Jul 6th, 2015


One of the unique aspects of Splatoon is that players can climb a ladder of 20 levels during online play in order to unlock new weapons. This gives players a tier of gear to aim for, but during a recent interview with Nintendo Dream that’s been translated, the possibility of raising the level cap was discussed by Yusuke Amano and Tsubasa Sakaguchi, both directors for the game. Splatoon has been available for over two months now and many players have already reached the top level, prompting them to ask whether or not the developers plan on raising the level cap in the future. Sakaguchi answered this:

Er… That is also under investigation currently… We originally expected level 20 to require a nice amount of time to play.

Another topic that was discussed was more customization for Inklings, rather than just clothing and guns. The answer given for why Inklings don’t have customizable features makes sense, especially considering they’re characters in a class-based game, similar to Team Fortress 2. While Team Fortress 2 has plenty of item and weapon customization, you can’t change anything about the default characters.

If we suddenly had variation like three hairstyles with braid or bun, people wouldn’t consider them as the same thing [character]. Therefore we limited the customization to the minimum with skin and eye color.

Would you be excited to see the level cap raised in Splatoon? Let us know in the comments!

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