Jul 2nd, 2015

Nintendo’s team-based shooter Splatoon has taken a lot of cues from other team-based shooters, so it’s not surprising to see the PC community embracing Splatoon by bringing it into Team Fortress 2. The mod is in its very early alpha-stages and contains models that have been lifted directly from Splatoon, so it’s possible Nintendo could respond unfavorably and ask the modders to stop working on the project.

Despite that, the current mechanics of the game are in pace, though the ability to paint at will is severely limited. You can only paint large squares at a time, but you can switch between being a kid and a squid at will, just as in the normal game. If the mode proves popular and stops using assets from Splatoon, it could become a viable server mod for Team Fortress 2, in the same way that Prop Hunt games were popular for the shooter several years ago.

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