Jul 27th, 2015


The developers of Splatoon haven’t been quiet since the game launched at the end of May this year and finally, the first major update is slated to be released on August 6. Several new modes and changes are being made, so if you’ve stopped playing the game hoping for some of these, you’ll be able to get back into it.

One of the biggest complaints about the multi-player is that there’s no way to set up teams with your friends in order to compete together. That changes with this update as two new matchmaking modes, weapon types, and an increase in the level cap are coming. There are also more than 40 new pieces of gear that will be added.

Squad Battle is the new mode where you can play Ranked Battles with friends. Private Battle matchmaking will be be available as well, with customizable matches similar to how Super Smash Bros. work. Players can pick their map, mode and weapons. Several versus modes exist for this mode and teams don’t have to be even, if one of your friends is amazing at the game.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Nintendo confirms this huge free update will not be the end of free content for Splatoon. Here’s a quick overview of everything that’s coming:

  • Raising the level cap to 50 instead of 20
  • Squad Battle mode allows friends to play ranked battles
  • Private matchmaking with customizable options
  • More than 40 new pieces of gear
  • Two new weapon types added in this update

Are you ready to get your hands on this update come August 6?

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