Oct 1st, 2012

Sony Wii UOver the past year, Sony hasn’t had many good things to say about Nintendo or the Wii U. And we weren’t expecting them to, either, as the two companies have been arch rivals ever since the PlayStation vs. Nintendo 64 days. Recently, Sony has been saying that its PlayStation 3 + PS Vita combination could do what the Wii U does. Which is a silly statement, no matter how you cut it.

But now Sony has a few good things to say about Nintendo and its Wii U. Sony UK’s Fergal Gara told Eurogamer that Sony “respects Nintendo as a highly successful competitor”, adding:

“Of course we will watch what they’re doing with interest. It’s [Wii U is] a very interesting product they’re bringing to market”

Gara also said that he doesn’t expect the Wii U to sell a lot this year beyond the early adopters. But if the Wii U gains traction next year, he says, then “it becomes a more important factor in the mix”.

We certainly didn’t expect someone from Sony to say anything like this. Not everyone at Sony is impressed by the Wii U, though. Sony’s Vice President Scott Rohde said back in June that the PlayStation Vita was better than the Wii U, referring to it as a “box that sits under the TV”.


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  • shadriczo

    is it me, or did i just heard that Sony “liked” the Wii U? Or are just screwing with people.

    • Zeldazero

      What we just heard was…Since the Wii U is obviously going to be a success, I am not going to say it is just a gimmick like I did with the original Wii so when I try to incorporate the WiiU idea into the PS4 I won’t look like a total hipocrit this time around.

      Pretty sure that about sums it up.

      • Coolkat18

        Also i just read somewhere (ign) that sony is actually considering a β€œps3 + vita bundle” this holiday season. OH SONY… not really surprised haha, any guesses on the price yo?

        • ceramicsaturn

          Five Hundred Ninety Nine US Dollars.

          • AKA-Link77

            Lol pathetic Phony. Of course yr gonna watch Nintendo πŸ˜€ cuz after the crowd goes crazy for Wii Uβ„’’s performance yr just gonna copy (even tho PSV did). And just like suck-ass Patcher, now even u are regretting wat u said about Wii Uβ„’ & starting to suck-up yrself! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

          • Herox95

            Or Fony.

          • revolution5268

            “hur heart attack”

          • AwesomeNES

            Isn’t buying a 3DS and a Wii U about the same price? Around 500$ depending of the model?

            Where does that make Sony hypocrites in any way?

            You all claim that the Wii U is better and that, but you guys still can’t acknowledge the fact that the vita is an awesome console, yet, the Wii U will have a touchscreen and AR cameras, just like the Vita, and suddenly this Wii U is good and not the Vita when they use Most of the Same Technology?

            AKA-Link77, you’re a fanchild.

            I’m sorry, but am I the only one who’s not overly impressed by the Wii U at all?

            Seriously, 8Gb and 32Gb is a joke.

            You’re going to sell games that will fit on disc that can hold over 20Gbs, how do you expect to play them on 8Gb? Or 32Gb? From an external HDD? That you have to buy on top of your Wii U? Again, isn’t that over 500$? And playing them from an external HDD, first of all, can you play them from an external hdd? Nintendo said you could store them, didn’t say anything about playing them, and if it can play them, how long do you think it would take to load a game on an external HDD when the Wii U only supports USB 2.0 and not 3.0? 3.0 is tremendously faster than 2.0.

            And it can’t play DVD MOVIES…

            Also, didn’t Sony asked Nintendo to use cds because it would cost less than cartridges AND that it would have more Memory? Now Nintendo is using a similar optic base disc from a Blu-Ray Player for more storage…

            Oh, of course, All technologies cost money in R&D, even if Sony would have asked them a royalty fee for all games, the games still would’ve cost 50$ or less. But of course, they preferred not to pay any royalty and just go with cartridges and have the games to cost 80$, from less storage.
            That was Nintendo failure, because they are cheap.

            And from the looks of the Wii U, it’s really cheap. I don’t see how you expect people to use an External HDD on USB 2.0 while elsewhere there’s already SSDs that goes just about 10x faster than regular HDD and USB 2.0 is near unplayable if you’re playing a disc-base game, the loading is just too much.

            That’s reality. But of course, on Wii U daily, when you go off and tell the truth, you’re instantly labelled a troll and troll patrol makes an appearance.
            And what, you can’t tell the truth around here?

            Seriously, 32Gb is not enough if you’re planning to download content, it may not even big enough for all the Additional Content that can be found pretty much everywhere on the other HD consoles.

            And then Sony says that the Wii U is a great consoles and you can’t even have the decency to say Thank You? Or even, PlayStation is great too and people can live with two consoles for their TVs.

            PlayStation just announced some savings for the month, buy for 100$ get 20$ back. How cool is that? Does that make them bad people? Hell no!

            I’m really interested to see what the Wii U can do, but honestly, with all of your racist and childish comment, I sincerely ain’t interested in getting one any more. Nintendo, get your act together, it’s about love, it’s about gaming, it’s about having fun, Nobody is having fun when they’re constantly fighting each other.

          • AwesomeNES

            Oh, and because the Wii sold 90+ million has opposed to 65+ million, that makes a good argument to laugh in their face and mock them?

            When the PS2 tremendously outsold the Gamecube, did any PlayStation fan ever were constantly in your face mocking you? Hell no. If they did, they were jerks, and you’re acting like one.

            Treat others the way you want them to treat you. Jesus said that.

          • Ibiexplorer4

            Giant Enemy Crab.

          • Atstyle


            You bark at thing without understanding nothing.

            To start off main reason why N64 still used cartridge was because it had close to 0 loading time. It’s a fact that cartridges load way faster than cd(also main reason why gamecube used mini DVD to increase slow reading speed of normal DVD). So I’d rather have fast loading games then slow loading game with lots of cutscenes, cuz really the huge storage that ps1 had only served for cutscenes.

