Aug 17th, 2015


Splatoon has been selling well since it released at the end of May, but it looks like Nintendo is ramping up efforts to get people into the game again. Nintendo of America has announced another Splatoon Testfire event, which serves as a demo for the game for people who don’t already have it. It’s happening this weekend and all you need to do to participate is download the demo and play from 3pm to 5pm between August 21 and 23.

Happy Monday, Squids! It’s come to our attention that some of our junior squid researchers (that’s you guys!) might not actually have their very own copy of Splatoon yet. Imagine a poor, poor junior squid researcher staring longingly at their Wii U and letting out a sad sigh. If this is a scenario that you’re familiar with, boy howdy have we got a proposition for you!

Visit the Nintendo eShop and download the Splatoon Testfire demo to your Wii U. Launch the demo from 3-5 PM PT on August 21-23 and get ready to get inked!

It’s a shame that the demo period only lasts for two hours on all three days, but hey, splatting Inklings for a few hours a day is better than not at all. If you haven’t tried the game since the original testfire event before the game launched, there have been several new changes including a raised level cap, new ranked modes, and more. Be sure to try it out this weekend!

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