Jun 11th, 2014

During Nintendo’s E3 digital event, the Kyoto company announced a new focus on competitive gaming with the debut of Splatoon, a four vs four team shooter with a unique concept. Players can assume the role of humans or squids, with each having different abilities according to the form they take. While being human, players can spatter around as much ink as possible in order to travel quickly as a squid through their ink and ambush players.

Squids are bogged down in the opposite team’s ink, so the team that controls the most territory by inking up the map is able to help their team to victory. Victory conditions are determined not by who has the most kills, but by the team that is able to cover the most territory before the round ends.

In this video you can check out the warm up phase, where the demo introduces us to the controls for inking, as well as switching between squid and human form. From there, you can see the blue team inking up the place and even some obstacles that require you to ink past them and turn into squid form in order to sail underneath them. While there was only one map playable at Nintendo’s booth, the game is solid fun for a multiplayer competitive experience.

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  • Nin1986

    Really excited for this. Nice multiplayer concept, looked smooth and then I realized this is Nintendo so there will be no voice communication which I, for one, actually use online. Oh well

    • Christian Schoff

      You know there’s an entire Nintendo headset right?

      • Nin1986

        Guys I’m probably being cynical here… I have a wii u have had it since launch. I know what it’s capable of. I got black ops 2 and ghost for it (ghost over my ps4 that I have now) I use this function online.
        Check out Mario kart why can’t I speak to the 11 other players while choosing course, ok not during the race that would be hectic. But man after the game why can’t I scream at the guy who threw that red shell at the end. It just makes sense. For those who swear and become ignorant, there’s a mute feature.

        Obviously it’s E3, loud and all and it’s not wen out til 2015 they may implement it but I just made a joke about a feature that some people can use that doesn’t affect others.

        • ben

          Because of pedophiles. Sad but true.

      • steve

        i see what he means, alot of online without voice chat, hopefully this will have it. and the gamepad has a mic i use just the gamepad alot for mh3u voice chat.

    • Michael Legault

      Also the gamepad has a mic built in, mario kart uses it though only in lobbies. Even so it’s good enough that my cousin could hear
      both myself and my wife who sits about 4-5 feet from me.

    • ben

      The issue for nintendo is that they want everyone to be able to play together online. Japan has massive fears, and rightly so, about child grooming and pedophiles. Nintendo dont want their games to be hunting grounds for these disgusting people.

      • Nin1986

        Again my original comment wasn’t about lack of physical ways that the system can do voice chat. I’ve done my iPhone headphones to do black ops and ghost. I’ve done just the game pad mic to do monster hunter.

        My comment was about Nintendo not adding the functionality to the game itself. And voice on kart only works with friends. Now for those who say japan is all freaked out about pedophiles and stuff that’s a parent issue not a company one. I give the credit but what do they think about people who do not have friends they become friends with strangers and talk anyway. Everyone giving out their id on websites and just sending friend request to anyone. They haven’t fixed the pedophile problem and and have only ruined it for those who just want to play.

      • Joseph Oliveira

        I guess you never watched JapAnimation before. Especially Hentai. Too many old man’s pervs after young girls.

  • Vk-

    Really impressed by it. The game design is pretty clever.

    We need more modes, maps and weapons. Inparticular, a 3 or 4 team arenas would be awesome. All that color flying around.

  • Marioman21

    I think tis is one of the best games idea in years.

    • Medaka Kurokami

      Personally this is probably the best IP of the year, and if not, it’s nothing short of the most creative and innovative.

      • Marioman21

        I know right. Did anybody else the screwed up LA times article about the Nintendo Playstation 4.

    • kevin nun—-

      Has a lot of potential but those characters man… hope it doesn’t turn off “hardcore” fans,

  • Is this an online game? Or is it local multiplayer only?

    • ben

      online. and local. But they are being secretive about local. Maybe you will need a second gamepad.

      • I would have expected that to be reversed. Nintendo has been very slow to jump aboard the online multiplayer train, but have always been about local multiplayer. Mario Kart 8 has played flawlessly every time I’ve played online (although, I’m not sure how to get offline other than cutting off my console). I’m glad Nintendo is embracing the online multiplayer format more. 🙂

        • Rinslowe

          All the more reason a creative title like this one is a necessity. And looks like “so much fun”….

          • ben

            This game needs teams and leagues.

        • ben

          dude you just wait until the endo of a race and press b.
          Or press home.

          • I pressed every single button on my gamepad. Absolutely nothing worked. :/

  • ben

    Looks amazing. I Hate fps, but love third person shooters. This is going to be awesome.

  • Archiq09

    do this can play with pro controller?

    • Ducked

      Yes they showed someone playing with the pro controller.

    • Santiago

      yes, although there are some pretty good reasons to play it with the gamepad

  • Ducked

    The violence makes me sick, I never thought Nintendo would a game this gruesome.