            Regarding WiiU you must be a troll not to know that usb 2.0 is more than enough to read games from. theormitical read speed of usb 2.0 is 450mb/s while the optical drive on wiiU is 22.5mb/s and is confirmed to be able to run games in fully without ever needing to do mandatory install unlike PS3 with its 9.6mb/s reading speed for its optical. So trust me you don’t know what you’re talking about. USB 3.0 is not needed. If you’re that concerned about speed simply get yourself a SSD through USB 2.0 and it will greatly enhance the transfer speed. Flash memory > all in term of speed, and frankly that’s is what we have as internal storage so once again it might seems useless but knowing that the main Operating system will be running on flash storage ensure a much faster an efficient system menu compared to ps3 and 360 which are stored on HDD.

            Ps3 is charging you 100+ dollars difference in between models for a 70gb(from 250 to 320) increase thats totally ripping off people.

            Last but not least HDD are cheap you get a 2TB for 79$ bucks at best buy. You most probably will never need such a large drive anyway.

            So do the math and stop complaining you clearly are a troll… deuces!

        • Grodus

          $99999999999… Really though, 550 bucks.

          • AwesomeNES

            After all the publicity I made about the Wii and how great it is, I see that this is how you treat your competitors?

            I would remind you that a lot of people who bought a Wii also bought an Xbox 360 or a PS3. Are you sure you all want to piss off all of thoses potential clients? Again, the numbers of PS3 and Xbox combined are far greater than the Wii’s.

            I’d learn to love, not to hate if I were all of you…

          • WII U 4 LIFE

            Get real

      • Ibiexplorer4

        I fail to see how what they said was hypocritical.

        • Zeldazero

          I never said that they did, only stated that they did with the Wii and are trying not to make that mistake again with the WiiU. We all know they slammed the Wii motion controls saying they were gimmicky then produced a blatant rip off 2 years later. I am not a Sony hater or a microsoft hater. I have all 3 consoles but I will say I hope the Wii U gets a lot of good third party support so I won’t need all 3 systems again…wishing thinking unless I can suffer without each consoles exclusive…

      • clownferret

        Of course sony will be watching and then they will blatantly copy it and add some shiny graphics just like they have always done

    • Thepokemonmaster

      Yeah, Now we just need to hope microsoft has a happy comment on this too πŸ˜‰

    • Nko Sekirei

      they know they lost cause wii u is more powerful then ps3 and 360 and sony came out with lies saying ps3 and vita runs the same specs wii u has that was a load of bull$hit and we al know wii u has more horsepower and better graphics then ps3 and vita put together


      It is only interesting to them, because they gonna steal and put in the Gamepad in the PS4…

      • Madmagican

        …two-three years later… yeah, that’s gonna go over well

        • snestendo

          at least Nintendo sticks with what they have

          • revolution5268


    • junior3

      yeah sony is being stupid first they say that their consoles are better

    • Choda

      Wow everyone relax. sure its nice to here a comment like this from Sony’s Fergal. And yes its also nice to know atleast for a year, the wii u will be the most powerfull. But stop with the bashing. Damn if you like Nintendo this is going to be one kick ass year of gaming. Zombi u, Rayman Legends, and many more. Just sit back and play some awesome games. I personally own 360 and have also preorderd my wii u with 4 games. I love gaming, and i also cant wait for the next Xbox as well. Bring on the new consoles im ready. And im starting with Wii u baby. “BE A TRUE GAMER DONT BASH”

    • dr scoobie

      reverse-phycology doesnt work on me.
      then again i do not know how to spell it.

  • Dawnofmorning

    I’m sure Sony has already killed Fergal Gara after this statement.

    • Nintedward

      R.I.P Fergal , you will always be remembered as that ass hole…

      • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

        Nituro wins ….again

        • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

          Lol few ppl got the joke

      • Herox95


  • Joseph

    Sony’s just sad because they lost to the wii ;D

    • Tom Fitz

      Even more so giving their Vita lost/is losing badly to the 3DS!

      • ssb4 fc 3007 8585 6950

        vita sucks and 3ds is near 20 million if not already 20 million consoles sold and thats because of great games on 3ds like Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Resident Evil Revelations as well as upcoming games like Smash Bros 4, Zelda 3ds, metroid 3ds, and Ninja Gaiden 3ds. (I bough my 3ds solely for smash four than saw that kiu and RER as well as zelda 3ds are coming).

        • Nintendonoob

          WHAT!? YOUR COMMENTS GOT THUMBS DOWNS!? Yep… The sony fanboys are here

  • Cugno the Swiss

    You’ve got to take this kind of news with a grain of salt. Professionally, it wouldn’t be right to say “Lol, our competition is bullshit rotflmao if people buy a Wii U they suck”, no, Sony is a big company, they can’t afford to have such image. They can say good things or they can shut up, simple as that.
    Just like when Nintendo says that the Wii U is going to be a very good console, and that third parties will be supporting it for the following six years. What were you expecting, you’re expecting Nintendo to say “Hey, we did our best with the Wii U, but it’s not that good, don’t buy it just now”. It wouldn’t make sense.
    Now, I don’t think that the Wii U is a bad console, on the opposite, I’m planning to get one maybe end 2013 or begnining 2014, I don’t know, but when big companies like Nintendo or Sony talk, it’s for marketing reasons. Sony can’t afford to ruin its reputation by saying “Nintendo sucks”.

    • jcb411abuser

      that’s pretty silly to say when they have already talked trash about wii u

      • Cugno the Swiss

        Morons work for every company. People in “high places” inside a company don’t talk trash usually, unless they’re blind fanboys, which is unlikely.

