May 8th, 2017

In our review of Splatoon when the site was still called Wii U Daily, one of my biggest complaints about the game is that the map rotation speed was too slow. It rotated maps every 4 hours, which is a long time to be playing a game. If you happened to catch the start of one of these rotations, you’d have to wait four hours in order to play on a different map.

Thankfully, it seems as though Nintendo has listened to fan feedback about those slow loading times. In a new interview with EDGE Magazine, producer Hisashi Nogami has revealed that Splatoon 2 will feature more frequent map rotations clocking in at every two hours.

We feel that part of the gameplay is actually selecting which weapons would be best for that combination of two maps. In Splatoon 2, the maps rotate every two hours, so it’ll be a much faster cycle than the previous game.

The map rotation system has always been a questionable decision in my opinion, since there are much better ways to handle this. Most modern FPS games on consoles allow players to vote on the map that will appear next, which is the same system that Nintendo themselves employ with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

One of the benefits of the map rotation system is that you get really, really good at all the maps instead of only sticking around in the lobby for those you like. What do you think? Do you like the rotation system or would you prefer if Nintendo had allowed some sort of voting system to let you change maps more frequently than two hours?

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