Aug 6th, 2015


The big Splatoon update went live yesterday, featuring a higher level cap, new maps, new weapons, and new ways to battle your friends. While it’s been a great update for the rest of the world, Japan got something unique this update in the form of a web app that lets you sign in with your Nintendo ID. So what’s it do?

  • See your friends list, who is online and send them messages
  • View current levels of friends, their gear, and any points they’ve earned on specific weapons
  • View your own profile
  • View the current map rotation, as well as the upcoming rotation

Those are pretty handy, especially the map rotation. Since Nintendo doesn’t let you choose which maps you want to play on, being able to see the map at a glance without booting up the Wii U would be very nice. No word on if this web app will be released to the rest of the world just yet, but we’d love to see it. Would you use it?

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