        • Hater Of Zer0

          But when Hirai comes out and says things like “We have been telling our customers for a while that our VITA/PS3 Combo is better/ can do anything and everything the upcoming Wii U can do” then it becomes one of “those” problems. Nintendo doesn’t say these things, in fact, they specifically say when asked by press that “they don’t compare themselves to other companies. :/

          Not trying to pry by the way.

    • SuperShyGuy

      Sony Japan is pretty respectful to the competition

      Sony US are the ones that hurl insults like “The Wiimote looks like a lolipop” guess he didn’t know his company was working on a copy of it that looked like an ice-cream cone

      • Nko Sekirei

        yea but their sony move controller looks liek a sex toy

    • ceramicsaturn

      You… you weren’t around during the Sega/Nintendo years, were you. Insults, even from CEOs, VPs, etc are common place in the video game industry. In fact, it’s common in the electronics industry in general. Steve Ballmer comes to mind….

      • Leviathan

        Speaking of the Sega/Nintendo years, does this mean there’s a chance that someday within the next 20 or so years that Nintendo and Sony would end up working together? I know it sounds like blasphemy now but 15 years ago it was the same with Sega and Nintendo

  • FishFan03

    Everybody underestimates Nintendo…one thing is for sure, they can never be counted out. I know they will surprise people with the Wii U.

    • zhenya

      Let them underestimate. I would happy. When Nintendo crushes their competition

  • Kybalion FC: 1977-0184-9118

    Never thought I would live long enough to hear this from some1 at Sony!!! O.O

  • HyperSonicN1

    Pachter becoming positive about Wii U…
    Sony saying that it’s an interesting console…

    Next step is quadruple rainbow

    • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

      Sony sound desperate ,i think the bashing tactics are not working and they are even thinking of a bundle whit a vita

  • Ledreppe

    Comparing the vita with the wii u is like comparing. Chalk and cheese. C’mon, the Wii u should be compared with the future ps360 replacements, not a handheld console, this is a new ‘home’ console’. Sony need to get their shit together

    • Nintedward

      They should worry about comparing that shelf warming vita to the Hot hot hot 3DS before they compare it to a NExt gen Home console , lmao.

      Whats their problem ???? Nintendo should come out and say , the vita is overpriced and overpowered and it has no chance against us , sony don’t know what they’re doing .

      And they should say the Wiiu can do a whole lot more than the ps3 and vita ducktaped together can do πŸ™‚ which it can……
      1 Nintendo console VS 2 Sony taped together = Nintendo wins , easily…

      • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

        Is not a good idea to call the other overpowered ,that could back fire very easy

        • heNintedward

          The reason it is ”overpowered’ is because , No developer wants to max out the vita’s graphics. handheld games are supposed to be more simple and easy to develop for .

          The only time we will see half decent graphics on vita is from Sony’s first party games.

          Have you seen the COD coming to vita ?? it looks like a wii game in QHD.

          • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

            Is not about how a game look but how ppl will think how thbey look in the future if nintendo goes around saying that the psp is a overpower piece of crap whit no games some ppl will ignore that part and other will know that vita with no games will not be forever that way

          • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

            im not saying that the vita is better just telling why nintendo dont bash the others even if they are right

          • Nintedward

            We’re both right Nintenlord πŸ™‚ .

            I know what you mean , maybe vitas graphics will hold up the longest , but Nintendo will have a new handheld out in 4 and a half years lol.

            And I think the 3ds has great graphics and beatifull 3d πŸ™‚ . I will buy a vita in the future when it has a load of games ready. Nothing interest’s me now.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    The first thing they do is bash Nintendo with lies and bad publicity. Then, if it doesn’t work, they suddenly respect BigN for being a nice competitor.

    • Lancer

      They didn’t say they respected N, or that the WiiU looked good, just that it was “interesting” That could mean anything >_>

      Plus it’s not like Sony is one person, different people who work there will have different opinions, it isn’t that suprising.

      • Lancer

        Oops, maybe I should have reread the post, they did say they respected N,but my other point still stand.

        • Yamiryuu Zero

          Yes, your other point still stands. But if we compare everything said about Nintendo by Sony until now, this person seems to be the only one who hasn’t been bashing Nintendo. They should know that their words carry the name of the company, and know that there are some things that you can’t simply say to the general public. As a company, Sony needs to be strict when talking about their rivals, otherwise, their words will only backfire.

  • nintendofreak


  • Smokey cheese

    Sony are hoping to squeeze out a few more years from the PS3 so I don’t think that sony sees the Wii u as a threat,I think they have more concerns about MIcrosofts next console.Sony can’t really afford to release their next gen just yet as they are under considerable financial pressure due to the weak vita sale and the drop in t.v and mobile sales.
    I know that Sony has shamelessly copied NIntendo in the past, the six axis was a terrible last minute addition and I think even the most delusional of Sony owners will admit that Move was a blatant rip off of Nintendo Wiimote and Nunchuck. I own Move on the PS3 and it works but I hardly use it!
    IT is nice to see some love coming the Wii U from other areas of the gaming arena.

    • marioU


  • Dan

    Sony and Micro is trying to doom the vgames market by making powerful consoles that drives up development cost while games price stay the same,, with the Wii, games can do look bad, bad with the Wii U? Its up to develpers,,, Just look at those Cryengine graphics πŸ™‚ And maybe Fox Engine,,, So sad mgs and GT got to reelease 1 game in 7 yrs! Wow,,, lol,, poor sony( i skipped PS3)

    • Cugno the Swiss

      Kojima said that the graphics presented with the Fox engine were obtainable by current generation consoles, so I don’t see any reason why Wii U shouldn’t be able to run the Fox Engine. The only thing I’m sad about is that Kojima isn’t planning to release MGS Ground Zeroes on the Wii U, I’d buy it day one!

