picked up for under Twenty bucks for the original. However i do believe that they would have faired better by offering an ten dollar online update, for those who allready own the game. And an all around $50 limited edition physical copy and $40 download for every system. Instead they have chosen a path that will only confuse, enrage and discourage players from all 3 corners. It is sad to watch someone stop five feet from the finish line to try on a new pair of shoes and then blame the shoes for losing the race. Maybe things will work out for them, but i feel that their marketing plan is only going to backfire in their face. Oh well if you ever wanted this game, then try and not be discouraged. It is supposed to be a great game being made better. We shouldnt let stupid marketing decisions effect our personal decisions, if we did we would miss out on so much the world has to offer.

  • Winter Wolf

    Seems like time to point out again that the game is £23.99 for Wii U on Amazon.co.uk. That is a whole £1 cheaper than the PS3/360 versions 😛

    • Must have cost less to do the work for the UK version. Yeah right!!

  • Petri

    Didnt they make those exclusive features for ps360 with vita and smartglass?
    Edit: And they should show us what is so exclusive about Wii U features,
    like Gamepad vs vita/smartglass.

  • I’m actually shocked. First it was a WiiU exclusive, then it got delayed to go multiplat, then the price for WiiU is higher then other plats, excuse is that it’s the first time it’s available on WiiU and that it has “exclusive” features which in my understanding got ported to other platforms after an announced delay.

    Now WiiU owners have to pay extra for “exclusive features” which probably get ported to other platforms via dlc or something. So we get screwed not once(released 2 years after other plats) not twice(delayed to make multiplat), not even three times(increased price) but four times(probably future release of dlc for the remaining exclusive features to be ported to other plats, or the excuse it didn’t sell as expected on WiiU so no more future games)? Really square? Is everyone out to kill WiiU?

    Only reason I probably buy it after I get a WiiU is because I like Square even after this Quadrupple screw over…

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Well its not entirely BS. Most 360 and PS3 people have likely already played the game. It was free on PS Plus and has been offered for 5 dollars on Steam countless times. It will like sell more on Wii U regardless

    • Petri

      I think most of the Wii U people are gamers, that game on multiple platforms.

      But my guess is, they will lose at least 1/3 of the sales they could have had.

  • Nicolas Eddowes

    Bad decisitions, bad decisitions everywhere

  • Petri

    I want this on Wii U, but they are shooting themselves purposely on the foot here.
    I’m afraid to support this game for +50€, when its obviously not going to sell well,
    and Square-Enix uses it as an excuse not to bring the next game, or any other game on Wii U

    • Jon Turner

      The next “Deus Ex” game, yes, probably we won’t. But I wouldn’t say they won’t bring ANY game to WiiU after this. They’ve still got a DQX 2.0 expansion coming in Japan. Don’t use this an an example of WHAT’S going to happen.

      Furthermore, in the event that WiiU sales go up again, S-E will want to take a second look at the console and start supporting it again. Let’s not use this as a case of S-E planning to say no to future WiiU development, OK?

      • Petri

        Haven’t we seen this enough times already?
        This is only game they are given us, nothing else announced, or even considered.
        And why cant they localize that DQX?
        Wait, I think there are plans for that, on PC.
        Sure they might make some low budget Final Fantasy games for Wii U.

        • Jon Turner

          DQX did OK on WiiU in Japan, or rather, S-E was OK with how it sold, which means that this game will have little impact on their WiiU development. Now I do think that this will be the only Deus Ex game we will see on WiiU. But I don’t think this is the last S-E game we will see on WiiU.

  • Justin Jefferson

    Yep, and now Im not buying it. You guys are fucking up. I tried playing this game on my PC once, didnt like it. I was willing to give it another try on the WII U for nintendos sake, but not at 50$

  • ScrewAttack

    Even when third parties bring good stuff to they table, they still manage to find a way to gimp it. They’ll lose loads of sales because of this.

    Not mine, though. I’m lock in my £25 Amazon preorder price and call it a day. Square really have been smoking some strong crack this year, huh.

  • Kaihaku

    What exclusive features? It’s telling that they didn’t offer a list. They ported all of the touchscreen features to the other consoles. Is this twenty dollar Nintendo tax just for Miiverse integration?

    I had this game pre-ordered once upon a time and I would have gladly paid this price back at it’s original release date. I don’t care that it went multiplatform but delaying it and now this Nintendo tax. No thanks, I think that most people who were once interested in this will now wait a month and pick up Watchdogs for ten bucks more instead.

    • Rinslowe


  • Rinslowe

    No it is simply overpriced on Wii U, regardless. And for us multiplatform owners it’s not worth the extra $20… (IMO)
    If the gamepad features are that good. Then I choose to wait until the game goes on discount before buying.
    What these guys have missed in the details is that there is no longer such a shortage of exclusive content on Wii U, those games are either arriving soon, as in Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost Worlds or just recently having been released as in Pikmin 3 or WW HD…
    I see no point in rushing to get a game I’ve already played even considering the extra content for $20 more than other consoles I already own…
    And for those who have never played it, well, it’s still $10 more than it should be…

    • nexxus6

      Choosing not to buy the game for $50 again makes sense. However, for people who don’t own the PS3/360 version and want to get it on the WiiU, $50 is a fair price.

