Mar 27th, 2013

The Nintendo Wii changed the way game developers think about gaming. It introduced a new type of gaming interaction and the Wii U takes that concept a step further with the Wii U Gamepad. But in some instances, it’s the game developers utilizing the platform in ways previously not imagined that takes gaming in fun new directions. Spin The Bottle is that kind of game.

Turn off your TV. Think of the Wii U Gamepad as merely a way to choose players and keep track of the score. Grab a group of friends, turn on Spin The Bottle for the Wii U, and get ready for pure hilarity.

With all due respect, even the developer suggested two core groups would likely find Spin The Bottle most entertaining:

  1. Kids
  2. Adults who are drinking and/or playing a drinking game

One quick look at the above video and you’ll understand why: the mish-mash of mini-games ranges from fun head-to-head competition to seriously awkward co-op. Just as the traditional teenage game is played, you use the Gamepad to “spin the bottle” and the players on which the bottle lands must play the game. They’re automatically assigned a mini-game and that’s when the fun begins.

Spin the Bottle Wii U Mini Games

In one of the games (as seen in the video), players must simultaneously press a button on the Wii U remote, creating an awkwardly close nose-to-nose experience that could evoke any number of emotions depending on the 2 particular players. Two dudes doing it? Hilarious. Or how about in the cliche spin the bottle scenario where a guy and a girl, perhaps one of them with a little crush, get paired up for a nose-to-nose game?

In another mini-game, players embrace in a hug, and on specific audio queues must jump in the air. Depending  on how good their timing is and how high they jump, they increase a meter varying amounts in a race against time. Once again, the 1-on-1 and group dynamics here are entertaining and fun, unless you get paired up with someone dreadful. Of course that makes the entertainment factor skyrocket for everyone else!

Just imagine what you might be doing with some of the other included minigames:

  • Grab the Rooster
  • Hide the Monkey
  • Rabbit Hunt
  • Blind Dog
  • Waltz
  • Balancing Challenge
  • Picking Flowers
  • Circus Act
  • Slow Dance
  • Squeeze the Orange
  • Drill
  • Pump Trolley
  • Saw
  • Pass the Badger
  • Invisible Beach Tennis
  • Shooting Star
  • Jumper
  • And more…

Spin The Bottle was developed by Knapnok Games and incorporates a couple dozen mini-games. It incorporates a new element of social gaming that I have yet to see leveraged on any traditional console. It’s not about graphics. You don’t need a TV. Heck, you hardly need the gamepad. The entire game is about person-to-person social interaction in a group setting, something the gaming industry is sorely missing.

This isn’t the type of button mashing game that provokes your mom to rip open the basement door and scream, “Go out side and do something! It’s a beautiful day!” thereby locking you out of the house until it gets dark. Just make sure mom doesn’t want to play WITH you… because things could get weird.

Spin the Bottle Home Screen

Spin The Bottle is anticipating a release in the next couple months and we’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival. As will all of our children readers, alcoholic readers, and sexually frustrated readers, I’m sure.

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  • Nintendude

    Oh… Ok.

  • djvalbnc

    Hahaha WOW!

  • Nintedward

    Good times with the lady’s and spin the bottle. The ultimate solution to kissing the girl who is just a bit too good looking for you !

    I just thought of the most awkward way of playing that nose on the button bit :S

  • Oh my goodness. Feels like it’s borderline on the kind of Xbox live indie games that have some kind of sexualization in it.

    • HeroponLuigi

      Hahaha Grab the rooster indeed, yes?

      • TaintedXGamer

        I loled at that too

      • Chris Hamilton

        another name for a rooster is cock, so I don’t even want to know what grab the rooster is all about 😉

        • NkoSekirei


    • Elem187

      It actually looks like it might be crazy good fun in a drinking enviornment.

  • Cap9

    That game session was so gay. Great way to showcase the great and powerful Wii U -_____- It could b fun with a girl but what we just saw was so fruity!

    • Nintedward

      This is the ultimate game to play with a girl.

    • robjackson81

      If it was two hot chicks playing, this video would reach a million views. But we worked with what we had… don’t be a hater!

      • routerbad

        When they advertise this game, if they do, they need to advertise it with two hot chicks, it will sell a million consoles.

        • routerbad

          to dudes

          • Guest

            They just need two different versions of the commercial…

      • Cap9

        I love the Wii U, ain’t no body hatin! That showcase was pretty cheesy thou. Here we are, in desperate need of some awesome Wii U news and the only game we see is two guys hugging each other and jumping up and down. Doesn’t look good in my opinion lol Meanwhile Sony is probably showcasing the PS4 with Infamous, Killzone etc. Just hope to here some better news soon.

      • Elem187

        Can you get two hot chicks to play this game and upload the video to youtube?

    • Easter_egg27

      Yes I feel just like you, specially the part when they are attached to the controller.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Retail or download?

