Aug 15th, 2012

One of Ubisoft’s exclusive Wii U titles is called “Sports Connection”, a party game with sports mini games much like Wii Sports for the original Wii. Ubisoft just released a new Sports Connection trailer, showcasing some of the mini games, which include Tennis, Go Kart, Baseball, Soccer, and more. It looks and feels very similar to Wii Sports, down to the cute visuals and the rather cliched trailer, with shots of people playing the game like no one will ever play in real life. Either way, check out the new Wii U trailer below. For more on the game, check out our Sports Connection Wii U page.

Sports Connection Wii U trailer

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  • Alienfish

    Wow! It looks so much more exciting than it will actually be!!! I do really like the way pitching worked in the baseball section though.

  • brickster

    why do the characters look like xbox box avatars? oh well looks like a good game though just not my type.

    • EPICGAMER111

      ME TOO

  • El CaRaS1

    Who said nintendo was not going to apeal to the casual player on this nex gen.

    • Leeroy

      This is a ubisoft game…

    • Jonas

      noone ever said that anyway 😀 They want to address casual and hardcore gamers. You saw the “and” in my comment?

      • El CaRaS1

        I know Jonas I was been sarcastic cause that troll been saying that nintendo new console would not apeal to the casuals like on the wii. I also know its a ubisoft title but the game is on the wiiu exclusive I don’t understand why so many votes down. Comon guys if we nintendo dont want to be a labeled like sensetive cry babys we need to have some sence of humor and dont be so sensetive at peoples opinions. At the end every one will play and buy a nintendo wiiu console at some point.

        • Jonas

          ok ^^

  • 16der

    I wonder what new wii u games will come out…

  • ZMW

    “with shots of people playing the game like no one will ever play in real life”

    … lol’d

  • First & Claimed

    First sense it was not claimed! WOOT! Jk

  • Noah J.L.

    So long, Kinect Sports!

  • Laud

    The Karting actually looks fun, you guys should have included that video here as well.

  • Hi8us

    So ubisoft made a Wii Usports before Nintendo could? They’re fast.

  • D2K

    This looks pretty cool. Little by little more tidbits and info about the Wii U are starting to roll out. I loved the baseball on Wii Sports so I’m definitely interested in that part.

  • RonaldCoLtd

    Looks fun and exciting. 😀

  • Wii U Lover

    don’t you guys see that they used the new wii U game art box:O that’s so awesome. i’m gonna cry. :,)

  • Wii U Lover


  • Bravyoura

    3…..2…..1 let the 2nd shovel ware wars begin.


    They turned Nintendo into a casual gamers paradise now their back to finish what they started, WU HA HA HA.

    • Kyron

      As much as I dislike your comment, I can’t help but to laugh. That was funny. lol

  • SilentBates

    this is one of the best cheesy comercials I have ever seen! haha this looks like its gonna be a great party game for the fam and friends 🙂

    • Kyron

      I was thinking the same thing too. Its cliche but its also kinda funny (especially when the father gets hit by a flurry of tennis balls). I like how the tennis part of the game looks because I loved the Wii Sports tennis. One thing I hope they include is basketball.

  • venomjamaica

    The commercial has gotten me interested. I might pick this game to play with my and the kids.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  • kingtendo

    I’m going to stay far away from this like this turned me away from the wii.

    Now wii u will rule the world.

  • Bent houser

    Interested in trying it gotta say though not to much more goin down there
    Than with first console:(

  • andyyy_

    i think this is a must have game!! i usually have meetings in my house with lot of friends! thanks Nintendo for think in multiplayer in home, my Wii make us have lot of fun with games like wii sport, smash bros, kirby, mario kart, etc

  • power of life

    oh it looks pretty good and iknow many of you guys has already said it but its ubsoft game and is going to be good any how

  • nintendo fan

    Lets face it; this game its not good at all is just a remake of wii sports; and surely is going to be price at 39.99 usd (Wii Sports comes free with the Wii). We need less games like this one at the launch window; the wii sports strategy is outdated, a more innovative ways of gameplay are need instead of gimmicky stuff.

  • Shamash9

    Am I the only one who remembers how Boxing was the single best game on the entire Wii?

  • rampagingchippy

    Will you be able to make your own wii u character like you could on the wii

  • joe

    Baseball has some merit…kind of like I imagined piching…..
    not sure about everything else.

  • Dmonkeyman

    This game seems like an updated version of wii sports. Not sure if its worth buying.But it should sell decently (500,0000
    To 1,000,000 copies) enough.

  • Undecided

    Blah.. won’t be getting this one.