Nov 9th, 2017

Despite filing for a patent that looks very close to the Switch, Sony is adamant that they have no plans of making a Switch competitor.

The idea of a PlayStation console like the Switch was brought up and was shut down fast by Sony CEO Andrew House, who said that the company “does not see big potential in the handheld market.”

“The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device, thus it has a completely different strategy from the PlayStation,” House told Bloomberg Japan, adding “We are focusing our attention on making products that can be played in the living room.”

Sony has all but abandoned its Vita portable console, which clearly did not perform well — it sold about 10 million units worldwide, while its rival, the Nintendo 3DS, has sold almost 70 million units to date.

This explains House’s pessimism about the handheld market, but as the Switch shows, the potential is there. All you need to do is make a great console with great games.

Sony Switch competitor

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