  • nintendoododo

    What are you up to Sony?

  • Jon

    The PS3 is a great console. The Vita is a great handheld.

    The two together are more like the Wii U-3DS combo than it is a replacement for the service the Wii U offers as console-gamepad.

    • WII U 4 LIFE


      • Cugno the Swiss

        Just because you think that the Wii U will be a great console, it doesn’t mean you have to hate all the other existing ones (I’d like to recall that we’re talking about videogames, not politics or religion, don’t warm up). I think that the Wii U will be a great console, probably the best one among the big three, if rumors about the upcoming ones are true, but this generation Sony managed to get way more third party support than the Wii, and it doesn’t matter if PS3 sold less than the Wii, for gamers it was a success. I personally like some Sony exclusive even if I don’t have a PS3, my least favorite console is surely the XBOX, but this doesn’t mean that the whole internet must aknowledge this fact through rageous posts.

        • WII U 4 LIFE

          Well to bad sony is going bankrupt and that’s face my friend get used to it wuu i is king now..opp im sorry still king

  • Guymelef

    Interesting enough to copy?

    Now I’m seeing a PS4 with a tablet, and Sony dropping the Vita handheld altogether… You know they can, they already have a gaming mobile phone, so they can easily give up on handheld consoles if they want to…

    • AnesthesiaGamer

      Sony will copy Nintendo for sure.

      Considering they purchases they’ve made. If I was Sony I would…

      More graphics, an unteethered tablet controller, cloud gaming, tv distribution service, no disks.

      In fact I’d be surprised if Sony didn’t do that. Public response?

      Nintendo fanboys: understandably upset at Sony copying Nintendo yet again
      Sony fanboys: hailing it as an overall success and the epitome of gaming
      Microsoft fanboys: pure hate riddles with defamatory remarks
      General public: I already have a Wii U

    • Xblade13

      Plus, they won’t make a profit on Vita for a few years. Dropping handhelds would save them money (Nintendo’s always dominated that market anyway.)

  • just nin10do

    If i cant buy nintendo consoles and pc i will buy sonys consoles

    • Cugno the Swiss

      Yeah, I always thought so. Nintendo is my personal favorite, but Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Tales of Xillia, Ni No Kuni, Journey, ICO + SotC HD Collection, maybe one day we’ll get The Last Guardian… Say what you want but the huge competition is between Nintendo and Sony, for me. Microsoft just has Halo and Gears of War, which are meh.

      • AnesthesiaGamer

        Thank you!

        Microsoft’s entire survival is based on those two shooters. I prefer GOW to Halo but I would never own them. Unlike EA’s idiot president “the gibbon” I like playing with friends, I like playing online, but I also like the single player experience… Which is lacking in both those franchises.

        • Neonridr

          Halo Reach was actually quite the single player / co-op experience. But to each their own I guess.

          Microsoft has a franchise (other than PC) which is sorely underrated – Alan Wake. What a fantastic game with a really good story. For any of you 360 owners, please go get that game, it’s like $20 now. And if you don’t have a 360 but have a PC, then go get it for that instead.. πŸ˜›

          • Cugno the Swiss

            As a big Silent Hill fan, I played Alan Wake on the 360 and it was Silent Hill’s wannabe in my eyes. The ending wasn’t very good, unless you downloaded the DLCs. Graphics and atmospheres were very good though, running through the woods at night was quite an experience, but not even remotely good as Silent Hill 2 or 3, or even Homecoming. Pretty psychlogical, but not as much as they wanted us to think, and it didn’t have as much symbolism as Konami’s masterpiece. Go check Silent Hill if you never played it, the HD collection is cheap now.
            And as you said, Alan Waker (which is an ok game after all) is also available on PC, so is the Witcher 2 (other good game on XBOX that isn’t on PS3, but not a real exclusive). The only exclusive, at least here in the west, I was glad to play was Tales of Vesperia. I bought an XBOX just because it costed way less than the PS3, but I don’t think I’d do the same choice again. But today I actually saw a “Ubisoft Triple Pack” that I might buy, I’ll keep an eye on it.

            Anyway, talking about the Wii U, I have the feeling that we’ll be pleasantly surprised in the near future.

  • Andrew Sheehan

    Sony is clearly just trying to clear the air, so that when they full on copy the 1:1 U-Pad it won’t seem as immature.

    By the way, does anyone else see the similarity of the Wii>Wii U and the NES>SNES.. May as well have called it Super Nintendo Wii.

    • Xblade13

      Or the UNES: Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System πŸ™‚
      But I’m fine with Wii U. However, I hope they change it up next gen. BTW, what would be the innovation next gen?
      NES: gaming as we know it
      SNES: more buttons, 16 bit
      N64: 3D gaming, analog stick, 64 bit
      Gamecube: Low load times, 480i? (Not sure what it was exactly), second stick, dual-purpose pressure sensitive triggers
      Wii: Motion Controls, Wii Shop/Virtual console, light internet connectivity
      Wii U: gamepad (with touchscreen), motion, NFC, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii
      NEXT: ????
      I want to see what we can come up with.

      • TheBoldman67

        Well, something should pop up in 5 or 6 years.

      • Andrew Sheehan

        Hmm, what next.. Full panorama video games via Wii U Pad 2.0 would be nice.
        A full virtual environment, SIMS like for Mii’s, both on and offline<(I want this for Wii U, however). 3D touch screen for Pad 2.0 etc..

        • Crapcake

          wasnt the ultra nintendo the n64?

      • Joesatmoes

        of course, while i cant think of any way they could innovate any more, they could probably think of something. or they could make an improved wii u (so like what sony & microsoft do, with the same controlers, but of course with wii u pro/ wiimote functionality.