    • Saul Rivera

      I’m hoping it’s a cheap download just for awkward fun ha!

    • robjackson81


  • this is frustrating

  • ps4ultimania


    • HeroponLuigi

      Hahaha Can I join as well indeed, yes?

  • Nintendofreak

    saw title thought it was like frenchkiss or getting locked in the closet kinda thing… but oh well seems fun

  • BGhp


  • FilipiCn

    I already played wii drinking with my friends. Games as Punch Out or Wii Sports. It was very very fun and funny.

    • HeroponLuigi

      Hahaha Drunk balance board is as you humans say ” where it is at ” indeed, yes.

  • Superstick98

    The developers of this game were obviously high when they created this. But I ain’t complainin. lol. (jk) I’d play this at a party all day everyday.

  • fireheartis1

    lol When I saw them hug and start jumping up and down I’ll I could think was um no!!!!. I’m really not interested in a game that has you doing something like this.

  • Mr. Nick

    Now this is a system seller! haha.

  • Alex Damman

    2 things… first, this game is awesome if you want to get drunk with your gaming friends. i, personally, am under the drinking age and not planning on breaking the law so i won’t be playing it :). second, this is a really interesting prototype, by that i mean a game where the wii u gamepad can be primarily used as a scoreboard and other information database while the game is played off of the tv, with or without the wii remotes.

  • D.M.T

    This is fun with a girl

  • Alienfish

    Hey! Let’s play pin the Wii remote on the drunk chick! Whoa! Was it supposed to just disappear like that?

  • METHical reality

    Nintendo is sick these days .. i am hoping it recovers ;(

    • Seth S. Scott

      a preview for a new game but you’re still whining about no games. geez…

      • METHical reality

        Get your head out of your rectum .. i am always supporting Nintendo and always will .. but truth to be told Nintendo is not bringing their A-game yet .. its not whining its called being honest rather than being a coward fanboy like you

        • Veries Seals

          Wow guys you must realize that every game you see is not made by nintendo. These guys are creative 3rd Party Developers. You must allow for new games to be created, or all the games will be the same. I am not a party guy but to be honest this game is very creative and can be fun at parties. It could be fun. Keep in mind no one controls who you play this game with. So if you want to only play this game with the opposite sex then do that! The game does not have to be a turn off. It could actually be the ultimate party game. I am in! Support the developers guys. You never know who may deliver your next great 3rd party hit. Nintendo is still in the lab working on our great 1st party titles. Lets not run off the few 3rd party guys that we have just wanting 1st party titles only. I love 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games. I love games!

  • Only a few are true gamers

    I will not buy this..Yuck they looked like they wanted to kiss each other


      ‘Yuck they looked like they wanted to kiss each other’….. are you like 10 or something lol

      • Only a few are true gamers

        Nope are you..and i have a job and two kids and what do you have..hummmm?


          I have a kid and a job too. Saying ‘yuck’ to 2 adults kissing is something my 8 yo would say. My reply was meant for as a joke than offense. Im sorry if you took it that way.

          • Only a few are true gamers

            No problem..just lost my wife to a drunk driver last week been a rough day sorry for my comment. Wish you the best of luck been doing everything i can to keeping them from what has happened

  • WiiUltra

    What the hell did I just watch? Whatever it is, its hilarious haha.


    OMG! What next, Rape U???

    • Archiq09

      Hentai games?


        I saw that in a ’10 most shocking games’ list not so long ago!

    • HeroponLuigi

      Hahaha indeed Human the Japanese humans have already made that game it is called Rapelay I highly recommend it I will post my detailed review soon but I will let you know in advance that I gave it a 9.5 indeed, yes.

  • Totally want :3

  • gobrowniesgo

    Thats pretty funny..but l bet it would make a good drinkin game, lf l still drank though..

  • Juhis815

    Good glory be, now this is the game that I’m not about to buy for Wii U if it can result awkward situations when something goes awry. Hell, I already have planned to buy LEGO City Undercover where my hard-earned money goes into.

  • dr scoobie

    my dirty mind made all those mini games sound dirty.
    “Squeeze the Orange”
    what worries me is how the wii remote is used.

  • FackMaaii

    His accent…. sounds danish.

  • Wiiluigi


  • Wow bit childish isnt it

    • Seth S. Scott

      yes indeed, as the game is tailored towards kids and/or adults who dont mind being childish. learn to have laugh at yourself dude.

  • Seth S. Scott

    SO excited for this game. Looks like the most fun since Wario Ware on the the Wii.

  • Chiwawa

    I would have NEVER thought of a game like this on wii u….

  • Cerus98

    Outside is one word. The writing here is going further and further downhill.

  • Well,….family game night is gonna be…interesting to say the least….

  • The mini games all sound like sexual innuendos…

  • Michael Jurado

    hooray games for drinking games lol party at my place

  • Be prepared for more hentai games !

  • MetroidZero

    I’m single, so I guess I’ll be doing single player. 🙁