Oct 30th, 2012

Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii UUbisoft is bringing 9 games to the Wii U in the next 6 months, but that may increase to 10 games very soon. According to rumors, the upcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist might be coming to the Wii U. A GameStop store featured pre-order boxes for the Wii U version of Splinter Cell Blacklist, which of course hasn’t been announced yet.

This isn’t the first time Splinter Cell Blacklist has been mentioned for the Wii U. Back in May, a leaked Best Buy Wii U games order list revealed 25 games, including Splinter Cell. The vast majority of the games on that list were later confirmed for the Wii U.

Even more rumors about a Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U versions emerged earlier this year, but so far, nothing official has come out of Ubisoft. If there’s one publisher likely to support Nintendo’s new console with even more games, it’s Ubisoft. We’ll have to wait and see how this one turns out, but it’s looking very promising.

Splinter Cell Blacklist is officially coming out in Spring 2013 on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. And hopefully, the Wii U as well.


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  • D2K

    There is a ton of potential with a game like this to show off the capabilities of the Wii U GamePad.

    • Nintedward

      Sneak up behind victim – hold ZR to grab , yank the gamepad backwards putting him to sleep – twist the gamepad to peform the nasty.

      • ceramicsaturn

        Or hang from above, draw a noose around his neck, and yank the gamepad backwards and watch him squirm.

        Wow, that sounded kinda creepy and pre-meditated….

        • Ben2

          Thats assasins creed 3.

      • Nintendo is da best

        Best idea ive heard of

      • Madmagican

        Sounds pretty cool but um… you could’ve used better wording for “perform the nasty” people might misinterpret it

        • Nintedward

          Just wanted to say kill him with out grossing everyone out .

      • Captain Potato

        “perform the nasty”!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I hope this is true =3

  • Great Aether

    I know Ubisoft and they do not kid with what they say they will do. I got two words for splinter cell and wii u for ya. Is it coming to wii u? ” IT IS.”

    • DEZn00ts

      Better believe it.

  • Nintenlord

    Good news sam is back in the house,also cause ubisoft is so close to nintendo maybe even farcry 3

    • Nintenlord

      I ben thinking is not telling that the game is coming or not and then leaking it in some remote store or site is a adverticing tactic?cause it seems prety good in making hype for the games

  • Swic11

    Big fan of the splinter cell series. I will be buying this on the Wii U instead of the xbox360 to support nintendos 3rd parties!

  • Buzzeh

    Im glad you mentioned the blockbuster list cuz i remember reading about it the first time a long time ago, i was expecting Ubisoft to announce it at E3 but nothing happen, now all these news articles are coming up because of the gamestop image and everyone seemed to have forgotten the blockbuster list, i just hope its true like how New for Speed Most wanted was too :3

    • Nintenlord

      Ign said that ubisoft gave them the no comment reply,the no comment reply is usualy a yes we are working on it but how you knew it? Lol

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    Ive heard of this news already. Hope its true! PLEASE NINTENDO MAKE IT WORK!

  • Neonridr

    Imagine using the snake cam and you look into the game pad screen having the ability to tilt and angle the gamepad to have a look under the door.

  • XxxNRag3Xxx

    Nintendo has a lot of tricks up its sleeve im seeing. All I need is for them to have a great online system and some AAA games. And im SOLD

  • nintendoododo

    what is splintercell?

    -finland for life

    • KalebTaylorX

      You’ve never heard of Splinter Cell?


      Stupidest and most uninformed Nintendo fan ever

    • Lewis


    • nintendofreak

      its like a mix of metal gear solid n battle field…………….well its basically a less stelath metal gear but with more strategy or something like dat…

    • Nintedward

      It’s a prison cell where they put splinters under your fingernails and then kick you in the nuts. You will end up there if you’re not carefull…

    • swic11

      Its a spy game where you have missions to accomplish. The point of the game is stealth, though I never play it that way unless its part of an objective. Its fun as hell

  • The Velvet Squirrel Pounder

    I’m pretty convinced it will. This type of stealth/gadget game was made to implement the Wii U pad. If Ubisoft doesn’t exploit this hardware advantage with the Splinter Cell franchise they are, well….pachnter-rific.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Where is the love for megaman???