        • Xblade13

          I agree, I think they’ll simply power up the U next gen. Unless, of course, a new technology pops up. I heard somewhere that people were looking into Virtual Reality glasses again. Maybe Nintendo will do that.

      • Leeroy

        We’re putting the controller… IN YOU!!!:0

        • Bob Singh

          thats kinnect


    Wow! Suprised much! Nerver thought that, but I still don’t get why they all just can’t get along, I’m a fan of both.

  • Armani

    Well at least they are finally seeing the big difference on the WiiU and knowing its a true next Gen Console.

  • podge79

    I know its off subject but i literally cannot wait for mario kart on the wii u. I hope we get some news on it soon.

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Yeah! That’s what I’m waiting for! I hope it comes out sometime early next year or something, I’m kind of bored of MKW, want a new one!

  • Neonridr

    and all this could have been avoided if Nintendo had just agreed and let Sony make the SNES-CD..

    what kind of world would we be living in now??

    • Hater Of Zer0

      They would have had to give them their IPs that they would plan to put on there though; they wouldn’t gain the benefits that would be equal for the deal in their position. There was wrong on both sides, so it didn’t work out.

    • Lazara the Last


      Anyway, you know that nintendo and sony worked together on what was gonna be ps1?

      • Neonridr

        The original plan Lazara was for Sony to make a SNES add-on CD. The Deal fell through and Nintendo decided to partner with Philips on the CDi instead. Sony got pissed off and released the Playstation.

        All I was saying was could you imagine if Nintendo had Sony make the CD addon for the SNES. The Playstation would have never existed, and if Sony kept a partnership with Nintendo, then who knows what kind of video game console we would have today.

        All I do is recount a little history, and I get thumbs down.. πŸ˜›

        go figure.

        • Jon

          This is Wii U Daily’s readers. Half of them weren’t alive Pre-64 and won’t listen to any constructive criticism.

          It would be awesome if the Sony – Nintendo partnership never fell through. The industry would have progressed so much faster and the N64/NGC would have probably been the dominant consoles without the hindrance of cartridges and the mini disc.

          • Andrew Sheehan

            Sony would have took Nintendo for everything they had, and Nintendo as we know it would be the next SEGA, merely making games from the side lines. Would we even have analog sticks? More likely an 8-button D-pad for diagonals.. That is one butterfly I would not step on.

          • Lazara The Last

            Well, industry works better when people are competing. If Nintendo didn’t have any competitors, why should they use money on improving? If they were alone, they would be the only one to buy games from.

            But still, it would be awesome with only Nintendo and 3rd parties!!

    • WII U 4 LIFE


  • Nintendude

    Like I said before….

  • Lazara the Last

    Well, that came as a little surprise… First I said when I saw the article was “wtf?”
    Then I had to re-read the headline 3-4 times more to belive it ^^

  • Mida

    Ahhhh the world is ending!!!!

  • Alex

    Oh Ok they “like” WiiU, after…surprise Sony copy Nintendo WiiU Gamepad on PS4 :o…interesting…

  • metroidfusion2

    The wii u will shit on this gen and next gen there is nothing and will be nothing that the ps4 or 720 does that beats running native 720p or native 1080p and 60fps on the tv screen and doing hd and 60fps on the controller at the same time or running 2 controllers in hd and 30fps

    • Nintedward

      Ubisoft’s legendary Rayman dev , Micheal ansel ”the wiiu can EASILY do 1080p 60fps on The TV and run 60FPS on the gamepad at the same time”.

      The ONLY reason games are coming to the wiiu less than Native 1080p
      is because of LAZYNESS or a lack of development time or funds.

      Nintendo’s games will be native 720p only becuase they are trying to meet a deadline .

      ME3 is 720p becuase some half assed Australian developers are porting it.
      The wiiu could easily run ME3 in 1080p…

      The wiiu will evolve into a 1080p beast at the end of 2013 to the start of 2014.

      • Neonridr

        I agree completely. Some developers are able to do more with the hardware because they are willing to take time to develop the games properly. Remember, some of these ports are coming from less powerful hardware, so the devs are just slapped gamepad controls on and calling it a day. Even though some people are complaining that certain 3rd party games are only running in 720p, some 360 and PS3 games run in even less than 720p native (CoD for example), and have to be upscaled.

        The fact that bare minimum we are getting 720p at launch is a great thing since the 360/PS3 can’t even guarantee that resolution natively.

        As developers become more familiar with the architecture, you will see many more games running at 1080p natively.

        • Nintedward

          I’ve done some research about the ”HD” twins the 360 and ps3 (which i both own and like btw) . And this is what I have uncovered , its exposure to say the least.

          About 80% of the PS360’s catalog runs at Native 580p upscaled? to 720p. 15% are native 720p
          . and less than 5% of PS3’s catalog runs at native 1080p and they are lowered to 30 FPS.

          The games which are native 1080p are either awful graphics like Ridge racer 7 or JUST the cutscenes are native 1080p whilst the gameplay drops to 720p like uncharted 3 and final fantasy.

          The wiiu is at launch , 50% native 720p and 50% native 1080p .

          That’s solid proof that the wiiu is next gen in every sense of the word.

          • Cugno the Swiss

            Not everything is about resolution. A N64 game can be rendered in 4K, but it doesn’t make it next gen. It’s about how the hardware can process images, and we still don’t know the specs, so we’ll have to wait and see.
            I personally hope that during this generation (the one that’s about to begin with the Wii U), people finally understand how much a 2.5 hours long game with lifelike graphics is not worth that much money.

