Jul 15th, 2014

With so many Kickstarter projects turning out to be failures over the recent months, any sign of distress for a Kickstarter project that you’ve backed can be cause for concern. Soul Saga was successfully funded a year ago today and was supposed to be released this month, but many backers have been wondering what’s going on with the developer and why we haven’t heard anything. Today an update was finally issued in which the lone developer of Disastercake has admitted he’s run into health problems while working on the project.

I missed you! How have you been? Soul Saga is moving along great. My personal health took a dip a few months ago when I became bed ridden from a ruptured disc in my spine. I have barely been able to walk, and unable to sit for about 3 months now. The doctor says I will probably need surgery. >.<

But don’t worry, I won’t do something like that until Soul Saga is done. I want to make sure I get a good game to you as soon as possible. I’ve acquired a laptop so I can work from bed since I can’t sit at my normal workstation. I’m still personally clocking in ~100 hours a week on Soul Saga, so there shouldn’t be any delays from my end of the project. Today is going to be a quick update clarifying an important element of the game.

Despite the bad news about the developers health, it’s nice to hear he’s still working on the game despite his personal state. Here’s a look at the dialogue as it will appear in the game.


The video above is footage of the first alpha for the game.

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  • Virus6

    This looks awesome, but it’s sad that seemingly no Kickstarter project hits their goal. You’d think they’d know to aim far out, but EVERY single one aims short. Rule one is the always overestimate!

    • Keith

      Do….do you even have a soul?

  • Capt. Smoker

    Get well soon mr developer.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    That’s what I call dedication.

    • Keith

      Couldn’t agree with you more my friend!

  • ~OMEGA~

    Dat Dedication Doh!

  • Never even heard of this but it totally looks like my kinda game.

    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      same, looks good.

  • Ducked

    This guy has high respect from me.

  • brian

    Why do the enemies and player characters “jump at” whatever they’re attacking?

  • I wanna wish to developer to get well soon. It’s look like this will be a very nice game which i will definitely add to http://OwlGames24.com/

  • Agent721

    Working from your bed, injured & still putting in 100 hours per week? You sir are a mfing boss of a man. I will certainly check this out when it’s ready.

  • Vorpal Blade

    Like a boss he is.

  • Gamerrr72

    Get well soon and thanks for you’re hard work and dedication.

  • Sdudyoy

    I’ve said it multiple times, health should come before work, although I have a feeling he has lots of pressure on him, I think he should take a brake.

  • Segaman

    I promise I will buy this game the day of release for at least three reasons. One is it’s an RPG. Second, your dedication and commitment. Finally, because you are supporting Nintendo and ESPECIALLY the Wii U!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Shota

    a indie game with final fantasy/dragon quest look. yes please . get well !!

  • Fi

    Boring as hell.

    • Epicstuf

      Well, that tell’s me that YOU are not a fan of games that are slow.

    • Keith

      Go troll somewhere else.

      • Fi

        I’m just giving my opinion. Go be close-minded somewhere else.

  • steveb944

    I would support this immediately through PayPal but apparently it only allows for PC, Mac, Linux. I’m going to contact him to double check.

    Can you guys contact him and update us? I’m sure there’s a few people out there that could possibly help to reach another stretch goal.

  • Pablo LavĂ­n

    As he is working alone in the most things, Im impressed. Instabuy.