    • Unity

      Umm, Ubisoft don’t make Megaman. They wouldn’t announce it…

  • Master of Awesomeness

    Fix the and. Wii u daily wrote ANd

  • David

    lets hope they take the time and up the graphics and not just port the game over.

    • Jewelarchon

      You do realize you’re talking about the same developers or two exclusive Wii U games, and several multi-plats that have already been determined to be the best versions of the game, right?

      • Tyler

        They really aren’t the same developers. Ubisoft Montpellier, the studio that developed ZombiU and Rayman Legends, is its own developer. Blacklist is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and I’m guessing some smaller studios as well.

  • NinFintendo

    Imagine the CO-OP like on chaos theory! but no splitscreen ! Other person playing in gamepad and the other on Big screen. Im in heaven if this is going to happen 🙂 <3

  • Mariokartfann

    Well, I don’t really care for Splinter Cell, but I’m just waiting for big news tonight, I have a feeling…
    But anyways, thumbs up If you are getting a WiiU at MIDNIGHT LIKE I AM!!!!


    love me some splinter cell,and i could see all the fun we will be having with option’s of the gamepad.

    o and another thing,today i played rayman legend’s for the fearless at game stop.

    the graphic’s are out of this world,and the gamepad fit’s so perfect on your hand’s.i felt like a 8 year old kid in a candy store.


  • KalebTaylorX
    • lakersfan

      Check your friend’s status with your smart device “even on a train”. Now that’s legit.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Great news, I’m a longtime fan of Splinter Cell so hearing that it could be coming to the Wii U is great news! It’s just a shame that if it is, it’ll be after the other consoles. Wii U is getting great 3rd party support but it’s being hindered a little by the fact that some of the multi-plats have either already been out for a while already or won’t be coming until after they’re released for other platforms.

  • SmashballZ

    Nice! though the games I would love to see on the Wii u is: GTA V, Watch dogs and MGS ground zeroes.

  • DEZn00ts

    What i want to know is what the HELL happened to ghost recon for Wii U???

    • Unity

      They’ve delayed it until the PC version is completed, but it’s still coming.

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    Crossing my fingers for Far Cry 3 and Rainbow 6 Patriots as well

  • Kevin White

    Consolation since GTA V won’t be coming to Wii U?

  • Lew3107

    Well since most of the games on that leaked list have been announced for the Wii U, I always assumed this was going to come at some stage. As soon as Ubisoft officially confirm it, I’m cancelling my pre-order for my Xbox 360 and pre-ordering it for the Wii U instead.

    • Nintenlord

      Lol thats the reason they dont anounce the majority of the wii u games

  • LordiMcKill

    I hope it’s true but I’m also hoping Ubi brings Far Cry 3 to the Wii U as well.

    • Unity

      They’ve already confirmed that it’s not going to happen, sorry dude.

      • Nintenlord

        No they din’t there words where and i cuote”we have ben developing far cry for 2 year and star work on the wiiu version 1 will slow us down”

  • Angus Young


  • lakersfan

    Go Ubosoft! I’m loving that we already have a third-party developer that is bringing innovative gameplay for the wii u in several different great games.

  • RodSF4

    Probably true. Knowing that they delayed Ghost Recon Online on the Wii U, Ubisoft’s making up for it, by having Splinter Cell on it instead, hopefully same time as other platforms.

    • Nintenlord

      The reason for the cancelation was an easy 1 the microtransaction of pc free to play games would not have worked the same way on wiiu


    “lets hope they take the time and up the graphics and not just port the game over.”

    They certainly have the development time to exploit it. Let’s hope they do not concentrate efforts on porting it from PC to XBOX360 and Ps3 then play catch up saying..”um it’s exactly like the other versions…”

  • KalebTaylorX

    I really hope GTA V comes to the Wii U.

    • Linskarmo

      So do I. Although I’m not sure if my parents will let me get it. :’

  • Andreefj

    Hundreds of zombie bodies are ready!

  • Linskarmo (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    Looks like an interesting game. And I love Ubisoft’s support of the Wii U!!