          • metroidfusion2

            Thanks for the info regarding the ps3 and 360 shittiness my dad is a dumbass and doesn’t do his research he checks out ign which is lame and he doesn’t get that upscaled isn’t the same as native and I know a lot of wii u games are in native 720p and I know there are plenty more to be announced but I only know 5 native 1080p games and those are the rayman game,zombi u,black ops 2,scribblenauts unlimited,toki tori 2 and o yea I know it will be a 1080p beast and it shits on this gen and next gen ha nintendomination damn I can’t wait

          • S-steps

            The info you posted is not solid proof of your point; it is evidence supporting your point. Something can only be proven when evidence constantly supports an idea. Even so, it’s hard to believe that 1080p won’t become standard on even the weakest of 8th gen consoles. If any of the other two dares to not meet this standard, they should be ditched as a gaming console developer.

          • Nintedward

            @cugno . I know bro !! but if for example the 360 and ps3 cannot run COD at native 720p 60fps and the wiiu can do 1080p 60fps whilst running the gamepad screen aswell , the wiiu is clearly a LOT better . Not evn debatable , obviously the wiiu GPGPU is going to pooooop all over the ps3 and 360 graphics cards.

  • kevin

    I don’t get a house nevr got good things out of that. Sony was only commenting to make sure they were pc in uk. They didn’t say anything good about the wiiu. “Interesting” doesn’t mean what all you are hoping for. Just means they have someone or peace that could work if the consumer buys it.

    I nhave my wiiu on order already but you people sound like obama with the “hope and change”, where nothing was behind that statemenr but you believed. The wiiu writters are so one sided in their writting, they give you one quote out of an entire interview and run with it.

    Context people, you don’t get it at wiiudaily

  • Xblade13

    “Of course we will watch what they’re doing with interest.”
    To me, this sounds oddly like Sony is going to watch how the Wii U does commercially, and if it’s popular enough, they’re going to try to replicate its success with PS4.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid that they may make the Dualshock 4 for PS4 include a touchscreen. But it does sound that way…

    BTW that would be one UGLY controller. πŸ˜€

    • 16 BIT RYE

      It would be like the Dreamcast controller…

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Wouldn’t it be great if Sony and nintendo joined forces and crushed Microsoft πŸ™‚ to bad these are just dreams of mine

    • Hater Of Zer0

      That would be like trying to get the Angels of Heaven and the Demons of Hell to work together in order to defeat Cthulhu. 😐

    • ceramicsaturn

      Sony would weigh Nintendo down. Seriously, what would Nintendo have to gain? Millions in debt and a handful of desirable exclusives? Who cares…

  • Griever

    @ Topic

    you didn’t read the article well, please read it again, it’s everything else than good what Sony has to say about the WiiU, even they call it not a Next Gen Console etc. Please read better in Future to keep us informed right not with what you wish they say…

  • Smokey cheese

    I think Sony might copy nintendo’s original Wii philosophy when it comes to next gen tech. The machine won’t be as powerful as the next gen Microsoft but my guess is they will utilise there 3D. Headset tech like they demoed at TGS. The Wii proved that you don’t need the most powerful hardware to get people’s attention.
    When I first read about Nintendo’s wii many years ago it really grabbed my attention and my imagination went into over drive. Sony have been very quite about next gen play station.will they do a NIntendo inspired move with the headset. I would be really unimpressed if they copied the Wii U concept.


    Sony: Wii U is a Very Interesting Product.

    Me: Clap Clap, Do u want a Cookie?

  • ceramicsaturn


    We like it because our controller will be very similar. But we didn’t copy. We have documents that show we have been thinking about doing this for 24 years.

  • WII U 4 LIFE


    • Grodus

      Your’e so annoying. I believe the appropriate term here is “’nuff said.”

      • WII U 4 LIFE

        @Grodus And your an ass ..nuff said and this is a place where we can voice opinion freely. I’mο»Ώ so sorry for your inability to be able to form coherent words or sentences as you type. Keep trying trooper!

      • WII U 4 LIFE


        • Cugno the Swiss

          Actually, Grodus is the one who wins, because he decided not to argue on the internet.

          • WII U 4 LIFE

            and you lick ass thanks

  • Shane

    If the bundling PS3 and PS Vita rumors are true, the only way they could pull it off against Nintendo is if they make the price around 375-425. Sony already charges $270 for the new slimmer version of PS3 WITH Uncharted 3 GOTY Edition, and $30 for the EVE Dust 514 game. My hunch is that it cost $20 to put the Uncharted game in there, and $0 to put the DLC money for EVE Dust 514, making it a $250 console. If they lowere the price of the Vita to $175-200 and make it a bundle, they could potentially make a HUGE comeback in terms of what they’ve been dealt, but I highly doubt this. What would be more interesting is if Sony did this the launch of the Wii U. That would be the craziest day EVER in terms of gaming competition.

    As for XBox 360: If they want to compete, they need to make that smartglass compatible with more than just Microsoft tablets, otherwise, only crazy XBox 360 fans(what’s Playstation and Nintendo?) will buy it because they already have a huge game library and don’t want to go to a new console. Or if Microsoft bundled a CHEAP tablet just for the XBox 360 that would price by itself at around $125, and as a bundle, instead of KINECT they would put that in the box. We know that won’t happen with XBox though…

    Xbox and Sony already have too many individual control schemes for their games, and I think that next gen for those companies(in 2 years), will be exactly what’s happening now for Wii U. Seriously? Move and Kinect, now Vita and Smartglass combos? Seems like a hard situation to deal with to me…

    • ceramicsaturn

      Just an FYI, Smartglass works with all tablets, Windows, Android or iOS.

      • Shane

        Thanks for the info, didn’t know that. Still not going to go buy a tablet to support it though…

  • Hi8us

    Sony is in the gaming industry purely for revenge, since their deal with Nintendo to make the snes cd add-on fell through. They don’t care about gamers, they just want to push Nintendo out of the market. Sony’s been trying to bury nintendo from the beginning and they will go broke trying.

