Jun 5th, 2015


Alongside Lucas being released as DLC on June 14, the upcoming Super Smash Bros. DLC will also feature a new stage based on Miiverse itself. While that’s pretty exciting for people who like looking at some of the amazing drawings people do for the games, the real thing to get excited about is Splatoon costumes for your Mii Fighters. The Mii Fighters are a surprisingly diverse fighter set, so much so that they’ve become pretty popular among Smash players online.

Now you’ll be able to dress up your Mii Fighter as either the Inkling Boy or Girl from Splatoon, or with the squid hats you see in the screenshots below. They’re not quite the Splatoon combatants we wanted to see Nintendo add to the game, but it gets you one step closer to it. Remember if you want to see the Inklings added to Super Smash Bros., you can send a request to Nintendo to do so.

Will you be using the costumes for your Mii Fighters?

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