Dec 29th, 2015


Splatoon has been available for half of 2015 and since then, Nintendo has released regular content updates that include new weapons and maps for players. In a recent interview with Famitsu magazine, Tsubasa Sakaguchi reiterated what we already knew from the last Nintendo Direct, that the content updates will be ending in January 2016.

In November’s Nintendo Direct it was mentioned that Splatoon updates would continue only until January. To further elaborate on this, updates that add rules, stages, weapons, gear, etc. will have the last batch in January 2016. But after January, they still will adjust weapons for balance if needed. Events like Splatfests will also continue to be held for the foreseeable future.

Splatfests and community events will still be held, but Sakaguchi even elaborated on why Nintendo is cutting off content updates in January. Spoiler, it’s to keep the game from getting too bloated, which is exactly what happened to Valve’s similar shooter, Team Fortress 2.

When asked for a reason why they would stop adding new things, the team says because right now there are already 14 stages and over 70 kinds of weapons. So if they add even more, it would be hard for players to memorize all of them, especially when considering weapon compatibility with stages.

Do you agree with the decision to stop adding items to the game? Perhaps now that the team is finally finished working on content updates, we’ll see a sequel to Nintendo’s newest IP for the NX? Who knows what’s next for the Inklings.

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