Jun 8th, 2015


According to recent numbers released by Media Create, Splatoon has sold through 97% of its stock in the country, with 144,818 copies moved within the first four days of the Splatoon launch in the country. This sell-through rate for software is one of the highest rates ever recorded for a Japanese game launch. To put that into comparison, other titles that nearly sold through their supply during launch include Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon Diamond version.

According to the report, Nintendo has already distributed more stock to retailers across the country, so demand for the game shouldn’t outstrip supply as it has in the past for sought after titles. All the great sales of Splatoon worked in the Wii U’s favor as well, as more than 19,000 units for the Wii U were moved last week.

While both the Wii U and the game itself are popular, the Splatoon amiibo are no slouch in sales, either. Media Create counted sales of 106,000 amiibo during the opening week for the game, though the Splatoon three pack that features a boy & girl Inkling and a squid counted individually as three, rather than as one pack.

How are you enjoying the game so far? Did you get the new Ink Brush that was added in an update on Friday?

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