Feb 27th, 2016


A recent leak of lots of Nintendo information just got something going for it: the leak nailed the new Pokemon game, which gives it some credibility when to comes to the other information. Information that points at a 2016 launch for the NX console. Not only that, the source says that Zelda will launch on the NX — the same Zelda that will be released on the Wii U. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this news.

NeoGAF user Trevelyan9999 posted a bunch of Nintendo information, including marketing budgets for upcoming games. According to the source, NX will launch in 2016 with Zelda, with an unknown marketing budget behind it.

The Wii U has a marketing budget of $34.5 million in 2016, with $10 million going to Zelda for Wii U (that money could be shifted to the NX version of the game).

Trevelyan’s list already has one thing going for it: he leaked that Nintendo would release a new Pokemon game, codenamed “Niji”. Nintendo did in fact announce a new Pokemon game, called “Sun” and “Moon”. But as seen on the official website, the logos are named under their codename, “niji”.

Nintendo never used codename to describe the new Pokemon games, so the only way Trevelyan9999 knew this was to have an inside source.

What’s more interesting is that Trevelyan9999 had some videos and content on his website with the NX and Zelda information. Those videos and articles have since been taken down.

Maybe Nintendo should just go ahead and announce the console already.


Source: NeoGAF, via Kotaku

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