      • Rinslowe

        No, I don’t think so…

        The cost to port it and incl. gamepad support doesn’t really justify being $20 more in this case @ $50.
        Even if gamepad integration turns out to be definitive, then I’ll hold off until the game is discounted. And I would hope others do as well.
        The reason being there are more interesting, exclusive titles coming soon, more deserving of our money (Sonic Lost Worlds, Super Mario 3D World). Not to mention games that no-one has played before like; Watch Dogs, AC4 and Ghosts which will likely ask for only $10 more…
        I liked Deus Ex, but even if I hadn’t played it when it launched, there are better value for money options out there right now or coming soon.
        They really should have priced it at $39.99 instead, which better reflects the amount of work they put into it, but just because it has never been on the platform before and people haven’t played it previously, to me doesn’t say Deus Ex for $50…

        Just my opinion though…

      • I do not agree. They still added content and enhancements which is why it is called a directors cut. I think they even added features for smartglass and psvita support did they not? Just because they ported it over to the Wii U should not justify a 40% price hike just because the game was not available previously.

  • tom

    I commented on this forum earlier today. So i will say it again. As soon as the price drops to 29.99 i will purchase it.

  • Andy Samson

    Why wouldn’t they clarify what these “exclusive features” are. This would make purchasing the game at that price point a lot easier to justify.

  • iamserious

    It doesn’t bother me. I’ve never played the game and it has never been released on Wii U. $50 for Dues Ex is fine. $50 for Wind Waker HD is fine as well.

    • Orange Lada

      It’s fine I suppose if you don’t also own an Xbox or PS3 …. but most of us do.

  • nexxus6

    I have no problem with the pricing on Deus Ex. If this game was already available on WiiU and not on PS3/360, I think Nintendo owners would be complaining if the WiiU version was the same price as the other two systems. I can see the posts already “Why should WiiU owners have to pay the same price for a title that has been released over 2 years ago!?!”

  • Apparently the Pricing for this game is more competitive in the UK

    What’s your fanboy argument on this one Magnus?? Still going to make irrelevant comparisons and say that only the Nintendo fans are upset about this when the fact of the matter is Square Enix is pulling some shady shit?

  • Wildman

    Shoot. It’s a new game for me. I don’t mind if it costs more. I don’t have a PS3 or 360 to play games on. Just a happy Nintendo Wii U and a happy Wildman!

  • leo

    Guys calm down, at least it’s not another sniper elite scenario

  • bugart19

    The higher price tag is obviously due to Wii U’s low sales numbers, hopefully the extra features are pleasing.

  • Larry Howell

    Fine with me. Heck, it’s a similar reason Batman is going to be 50 bucks instead of 60.

    • Not really.. Batman left out a compatible feature in the WIi U version and to some a major component of the game in Online Multiplayer. Big difference in doing that compared to making your game work with the hardware of the console. And even Batman being a new game losing a major component it only saved $10.

  • Alanistic

    It’s a lot cheaper in the UK. I preordered mine for £25

  • Mark LaVerne

    People, you seriously need to calm down.

    DE:HR sold almost 3 million on the other consoles – even with some serious problems concerning boss fights (leveling up in stealth didn’t help at all when the boss forced you to play guns blazing). Yes, the DC version was originally intended as a Wii U exclusive, but the old fans got pretty vocal about wanting the DC too. Now, most of those who will buy the new DE:HR version have most likely already bought the last version at full price – they just want to relive the experience, but now with improved bossfights. But there’s no way they’ll buy it for $60. In all, that would imply spending $120 on the same game.

    Judging from how my fellow Wii U owners treat magnificent AAA-releases from third and second parties, DE:HR wont sell anywhere near what it will sell on other consoles. And those buying it for PlayStation or Xbox already own it. It’s perfectly understandable that a company, after pouring huge amounts of work and money into an upgraded version, wants to secure an abysmall profit as well.

    We’re finally getting one of the best games ever, tweaked to perfection. We will be able to play it like no one else can (Vita and Smartglass can’t do what the Gamepad can, no matter what the xbots or sonydrones says. Please, just listen to the developer.). Don’t go all mindless fanbot and demand that the publisher gives it away for zero profit as well.

    If all this fails to ease your temper, just do it for Frankie.


  • Green

    Its fine they want to charge 50 dollars, but the thing is no one will buy it :o.

  • “Deus Ex more expensive because of EXCLUSIVE features”… does anybody even know what these exclusives are to justify the price hike?

    “The game was originally announced as a Wii U exclusive with some touchpad-friendly features, but publisher Square Enix later revealed that the game will be on other platforms as well, and that many of those touchscreen add-ons will also be available for SmartGlass (on Xbox 360) and Vita (on PS3).” – Kataku

    “The Wii U™ GamePad, Microsoft’s SmartGlass, and the PlayStation Vita provide the ultimate experience with 11 new Neural Hub features, including touchscreen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, smart vision plus, throwback explosives, inventory and augmentation management, and the possibility to play the entire game on the GamePad screen.” – Deus Ex website

    So the other systems are getting the Wii U’s touchpad controls… no exclusive there.

    “…plus we were able to add exclusive features to the Wii U version which we think Nintendo fans will appreciate and truly immerse them into the world of Deus Ex like never before.” – Square Enix

    Is this all PR hype? Are they adding a Mario & Luigi suit? The ONLY thing I see on the website that is an exclusive is the “in-depth Miiverse integration, access to developer commentaries and an in-game guide”, but most likely the other consoles will get the commentaries and guide so we are stuck paying $20 more for the “exclusive” Miiverse integration?

    I would really like Square Enix to explain this. What is $20 more?

  • Kimberly

    People! Buy this game! Tell 3rd party developers that we want more titles like this on the U. Vote with your dollars, it’s the only way.