    • Rinslowe

      Really? Well, some may view it that way. Honestly, after seeing Sony’s press conference I felt like I may need to see a therapist, lol. So much gore overload. But don’t get me wrong that’s not a dig at Sony, not by a long shot. More so to do with game development which focuses too much on extreme violence instead of engaging experiences. The Sony conference had some games I just will not go without; Little Big Planet 3, Abzu and No Mans Sky are done deals. Destiny to a lesser degree. Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4 yes. A few other peripheral titles. But yeah, back to topic.
      I thought Splatoon is the most innovative title of E3, for Nintendo. Sure their are greater games coming for the platform. But this is Wii U’s answer to Sunset Overdrive in a way. And I think the possibilities are pretty boundless. The colour is striking and the mechanics are unique.
      Lets be honest, we’ve all been asking for Nintendo to fill this sort of gap. And they’ve done it uniquely. I get it, it’s from Nintendo so culture shock right? But haven’t you been paying attention to Reggie lately? They’ve got their war paint on. And I for one am happy they’ve upped the anti on internal productions to cater to genres that third parties are no longer bringing to the table. And in such creative ways. Who can really complain?
      In comparison to Devils Third, I have no issues playing this game with family…

      • steve

        its pretty obvious dude lol

        • Rinslowe

          Like I said, it was early, lol. Had a few late nights recently. SO the coffee didn’t kick in until later. Thought it better to spiel more than back track, haha…

          • steve

            hey at least you were not a dick haha

      • Ducked

        Yes that was sarcasm lol. But the games at Sony and Microsoft I can agree on. Seeing someones head getting ripped off after they had been beaten by a crowd of people in the AC U trailer was disturbing, and seeing the Dead Island 2 tease was kinda gross as well. Its all violence now which is why I love Nintendo for not falling in the rest of the crowd and staying dedicated to making family fun friendly colorful vibrant games year after year.

        • Rinslowe

          Yeah, as a guy who’s been to many of the most dangerous places on the planet. I don’t really see gratuitous violence as a prerequisite for maturity. I’m sure most gamer’s of course don’t either. But the industry sure thinks it’s what the average gamer aspires to play.
          I think it’s over done today. And it is becoming a little repulsive when not handled in context.
          So more and more I turn towards games that inspire me to want to game, explore and immerse. I still like my FPS’s for competitive play online. But I won’t go for a title that’s going all out gore just for the sake of it. I’m not that removed from my humanity.

          And yeah I kinda got the sarcasm – after spieling big lol. Hmmm…

          • Ducked

            Unfortunately people love violence and gore. Its just never attracted me, even when I was in high-school. I never got why people loved games like Call of Duty and Skyrim so much. I’ve always been a platformer and JRPG kind of guy. Although I do prefer FPS in online like you said. I’ll play Call of Duty and Halo online once in a while. But that’s it. I use to be more of a PlayStation person, but once the PS3 came out it was pretty much all FPS and Western RPG’s. So that’s why I switched over to Nintendo with the Wii U for the 8th generation. I’ll buy a PS4 sometime in the beginning of the year to get LittleBigPlanet 3, and for Final Fantasy XV, Arkham Knight, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Every other game I’m looking forward to is on Wii U.

          • ben

            I can deal with the violence in Bayonetta 2, that is demons and angels. I cant deal with CoD violence. I dont want to kill things that look like people.

            I am really looking forward to splatoon. Looks like the a shooter for people who love mariokart.

          • Roadkill409

            I agree. I don’t mind shooting aliens looking creatures. But the more games look like real people I find I don’t play them very much. For some reason even God of War does not bother me, I assume because they look like demons like creatures, so I would guess that Bayonetta won’t bother me much either.
            But I understand some people like Battlefield type violence, I think some for some people it is “therapy”. I would rather people put digital holes in people than real holes. There’s always the reset button in a game.
            But I will be keeping my eye on Splatoon, I like how this game looks. I can play this with my 6 year old

          • ben

            Responsible parents buy Nintendos.

          • Rinslowe

            Well I think COD has actually handled gore quite well. Yes it’s gone out of control. The realism factor in the early titles though and till today have handled violence to a certain degree in context. It fits a theme that in reality is somewhat likely. It’s not gratuitous per se. But the larger than life settings and plots today are maybe bringing that focus out of context somewhat, now…
            Skyrim I’ve never seen as overly violent. Yes there’s violence in it. But again it’s within the context of acceptable levels and maybe in some cases borderline. But the wonder, exploration, lore and freedom in the Elder Scroll games are more a focus than it’s combat. Arguably it’s weakest component.
            But no, I totally get the point you’re making. Other games out there and there are many now are just blood and guts and shock and more shock and gore and blood and more guts just cause the dev’s love it so much. And obviously there’s a pretty big market of young almost mature individuals that are drawn to it.
            And yeah, so many of the unique games that have that good time vibe to it for me are on Nintendo’s console. I liked Yoshi’s Woolly World a lot. Splatoon of cource is really high on my list right now. After seeing the treehouse play session of Xenoblade Chronicles X I’m just as hyped as I was when Nintendo showed that first trailer early last year. It looks expansive and gorgeous and the perfect game for my tastes… Bayonetta 2 was always a day one for me. And now that the first game is bundled it’s practically a done deal. And you know, that kind of stylised violence I can accept. The themes are not the issue and I quite like those ideas played out in game form. It’s again when games have ultra realistic violence as a major focus of the game… No thanks.
            Ahh, spiel over. Sorry man.

