Jul 11th, 2017

Digital Foundry likes to get their hands on games to test their framerate and resolution to determine whether or not the game holds up to what publishers market and if the gameplay experience is smooth. They’ve gotten their hands on Splatoon 2 to determine whether Nintendo has made any improvements over the original game on Wii U.

The first thing they note is the game sacrifices resolution in order to maintain that smooth 60fps, with framerate sometimes dropping below 900p. We saw similar behavior in LoZ: Breath of the Wild to maintain a constant framerate in that game.

During docked gameplay, we noted a wide range of resolutions, peaking at 1080p in less busy scenes and dropping to 864p – the lowest native pixel-count we picked up on. However, the reality is that resolution is adjusting on a near constant basis to maintain the target frame-rate.

Sadly, for those of you hoping that Nintendo would employ some anti-aliasing to help smooth out some of the images, it looks like Splatoon 2 follows in the original’s footsteps with no anti-aliasing or texture filtering whatsoever.

So what do you think? Will you be getting Splatoon 2 when it debuts on July 21st?

Splatoon 2 – $59.99

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