  • Enigmatic

    “PlayStation 3 + PS Vita combination could do what the Wii U does. Which is a silly statement, no matter how you cut it.”

    But it can.

    It’s silly statement to say that it can’t. It would just be a much more expensive combo, because the Vita is also a standalone gaming console.

    • WII U 4 LIFE

      @Enigmatic A huge facepalm for you and sorry to tell you but vita is a huge fail
      3ds for life

    • Neonridr

      True that it can, too bad only 5% of the PS3 gaming population has a Vita ( using the assumption that all Vita owners have a PS3. So while it may be able to do what the Wii U can do, not enough people can use it, and even worse off is only select games support the interaction at this point.

    • eyesac

      The ps3 can stream games to the vita?……. Technically it can do similar things. But it can’t do what the WiiU can.

  • Joswag (3ds fc: 0216-1072-9703)

    I bet that there is no one from Microsoft or Sony that hasn’t played a Nintendo game! Childhood nostalgia is the best medicine πŸ˜€

    • Cugno the Swiss

      It’s not all about nostalgia. Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and Ocarina of Time made my childhood, ok, but if Nintendo didn’t make those modern Wii masterpieces we all know and love and made a game in which you have to pet Mario, I don’t think many people would have given them their money.

      • Joswag (3ds fc: 0216-1072-9703)

        You have a point buddy

      • WII U 4 LIFE

        Well i call it a win for me because some people are in deniel

  • Master Awesomeness

    Sony doesn’t want to look scared by what they think of as little nintendo. But they are scared. Very scared.

  • Chicken


  • GameChanger

    There was absolutely nothing good said about Nintendo in his statements. He said that Sony “respects Nintendo as a highly successful competitor”….???? I mean, you can’t help but respect a company that has a home console that sold 100 million units, a handheld that sold well over 100 million units, and another handheld that has sold over 20 million units in less than 2 years so far.

    Then he calls the Wii U an “interesting product”. The word “interesting” is just a description of something good or bad and, in this case, could not mean good. No one at Sony is going to go that route. The only time Sony will praise Nintendo is when they copy them because, after all, imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.

  • ssb4 FC3007 8585 6950

    just 2 let u know im also ssb4 fc 3007 8585 6950 i messed up my username sorry guys.

  • Christian

    Heh. Just watch! Sony’s going to have a Wii U gamepad knock-off months after release. That will cost half as much or more than the Wii U itself!

    • Christian

      Sony just needs to get their own ideas, not steal them constantly from Nintendo.

  • NicNac

    A company founded since 1889 Nintendo is a smart company. They been playing cards since 1889 so they know tricks and strategy in world of gaming and business.

    • Grodus

      I couldn’t help but say this, rain down the downvotes:

      They’ve been “playing cards!” Ahaha, it’s funny ‘cus they made cards.. Ahhh…

      • WII U 4 LIFE

        @GRODUS this is a place where we can voice opinion freely. I’mο»Ώ so sorry for your inability to be able to form coherent words or sentences as you type. Keep trying trooper!

  • derty


  • RoboticLink

    Sony is so dumb and takes all their fans for idiots. The vita costs $250 and so does the PS3, in total that makes 500 dollars, correct. Yet they are charging $599 for a Vita and a PS3 wich costs you 99 bucks more. Why not save the money and buy them separately.

  • RoboticLink

    My last comment is a reply to the 3rd and 4th comments so it may be a little complicated to read. Sorry, I’m new at this.


    I am confused.

  • Grodus

    Pachter, then Sony employee, next is… fanboys!? I’m… bewildered!

  • TheUNation

    PlayStation Vita
    2012 – 2012

  • WII U 4 LIFE

    @derty i agree wii u for life but your going to have sony lovers who are going to hate on wii u but maybe one day they will see the light

  • derty

    @wiiu 4 life! I see ur, WIIU 4 LIFE!! and raise u a, NINTENDO 4 LIFE!! πŸ˜€

    • WII U 4 LIFE


  • SteampunkJedi (FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    It depends on how the comment is said. They could say “it’s a very… interesting product” and turn the meaning around from positive to insulting.

    • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

      Perhaps insulting is a bit of a strong word. Unsure would be better. And maybe they actually think it’s good. I don’t know.

  • Nintenerd

    Sony: β€œWii U is a very interesting product” means we will copy and bring this technology to the next Playstation 4

    • Nintenerd

      Seems they are just farming for information so they can incorporate it into the next PS. Marketing trick to see what devoted PS users feedback is and if its negative then they will stay away, if positive then they will commence to copy cat Nintendo once again. They’ll do this several times with their little comments to generate buzz I’m sure

  • Happy Mask Man

    It’s suddenly an interesting product now they want to copy it! My only concern is when I ask friends who bought the original wii as their first console about wii u, they always say “its just a big DS” or ” It’s to big to be portable”. A lot of the “casual” wii users simply don’t seem to get it. Nintendo needs to work harder to get the concept across if they want to repeat what they did with wii.