          • Clel

            “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. ”

            -C.S Lewis.

          • Rinslowe

            Totally agree. We all lapse on a judgment of those that foolhardily fall for these sorts of things from time to time. But absolutely. Anything is fair game given it’s done in good taste, for a good reason and fun is one of those good good reasons…
            I find aspects of games like SM3DW, Pikmin series, Yoshi’s Woolly World and so many other games from other platforms and developers to be totally charming, in ways that it’s impossible at least for me not to appreciate.
            Truth is we’ve all been concerned about being grown up, that’s all part of growing up. And wanting to fit in with our peers and popular perception. So I get that. But I don’t appreciate parts and players in the entertainment industries that unashamedly cater to that without respect to providing a grounding force behind it. Otherwise it’s just wrong…

          • SkullScience

            That is what I have been saying to people who call the Wii and the Wii U a ‘kiddy’ console for years now. Thank you!!

          • Arthur Jarret

            I don’t think you will change any opinions of people who shy away from colorful games in favor of gritty, violent and shocking games by using quotes from a man that wrote about talking lions and a secret fantasy land.

            Using this quote to avoid the games that are labeled as adult, because said quote makes that adult game childish in the eye of the beholder would be a childish thing upon itself

            I enjoy good gameplay and rich stories. I like a certain shock factor in some games too sometimes. Which means I will be playing all games (not just the colorful ones).

  • Maybe with this I’ll finally be able to get my friends to stop playing TF2.

  • Kevin Malone

    I knew I bought the Wii U over a year ago for games that would come out much later, but never knew Splatoon would be one of those games.

  • gamingpalooza

    This looks pretty good… and won’t be the SAME OL SH!T that the other consoles are putting out.

  • Capt. Smoker

    http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/246/964/22d.jpg It’s about time we got that new ip, we’ve been stuck with too many side Nintendo games, like this

  • Forbsz

    This looks so fun I wish it would come out this year!!!

  • Suraj Alexander

    Damn! after seeing this game i have soo many different ideas for this.
    Different characters like heavy weight has more health dash ability to stun enemies but visible when a squid and creates waves as he moves to spread the colour.
    Stealth character makes no ripple or traces and can blend into walls and technician with quirky gadgets.
    Skill trees for each character to unlock with skill points as you level up, customisable clothes and unlock clothes, weapons, move sets with currency you get as you play and win. and maybe introduce quirky vehicles to a large map. and the map can be like parts of a city.
    Multiplayer modes like capture the machine by dominating this area around it in a set time and the machine goes off and colours that part of the map in your team’s colour and you have to move to the next machine and dominate that and who ever colour the most of the map wins.
    Story mode with open world and in a world which is black and white and different shades of grey a crazy scientist discovers colour accidentally and want to spread it around the city but the mayor of the city is against the idea and blah, blah and the scientist assemble a team to help and they could be the ones affected in the accident and they are friends and they get permanently coloured (the people are black and white(no racism intended)). they get cool vehicles which are upgradable and get cool gadgets as the story progresses. their mission: to spread colour to the city. Online co op would be awesome.

  • Roadkill409

    This is one game I will be watching out for. Did Nintendo mention online? I assume so, but I don’t remember.

  • CommanderBlue

    Well this looks like fun. Hopes there’s more game modes than just turf war.

  • Officer Raichu

    im most likely going to buy this and detroy everyone in it as I do in mk8
    yeah this game and battlefield hardline’s….

    trailer song are great

    • Officer Raichu

      only thing battlefields got going is its trailer song who knew

  • palomino blue

    Such a simple concept put together so well. This is definitely the best new IP at E3 this year IMO. I hope there’s some depth in a campaign mode and possible local multi, though I’m not sure how they’d make it work with only 1 gamepad.

  • MerryBlind .

    I have to say, I’m really intrigued by this game. At first I thought it looked really bad, with really bad character design. Now I think it looks REALLY fun and clever. However I still think they could have made a much better job with the chracter design.

  • BIG Franky

    this looks like Game of Show to me…. like not even close. looks amazing.

  • Nintenjoe82

    If the buzz around this game gets big enough they’ll put Nintendo characters in instead. Mario Paint 2

  • Kholby

    I hope Mario shows up with his Vacuum.

  • Zuxs13

    Great game terrible video.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Apparently full voice chat is confirmed – which is AWESOME.
    They should add that in Mario Kart team matches too! Coordinate some strategy: “Hey I’m in last place and got a blue shield, any one of our team in first place?”

  • David Trail

    Splatoon looks like such an awesome game!