Sep 11th, 2015


Have you been enjoying Nintendo’s weekend Splatfest events? Missed a few? Well, you’re in luck because next weekend, Nintendo is kicking off the fifth Splatfest by asking you to choose a side, will art or science prevail? As always, participating in a Splatfest will net you a t-shirt of your team for you to wear.

Here’s the announcement:

The next Splatfest draws near! Next week, we pit art against science! Now, we here at the Squid Research Lab know that you’re a talented bunch of artists. We’ve seen what you can do in art contests, on Miiverse and, not to mention, all the rad fan art uploaded to Tumblr! It seems at first glance that art will have no problem taking it all. BUT! When you think about all the greats hanging out on the science side (Bill Nye! Neil deGrasse Tyson! Beakman!), it’s not hard to see how science could win this one!

If you’ve got a dog in this fight you want to see win, you can start the festivities on September 18 at 9pm PST, or 12AM EST. You’ll have all day Saturday to duke it out to determine who will prevail, art or science.

Which team will you be picking?

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