  • millz

    before i start I’m not a fanboy of any game company I’m a gamer I play games on all platforms ( apart from shitty phone games and xbox360 and that’s only because I’ve had 5 360s red light on me so Microsoft can get bent) and have been playing games for 21 years (not bad for someone who’s only 25) and I am really excited about Wii u, mainly for zombie u but the ps3 and vita could potencaily have the same intergration as the the gamepad but it wont happen like that because third party dev won’t waist time programing 2 consoles to the same job as one, as the vita will render its own screen unlike the gamepad which is streemed. only Sony games will prob have this feature.

    also wouldn’t incorporate a gamepad like controller because as they said the vita can already do it with ps3 so they will move that over to the 4. by the way the.codename for ps4 is orbis and if thay goes with vita it means circle of life so theyve pretty much said they will work hand in hand. although I will admit it is a rip off Nintendo but that’s not the point the point is it can do it.

    secondly saying a console is rubish based on sales is rediculous. remember the.gamecube it was a brilliant console but had very little sales. the handheld market has always kept Nintendo going that’s what they do best. but saying the vita is rubish because of price and too much power is stupid. it out performs 3ds and has the same launch price. 3ds had really bad sales until they dropped the price so when Sony drop the price watch how much the sales go up.

    I own both 3ds and vita and none are better than the other. they both offer something unique than one and other and I cant play zelda on vita or uncharted on 3ds. games make gameing and seeing a new way to play always excites me. there’s too much hate in the game industry I just want fun games oh while I’m at it hardcore gaming doensnt mean call of duty its same shit different day. a hardcore gamer dedicates his or her life to games end of.

  • xxstoicmonkeyxx

    I believe what sony meant to say was, “We will watch nintendo closely so we can steal their idea’s for the ps4”

    • Truuu


  • TheShmow


    Bwahahaha. At least it does sit there. TV Vita is a box that sits on store shelves, unsold.

    They’re just bitter that the Vita sold less than Pac-Man for the Atari 2600. Yeah, one of the biggest video game failures, one usually blamed with the ’83 video game crash, outsold their “awesome handheld”. Three times over.

  • kyuubikid213

    Except the PSVita isn’t better than the Wii U because it isn’t selling and the Wii U will.

    • RoboticLink

      I know, the wii u already 1 tenth of the sales of what the vita has and it isn’t even ou yet.

  • U Turn


  • Nintendude789

    Of course! Wii U will dominate the 8th gen. I don’t if it doesn’t have a DVD player cause it will have Netflix, and YouTube. Who needs discs wile we have the Internet.

  • bizarre_faith

    lets just say that nintendo has everyone one in their sights. now its just a matter of time before sony and microsoft become the next sega. more power this more power that blast processing does what nintendont or does blah blah sounds like the same things that were said before and look what happened. sounds like a cry for help and a moment of desperation.

  • Satoru Iwata’s banana bunch

    FYI: although I am not a Nintendo fan-boy, I do believe nintendo is the most innovative, and I always will. How ever, in terms of hardcore gaming… Nintendo consoles, regardless of graphics and controller options, are not the best for FPS and other games like that. I will be playing FPS on WiiU with Black Ops 2, but it if I had a PS3, it would not be my preferred console for said game. Wii U will be my favorite for BO2 however due to its multiplayer being free and Xbox being paid. I’ve had my Xbox for about 1-2 years now and it has yet to fail me. And wii u? I believe that I’ll have it for over 5 years at least without faltering preformance, as with my current wii. Thank you all for reading.

  • Funny

    It’s funny reading some of the comments on this site, and almost sad, that Nintendo will dominate the next generation. The “Playstation 4” and the “Xbox 720” will crush the Wii U in every aspect possible, and with the PC leading the hardcore gaming segment, the Wii U will be left behind with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in just

  • Lets be serious

    It’s funny reading some of the comments on this topic, and almost sad, that Nintendo will dominate the next generation. And I agree with some that Sony is acting cocky and idiotic. However, the “Playstation 4” and the “Xbox 720” will outdo the Wii U in every aspect possible (except for first party games), and with the PC leading the hardcore gaming segment, the Wii U will be left behind in just a years time, enjoyed by long time fans and casual gamers.

    The Wii when launched back in 2006 revolutionized gaming and offered something new, something to get gamers excited, and was my choice above the PS3 and 360 and a choice I have never regretted to this day, however this time, the Wii U offers us a tablet controller, which is less ambitious than its predecessor. How this folds out can contribute greatly to the success of the Wii U, as tablets such as the Ipad are on the rise, and free to play games and apps are increasing in the gaming market, in fact, the console industry is seriously threatened by tablet gaming.

    And yes, third party games are flowing into the Wii U’s catalog, but are mostly PS3/360 ports that have already been out months ago. At this stage we are unsure if ps4/720 third party games will also come out for the Wii U, and seeing the Wii Us specs, its highly unlikely and could prove fatal to Nintendo, the Wii U’s 2gb ram is dwarfed by the massive 8-16gb ram of the PS4 dev kit, and third party games for the PS4/720 must appear on the Wii U or..it will have a less successful future. For the foreseeable future, the Wii U will be selling mostly for its 1st party games. Another point of interest is a lot of people are comparing the Wii U to a 7 year old console and debating weather the “graphics” are better or not, but that shouldn’t be an issue, seeing as Nintendo isn’t going to that direction, or had given up the “core” with the release of the Wii…

    As gamer I would choose the system with high definition blue ray along with 250-500gb of hdd, which the Wii U doesn’t have. This time, the PS4/720 will be my main choice, as the Wii U for me isn’t that impressive like i thought it would be and seeing recent reviews, the Wii U is centered around party like multiplayer and online gaming unlikely to overshadow Xbox Live or the PSN. Gaming consoles today should be an all in one entertainment system, and cutting edge technology should be a standard, no Wii U game has yet impressed me with its visuals, albeit they play a small role in gaming.

    Theres no doubt the Wii U will be an incredible piece of hardware, but getting a PS4 with top notch technology, amazing first/third party games, 1080p 3d, downloadable PSX/PS2/PSP/PSN games, top of the line blueray player to enjoy movies and music is more appealing to me personally. In the end, we don’t know what will happen, but Nintendo fans shouldn’t put down the PS4 and think it won’t give Nintendo a run for the market.