Nov 13th, 2016

Those lucky enough to have an NES Classic console can enjoy and indulge in the classic, retro games. But not everyone is playing to have fun, some are doing it to break records.

The “Best of NES” group regularly gets the best speedrunners together and challenges them to head-to-head speedruns on famous NES games, and with the release of the NES Classic, they of course included a competition featuring the new console.

They selected 12 of the 30 games to see who can complete all 12 games the fastest. The race featured noted speedrunners Toad22484, KHANanaphone, and InfestedRiche.

The rules were a bit different though: not all games had to be completed in full. For example, Mega Man 2 had to be completed to the end while they only had to reach level 5 in Double Dragon 2 before moving on to the next game.

How did they do? Very well, as one might expect. The winner was InfestedRiche, who completed the run in just 3 hours and 13 minutes. If you have the time and willingness, you can watch the entire contest here.

Now we’re waiting for the real NES Classic record: who can beat all 30 games, in full, the fastest.


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